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Drag, drop & send in minutes. Not weeks.

Send personalized mailers in minutes without the hassles of traditional direct mail.

Design, proof & organize templates with the Direct Mail Editor
Send campaigns intelligently via high-speed print/mail partners
Track delivery & response in campaign dashboards

Integrate with your tech stack, just like digital channels.

Leverage your CRM, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce and other software to drive automated print campaigns.

Combine direct mail with email and digital marketing for maximum ROI with minimum effort.

Track delivery & response. No more guessing.

Real time dashboards keep you up to date on exactly where your mail is in the delivery process. Patented response tracking tells you who is responding.

With EVERY Postalytics® campaign, you get FOR FREE:

Detailed Campaign Dashboards;
Intelligent Mail Barcode delivery tracking;
Personalized URLs and personalized QR Codes to track response;

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Triggered “drip” campaigns and easy list mailing import.

Triggered direct mail works for you 24 x 7 x 365 by automatically sending your postcards & letters when “triggered” by your automation tool.

Smart Send campaigns include easy list importing that creates a library of reusable mailing lists. You can import your own lists via our integrations or file upload tools.

Need a list? We can help you rent or buy from the top mailing list providers at low prices.

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No minimum orders. What? That’s right. No minimum orders.

We scrub your addresses against USPS address databases, kick out bad addresses and intelligently route your mail through our nationwide network of high speed, print & mail partners.

You can send 1 piece or 100,000 pieces, they’re all treated the same.

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More automated direct mail features

Postalytics® delivers more automated direct mail features than any other software tool available:


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