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Automate direct mail with the only fully automated HighLevel Direct Mail integration available.


Use GoHighLevel Workflows to send triggered, personalized direct mail to your leads and customers throughout your funnel and customer journey.


HighLevel Direct Mail Integration, Postcard


Standout with your audience in the uncrowded mailbox.


Get more leads and sales by adding high ROI direct mail automation to your marketing mix.

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Postalytics Makes GoHighLevel Direct Mail Fast, Integrated & Measured

Postalytics plugs into HighLevel and makes it super easy to send personalized postcards and letters in a fraction of the time & hassle of traditional direct mail. Production, delivery and response are all tracked in Postalytics dashboards so you know exactly what happens with each mailer you send.

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Learn more about how it works. Check out the Integration Help Center.

HighLevel Workflows Trigger Direct Mail

With the HighLevel direct mail integration, Postalytics gives marketers unprecedented power to stand out from their competitors. Your workflows can’t rely on email alone! Juice your response rate and ROI by adding direct mail to these workflows:

  • Onboarding/New Customer
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Re-Engagement
  • Event Workflow
  • Upcoming Purchase Reminders

There are no minimums, so you let your automation strategies trigger direct mail at any volume.

HighLevel Workflows - Direct Mail Integration

Track Delivery and Response

Postalytics monitors each mailpiece and updates the campaign dashboard 
continually. Each direct mail campaign creates a unique dashboard to track the USPS First Class Mail and Standard Class/Marketing Mail delivery scans as well as each online visit from your audience.

You know where your mail is, what was delivered, what addresses were invalid and who responds to each mailer.

Salesforce direct mail integration - analytics

Your Landing Pages…On pURLs

Savvy direct mailers use personalized QR codes and pURLs to track and personalize landing
pages. Just drop the Tracking Code in your landing pages, and
Postalytics pURLs automatically activate. There’s no need to generate custom landing pages with custom pURL software, just use your existing pages and forms.

Salesforce direct mail integration - PURL Landing Page

Customers Love Postalytics

“I’ve worked with direct mail before,” Mark explains, “But never anything like Postalytics. It’s very versatile and customizable, and they keep improving it!”


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