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Why Good Design for Direct Mail Matters

In direct mail design, good design is essential. But it’s not just about the colors or images you use. Design guides prospects through your ad and drives home your marketing message in a visually pleasing way. Great design also sticks to your brand standards and creates a cohesive brand image. If you’ve been put off the concept of direct marketing because of perceived costs and hassle of the design, here’s why you should reconsider. Postalytics has built an online design and editing tool to nail direct mail campaigns – even if you don’t have design smarts. 

Direct Mail Maker: Design and Editing Online

Jagged lines and blurry text? No way! All you need is the Postalytics direct mailing service to produce beautiful, high-quality mail or postcards. To edit your design, just create a free account and head to our direct mailing editor.

Design Templates Based on Marketing Research

Our design templates are based on principles that allow your readers to absorb your message and are created by skilled designers. They implement a visual hierarchy made for effective communication.

Customize/Design Mailer With a Few Clicks

You can use our intuitive direct marketing design tools to customize your mail piece design, envelope looks, campaign triggers, and more.

Assisting Agencies with Mailer Design

If you are an agency and want to use more sophisticated offline tools, you can also use them with Postalytics. We have a style guide that you can use for additional designs.

How to Get Started with Direct Mail Designer

  1. Get your free account

    Start with a free plan. If it suits you, you can upgrade to a pro plan, which comes with useful features. Keep in mind that there are no contracts, so you are free to make changes anytime.

  2. Create your automated campaign

    You’ve got the direct mail piece. So, what’s next? Name your campaign, add your return address, and import a list from your CRM, our list tool or other data source. From there, choose one of our simple drag-and-drop templates. Personalize it with a few clicks. Add QR codes, resize it, and you’re done. 

  3. Schedule and ship your campaign

    Decide on a package that works for you and your objectives. Ship it and track your campaign form the dashboard.

Try Direct Mail Designer Now

Using Effective and Affordable Direct Marketing

Postalytics is popular with businesses of all sizes because it’s a simple, affordable way to send personalized mailers using our direct mail creator. Traditional direct mail hassles are eliminated, and the process is made simple thanks to our templates for direct mail postcard design and direct mail letter design.

Direct Mail Creator Tools

Whatever your audience, and your marketing objective, we have a design tool that empowers you to do it all online. Some of the options include: 

Data That Will Drive Your Business’s Success

One of the best ways for marketers to target specific geographic areas and deliver products to customers is through postal delivery. It’s an affordable way to advertise and has the highest ROI of any other advertising media because it is a physical product. You can save the templates you create using our direct mail maker and use them for campaigns repeatedly. Modify and update them with ease, thanks to the direct mail editor. 

Our designers are creating new templates all the time. It’s easier to get the message out with our easy-to-use and customizable postcards, letters, and other direct mail items. With less money, you’ll reach more people. The creative will be perfect. And you’ll improve your bottom line.

Ready to design a mail piece?

Watch our demo of Postalytics’ simple design-and-drop automation tools that will change direct marketing design for you forever.


What is direct mail design?

Direct mail campaigns are an effective way to engage customers. Of course, the best practices for direct mail marketing include having it all: attractive design, well-written copy, and an enticing offer. Sometimes it can be difficult to put together a marketing piece like this unless you have experience in the area. Our in-house designers create easy-to-use templates using the best design practices to ensure your ROI.

How to design a direct design promotion?

Effective direct mailer design layouts are based on principles that make it easy for your reader to understand your message. These principles are accomplished by our skilled template designers who know how to create a sense of visual hierarchy, such as your CTA or product. We’ve got all the direct mail design ideas you need.

How to design a template direct mail?

Using our drag-and-drop direct mail templates, you can customize a letter or postcard for your business. Simply save it as a custom template, and you can use it for campaigns again and again.