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All Postalytics Direct Mail Pricing Plans Include

Direct Mail Builder & Dashboards

  • Build high quality postcards & letters, easier than email.
  • Professionally designed, pre-built templates
  • Personalization with variable data and variable logic
  • Drill down dashboards, conversion goal tracking

Full Service Printing & Mailing Services

  • Full color, variable data print personalization
  • Routing via nationwide print delivery network
  • Postage and addressing (USPS First Class & Standard Class options)
  • Printing, Bar Coding, Tracking, Handling & Delivery to USPS

Basic HubSpot & ActiveCampaign, Zoho, Keap and Zapier Integration
(Premium Integrations in Subscription Plans – talk with sales)

  • Webhooks in Workflows
  • Delivery & Response Status Sync
  • Contacts, Lists, Smart Lists
  • OATH integration (most secure)

Patented Direct Mail Tracking

  • Unlimited pURLs and QR Codes
  • Works with any landing page
  • Unlimited USPS Delivery Tracking
  • Real time alerts for delivery status and goal conversion

Postcards are 4×6, 6×9, 6×11 full color 120# card stock, Gloss & UV Coated. Bifold self mailers are 9×12 and 6×18 Basis Weight: 80# Cover with Gloss
GSM: 218 Full Bleed, 1 Side UV Gloss Adhesive: Stain resistant, low tack, clear fugitive glue. Letters are full color 8.5×11 and 8.5×14 with CRE option, standard envelopes: #10 double window, custom envelopes #10 single window.

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Postalytics Direct Mail Pricing FAQs

How does the subscription billing work?

Your subscription is billed monthly on an anniversary date associated with the date you upgraded from the Free Plan. You can upgrade or change your plan type at any time.

What is the difference between a Smart Send and a Triggered Drip Campaign?

A Smart Send Campaign uses a mailing list to send to. You can import mailing lists from your CRM or by uploading a data file. A Triggered Drip Campaign works differently. It will “listen” for your CRM or Marketing Automation tool to “Trigger” it (when a contact reaches a certain stage of an automated workflow, for example), and send a mailpiece to the contact that is triggered.

What’s the difference between First Class and Standard/Marketing Mail?

First Class Mail and Standard Mail are different levels of service from the USPS and have different direct mail pricing. First Class Mail is typically delivered within 5-7 business days, and mail that can be forwarded to change of addresses are forwarded. During busy times, First Class mail goes to the “top of the queue”. Standard Mail is delivered in around 14 business days (up to 21). Mail is not forwarded if there’s a change of address and Standard Mail is processed on a “Time Available” basis during busy times. Learn more about when to use First Class vs. Standard Mail.

How does the per piece billing work for Smart Sends?

Smart Sends bill your credit card on a per piece basis when the campaign is sent to the printer (via scheduling). We bill at the time of the send so that you can edit the list with last minute changes prior to printing. If the USPS CASS system finds any invalid addresses while the campaign is being generated, your account will be credited back via Direct Mail Credits. Mailers that are sent and receive Return to Sender other scan events from the USPS are fully paid for and not refunded.

How does the per piece billing work for Triggered Drips?

For Triggered Drip Campaigns, you pre-purchase “Direct Mail Credits”. Direct Mail Credits act like stamps for the type of mailpiece your campaign is using. You can buy them in blocks, with a minimum of 100. Direct Mail Credits can be set on a per campaign basis to automatically renew or to manually renew.

How do Custom Envelopes work?

You can design and proof your own custom envelopes (front and back) in the Postalytics envelope editor. You then order custom envelopes in advance. We’ll notify you when they’re ready to use in your letter campaigns. Your can choose to use our standard white #10 envelopes or custom envelopes that you’ve ordered (#10 single window) when you create a letter campaign.

How does the Letter “Extra Page” pricing work?

Postalytics letter templates enable you to add additional pages, and to choose whether to print each page on a separate sheet, or to print front/back. Each page of content, whether it is on a separate sheet or not, is considered an “Extra Page”. You can buy extra page direct mail credits in bulk with a subscription to help lower the cost.

How are the volume price breaks determined?

The Free Plan has no volume tiers. The Marketer, Pro and Agency plans will charge based on the total number of pieces in a campaign or by the volume of Direct Mail Credits that you purchase. If you are buying Direct Mail Credits, you can achieve significant savings by pre-purchasing at high volume tiers. If you are planning to exceed 25,000 pieces, contact us for high volume pricing.

How do I upgrade to the Postalytics Agency Edition?

It’s easy to upgrade to the Agency Edition. Just sign up for a Postalytics account, upgrade to the Pro plan and email us at sales@postalytics.com. We’ll perform a little back end process to “flip” your account to the Agency Edition. It takes no time at all and you’ll be up and running.

What’s the difference between canceling my account and downgrading to the Free Plan?

Canceling your account will remove your account entirely from Postalytics. Downgrading to the Free Plan will leave all of your templates, lists and Smart Send campaigns in place. You’ll need to remove additional users  and use any Direct Mail Credits you purchased with the subscription discount before downgrading to Free.

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