White Labeled Direct Mail Automation Easy to Resell for Agency

“To do all of that within just the one solution is going to blow their minds,“ says Bolton, “That’s what we want to do. We want to blow their minds and to really showcase that automation and integration. We’re excited to roll that out to every one of our clients.”


Jeff Boulton, CEO, Rise Marketing Group


Rise Marketing Group, LLC serves a variety of industries, including mortgage lenders, real estate brokerages, home builders, financial planners, and solar energy companies. Their customers do business in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. The company’s Rise CRM platform is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution that supplies businesses with all the marketing tools and support necessary to promote their organizations.

Rise Marketing has integrated Postalytics into their full-featured platform, which allows them to pre-define automated sequences that generate triggered communications and follow-up messages in digital and postal form. The Postalytics’ Agency Edition allows the company to service the postal mail needs of all their customers seamlessly. Supplementing a customer’s marketing campaign with direct mail is easily accomplished by creating a new sub-account in their Postalytics Agency Edition system, and the white labeled direct mail automation platform is an easy resell product for the agency.

This tight integration allows Rise Marketing to create direct mail at the perfect time for each individual recipient. The company rarely runs large batch mailings for their clients, preferring to allow the timing of mailed communications to be driven by the logic and data within the CRM. Postcards generated through Postalytics feature QR codes that lead prospects to landing pages and other client-specific material Rise Marketing has made available on the internet.

The Challenge: Old School Direct Mail Issues Prevent Agencies from Deploying Direct Mail

Before finding Postalytics, Rise Marketing didn’t include any direct mail in the marketing plans they developed and executed for their clients. The company viewed the traditional direct mail process as too expensive and difficult to manage. Though they knew direct mail was a natural medium for many of the industries they served, they were reluctant to promote the channel to their customers. Minimum print and mail volumes and the lack of analytics and integration kept Rise Marketing out of the direct mail business.

white labeled direct mail automation via the Postalytics Agency Edition

Some of their clients, especially those associated with the real estate business, were well-suited to direct mail marketing. The customers served by these clients are typically defined by a geographic area, as is postal delivery. Rise Marketing’s clients already have prospect and customer databases that include postal addresses. Not leveraging that information to include messages delivered via postal mail could be seen as a missed opportunity.

The Solution: White Labeled Direct Mail Automation Easy to Resell for Agency

Uncomplicated direct mail, no minimum sending requirements, and CRM integration as supplied by Postalytics got the attention of Rise Marketing.

“When I saw the capability of the automation with it, it was just a perfect fit for our marketing culture and being able to integrate within the CRM was a no brainer,” said Rise Marketing’s CEO, Jeff Boulton. “Outside this solution, you can’t do one-offs, so that’s what’s great. If you just need to fire a happy birthday greeting for one person or if there’s a group of 10 in our database that happened to have the same birthday, it’s just going to mail to that group of 10. It was really intriguing that we could do that with Postalytics.”

As an integrated solution, Postalytics and Rise CRM notice when a prospect scans a QR code. Then the system watches to see if the prospect completed the online form. The follow-up communications for people who complete the form differ from the messages seen by prospects who scanned the code but did not submit the form. Prospects who didn’t scan at all will follow an entirely different path.

Postalytics Agency Edition Tracking via Personalized QR Codes

Personalized QR Codes Enable Easy Online Response

The Postalytics® platform includes a drag and drop QR code tool that gives recipients an easy way to hop online and respond to offers. The patented Postalytics® QR code solution is that each QR code that is printed and mailed is unique. When recipients receive the offer and scan the QR code, the Postalytics® system is tracking the unique visits, so that the vacation rental manager knows which prospective owner is responding to each offer.

Personalized QR Codes are easy to drive results and easy to resell

White Labeled Agency Dashboards Track Delivery and Response Metrics

All of the data about the campaign is tracked in a campaign dashboard, including:

  • The printing status of each mailpiece
  • The delivery status of each mailer (U.S. recipients)
  • Invalid address data
  • Data about each individual response
  • The aggregate campaign totals for all of the above
Postalytics  campaign dashboard
Postalytics® Campaign Dashboard

Account level views of all campaigns are easily analyzed in the home dashboard where cross campaign data can be filtered and analyzed to see the overall impact of the direct mail effort.

Postalytics direct mail automation home dashboard for automated direct mail to the U.S. and Canada
Postalytics® Campaign Dashboard

The Results: Automated Sequences & Triggers Create Wow Moments for Agency Clients

Rise Marketing works with each of their clients to develop marketing campaigns to meet their objectives. Then they create the automated sequences, define the triggers, and design the direct mail postcards. The direct mail will facilitate brand recognition, nurture leads, establish thought leadership reputations, or acquire new leads, depending on each customer’s goals.

In the mortgage business, for example, Rise Marketing sends postcards to borrowers once underwriting is approved. The mortgage brokers have different pipelines of business, each of which demands a different series of communications. The Rise CRM platform coupled with Postalytics makes it easy to set up direct mail campaigns unique to each client.

Postal mail is a different physical, tangible, personal touch. It just gives that high level of customer service. Mail recipients are like, wow, they took time to actually build this postcard for me. “

Jeff Boulton, CEO, Rise Marketing

Direct Mail Triggered from the CRM is a Huge Opportunity for Agencies

Each of Rise Marketing’s customers defines the events that prompt the sending of a direct mail piece. Once the Rise CRM platform records those events, they trigger the process that sends the name, address, and other variable data to Postalytics, enabling the postal mail to be created and sent via Postalytics’ network of authorized print and mail service providers.

Rise Marketing says their customers love the postal mail aspect of their marketing campaigns. Customers can see the statistics from the mail delivery and track interactions via the QR codes that appear on the mailpieces, something Boulton believes has long been missing from direct mail postcards.

Next Steps: Easy Resale & Rollout to All Clients

Rise Marketing is looking forward to rolling Postalytics out to the rest of their client base. Integration with the Rise CRM makes it easy to show how automated direct mail complements the other elements of customized marketing plans and delivers the results their customers seek.

Mr. Boulton cites easy resale as a major benefit of the Postalytics Agency Edition. The white-label aspect of the service fits well with Rise Marketing’s own marketing strategy for selling their services. The Postalytics integration makes it easy for the Rise Marketing team to set up a direct mail campaign, show the client how it will look, and demonstrate what happens when a prospect scans a QR code.

“To do all of that within just the one solution is going to blow their minds,“ says Bolton, “That’s what we want to do. We want to blow their minds and to really showcase that automation and integration. We’re excited to roll that out to every one of our clients.”