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Are your clients sending automated direct mail?

Postalytics makes it easy for you to scale an automated direct mail solution for your clients.


Fully white-labeled, and you can make a margin on every mailer sent in your account.


Discover the first direct mail automation platform for agencies in the United States & Canada.

Send Mail for Clients & Grow Your Agency

Agencies can increase revenue per client by offering automated direct mail that perfectly complements digital, email, CRM branding, and strategic marketing practices.


Add a margin percentage per mailpiece into Agency Edition and watch your bank account grow each and every time you send a campaign for a client.

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Your Brand Front and Center

With the Postalytics Agency Edition, you get unlimited white-label client accounts and dashboards that deliver the user experience that you need.


Use your agency logo and color scheme. Give your clients delivery, and response data they never dreamed was possible with direct mail. All with your look and feel.

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Scale your operations. Keep the same team.

The Postalytics Agency Edition now offers white-label, direct mail automation for agencies to plug automated postcard and letter marketing into their online and email marketing efforts.


Marketing agencies can now connect direct mail to client digital marketing campaigns and their marketing tech stacks while making money on each mailer sent, all without needing to add staff!

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How Much Could Your Agency Earn?

Whether you prefer to work with a handful of quality clients or with a wide selection of brands, you control the economics.

Postalytics Agency Edition includes every feature, every integration & every opportunity for you to win.

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✅Direct Mail Editor & Proofer

✅ One User Login

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Agency Plan

✅ Lowest Per-Piece Price

✅ Unlimited White Labeled Client Accounts & Margin

✅ Easy Management Tools

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Trusted by thousands of companies

Free templates

No mailing caps

3,000+ integrations

Sales Engine

“We’ve been able to automate the process and make it 100% hands-off.”

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Postalytics integrates with your favorite tech

Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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Digital Agency Edition

Marketing agencies can now connect direct mail to client digital marketing campaigns and their marketing tech stacks while making money on each mailer

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Our Customers Say It Best

“Postalytics has finally given you the opportunity to not have to pay for a bunch of postcards you don’t need, for not having to worry about paying the guy that sends out the postcards. All that’s handled for you.”

Sales Engine – Justin Queen

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