Insurance Marketing: Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding Common Pitfalls on Your Path to Success

Marketing in the insurance industry is ensuring that information is communicated to the target audience. If an insurance agency is new to the scene, it’s almost guaranteed that people will not know much about their agency and services. Even if their insurance policies and agents are great, they won’t make sales or generate leads without good brand awareness. Insurance marketing provided by professional agencies helps them build brand awareness and generate leads that eventually turn into customers.

Insurance agents are born salespeople. However, things are a bit different when it comes to marketing insurance products. Insurance marketing is challenging because there are no clear-cut measures of success and various marketing ideas for you to try. That is why they turn to the services of insurance marketing agencies for assistance.

If you are a marketer assisting insurance companies to achieve measurable marketing success, then Postalytics is one tool that you must have in your suite.

Postalytics has developed an easy-to-use, automated direct marketing tool to help your clients reach more leads. With free postcard and letter templates, targeted mailing lists, personalization tools, cost-effective printing and mailing, and real-time analytics for ads, marketing just got easier for insurance marketers.

What does an insurance marketer do?

An insurance marketer is a specialist who sells insurance on behalf of an insurance company. They’re usually in charge of meetings and set sales goals by implementing strategies and marketing plans to sell insurance products to businesses or individuals. Duties include building and maintaining customer relationships through cold calling or meetings and explaining and comparing insurance products and services. They must successfully pitch these insurance products, maintain data, and handling policy renewals. One of the best methods to do this is through direct mail automation.

Our platform can help insurance marketers automate their direct mail campaigns and reduce the time, effort, and resources required to plan and carry out a direct mail campaign. Thanks to mailing list segmentation and campaign analytics, an insurance marketer can use Postalytics to increase the quality of insurance leads acquired. Our mail automation tools support variable data printing, so they can customize the content of each insurance postcard or letter they send to leads.

Many insurance marketers now use tools like Postalytics to sync their email campaigns with their online channels. Insurance marketers can also create triggered drip campaigns by integrating with CRM data and existing marketing tools. For a real-life example, check out how this insurance marketing strategy worked for our health insurance client.

These are just a few reasons why our insurance customers choose Postalytics to complement their insurance marketing efforts to promote their products and services.

How do insurance companies use marketing?

The insurance industry is saturated with large national brands, so it can be difficult for local agencies to stand out from the competition. Effective marketing strategies for financial services can help an agency find its voice and reach consumers. Below are a few examples.

Target local customers: Most agencies want to capture the market around their office because it’s easier to build relationships with clients when you can meet with them. One way to make yourself known and visible in the community surrounding your agency is to use Postalytics mailing lists to send postcards, flyers, or insurance letters to potential clients in a specific zip code to generate leads.

Ask customers for referrals: A current customer might be incentivized to refer a friend, family member, or colleague looking for insurance. Postalytics make it easy for them to answer the call to action when they receive a referral request on a postcard. When you design your insurance postcard using the free Postalytics design templates, you can add a personalized URL (pURL) or QR code that the recipient can use to visit web landing pages.

QR Code Generator Dashboard

Reward customers for their loyalty: Set up your client to receive sign-ups from their customers. You can offer discounts if they sign up for more than one policy or life insurance deals if the customer has commercial insurance or if they have children.

Since Postalytics partners and integrates with other tools like Mailchimp through Zapier, insurance agents can quickly implement these sales opportunities on the platform and create a multichannel campaign, including links to web pages.

What are the different elements of insurance marketing?

The typical insurance policy consists of five main points: Convenience, fairness, utility, flexibility, and social responsibility. This isn’t what the customer wants to read about, but it is essential to know to succeed as an insurance provider. Insurance has existed for a long time, and modern customers expect something different in the messaging.

Provide variety in communications, and personalize your marketing to increase engagement.

How can I promote my insurance products?

Insurance agents need to acquire new customers through qualified leads. This involves using tactics that bring people into the sales funnel and building a connection with them. The stronger the bond you build with a prospect, the more likely they will buy the product. Sound lead generation and targeting tactics can increase your close rate and bring in qualified leads who are already on board and trust your business.

With Postalytics, you can easily promote your insurance products using these four marketing strategies.

Stay top mind with brand building

When a brand stands out, people will automatically search for it when they need an insurance product. They’ll also be more inclined to tell their friends and family about your products, which increases your reach. With this Postalytics multichannel marketing campaign that combines digital communication and direct mail in your workflow, you’ll achieve the top-of-mind awareness you want for your insurance client.

Onboarding your insurance customers

Follow this marketing campaign workflow suggestion for insurance marketing with Postalytics. It includes emails, direct mail, letters, and postcards to cement the relationship with customers after they purchase an insurance product.

Retargeting your cold leads

Cold leads can be frustrating because people have shown interest in the past but have not made a purchase. One way to increase conversions is to write a direct mail letter and send it to these cold leads. This way, you break down any B2B barriers and attract more attention than if you sent an email – and it seems more personal and attentive.

In this workflow suggested by Postalytics, we will show you how to send a series of emails and direct mail to increase the likelihood of reactivating those leads.

Use an event to capture email addresses

If your client is holding an event, the attendees are likely well-qualified leads because they have taken the time to attend. This provides marketers with the opportunity to communicate with them often. You can introduce them to the brand, familiarize them with the business, and get them to engage with staff at the event.

In this workflow, we will show you how to send direct mail to potential attendees and create a tight-knit, multichannel campaign to engage them before and after the event.

create and send insurance marketing brochures

Final thoughts

Marketing for an independent insurance agency is ultimately about finding out what the customer needs. With Postalytics campaign analytics, you can see the progress and metrics of your direct mail campaign and use the insights from the data we present on your dashboard to optimize your marketing strategy.

We have made it easy for insurance marketers to use the Postalytics platform to create a multichannel marketing campaign for their customer base. You can use high-quality pre-built insurance postcards and letter templates to create mailings and ads that save you time and get your insurance agency to stand out from the competition. You can customize these templates to match your brand identity without the need for expensive freelance designers or marketing agencies. We also take care of printing and mailing so that you can focus on your core marketing roles.

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