Skim the Cream Lead Generation

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Generate leads from paid or acquired email lists. Converting prospects into leads can be challenging. Factors that influence success include the quality of the prospect, the competitive environment, the fit of your solution, and the timeliness of your campaign.


Since these are prospects, start with email, which allows you to “skim the cream” with this more affordable channel. Then, use direct mail in your campaign to try to quickly convert holdouts on your list.

Suggested Campaign

WEEK 1 postalytics envelope icon

1-3 Email Introductions

Flag the target’s presumed need or pain
point and introduce your company/product/service as the
answer—perhaps with an offer

WEEK 2 postalytics letter icon

Postcard or Letter Package

Start with the prospect’s needs and introduce your company’s solution—perhaps with an offer

WEEK 3 postalytics envelope icon

1-2 Emails Recapping Message

Recap the earlier message, and introduce new support points

WEEK 4 postalytics envelope icon

1-2 Emails with Social Proof

Reference the fact that others like the target have already responded and recap the offer

WEEK 5 postalytics postcard icon

Last Chance Postcard

Design to drive urgency, perhaps with a more attractive offer

WEEK 6 postalytics envelope icon

Last Chance Email

Further increase the need to act, perhaps with a more attractive offer

NOTE: As prospects convert, move them out of flow. After week 6, the remaining prospects may be “rested” and set aside for a future effort

Download The Full Workflow