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Lookalike Audiences Mailing List

Work with our direct mail automation experts to develop a high-value lookalike audience that boosts the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns


✓ Extensive Reach: Access a wide yet finely-tuned database of potential clients in the senior living sector.


✓ Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor your list with various segmentation options to pinpoint your ideal audience.


✓ Reliable Data You Can Trust: Benefit from a rigorous data verification process, ensuring high deliverability and response rates.


✓ Boost Your ROI: By targeting your campaigns more effectively, you’re not just saving on marketing costs but also increasing ROI.


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Spot High-Value Customers Easily

Use filters and data to refine your audience to those who will bring the most conversions.


With a lookalike audience, your business can target high-value customers, significantly boosting key metrics like revenue and profitability.

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Boost Conversions with Similar Audiences

Tired of getting a below-average conversion rate from your direct mail campaigns?


It’s time to move away from general mailing lists. Instead, target new potential customers by leveraging lookalike audiences that share similar characteristics and behaviors with your current customers.

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Maximize Budget on Likely Conversions

Want to increase your response rates from direct campaigns while sticking to your budget?


With Postalytics, you can build lookalike audiences without having to browse a hundred different lists – a cost-effective solution that brings high ROI.

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Grow Campaigns with Targeting

Personalized and well-targeted campaigns hit the mark in direct mail.


With lookalike audiences, you know exactly who you’re going after, which means you can craft better-targeted copy, relevant design, and finely-tuned CTAs that engage and convert recipients.

Get your lookalike audience mailing list

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