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Avoid wasting your marketing dollars with a highly-targeted list

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Buy Mailing Lists and Leads

The key to a successful direct mail campaign is having an up-to-date and accurate mailing list. The more targeted your list is, the more likely you will receive a response to your postcard, letter, or mailer. Businesses that invest in their lists have a better ability to target their campaigns and foster ongoing long-term relationships with their customers. 

Postalytics is the best place to look for mailing lists and sales leads. 

As a mail list provider, we offer top-quality data sources to help ensure direct mail campaigns are successful. Postalytics helps businesses buy lists for highly targeted audiences. Our range of list solutions include saturation lists, business lists and specialty lists all of which can be instantly sourced in our system.

Jumpstart your prospecting

Integrated consumer mailing lists let you quickly select, purchase and download from a vast, constantly updated database of consumer mailing addresses. We source them from premium providers and our lists contain over 200 million named U.S. consumers.

Unique online mailing list solution

Postalytics is the only direct mail solution that helps you acquire an address list. With a few clicks of your mouse, you are ready to send direct mail to a high-quality direct mail list. No downloading or uploading CSV files or haggling with salespeople. 

Target your best prospects

Build highly targeted lists by selecting from over 20 criteria such as geography (radius, ZIP codes, countries, or states) and by demographic (income, homeownership, sex, age, and more) to increase the chances of a successful direct mail campaign.

Save time and money

You can save time due to our instant purchasing and integration system. We also save you money via our transparent wholesale pricing and eliminate the need to engage with brokers or agencies.

How To Buy Mailing Lists in 3 Steps


Sign up and make your selection

Sign up to Postalytics. Choose a consumer list from a single or multi-use basis.


Purchase your list

All Selects (data you choose to define your list) are free except specific Premium Selects. 


Download your list

Your list will automatically download within five minutes, and you can send your mail instantly without any CSV management.

Why high-quality mailing lists matter

By using a high-quality list you not only save money but also time by eliminating dead-end leads. Targeting the best prospects leads to a better return on investment. 
Postalytics adress lists are compiled from premium data taken from multiple companies giving you instant access to over 2 million American-based consumers. The data is refreshed every 30 days from multiple sources to ensure accuracy, including recent address changes. You’ll have data that is always up to date.

Postalytics consumer mailing list feature

Postalytics gives you the ability to utilize high-quality prospecting lists without leaving our online direct mail platform. Our consumer list is a huge, constantly updated database sourced from premium list providers.  

It allows you target your best prospects by geography and demographics. With this data at your fingertips, you can really drill in and target specific ZIP codes and even a mailing route. You can further refine the list by income, homeownership, age, sex, and other criteria.

Tracking deliverability is key

Postalytics automated online direct mail solutions track the deliverability of every piece of mail as we attach the United States Postal Services (USPS) intelligent barcode to each mailer. Few returns to sender scans occur when consumers use our high-quality mailing lists resulting in less wastage.

Flexible geo-targeting

You can geo-target from the address list database. Our easy-to-use online targeting tool interface displays criteria you can select to target your mailing. For example, you can zero in on all the consumers in particular geography by radius. You can also drill into carrier routes and make ZIP code choices. You can even select a city or state and exclude ZIP codes you don’t want to target. 

Choose your best prospects

With options to choose consumers by age range, birth date, income, or marital status, the demographic targeting feature is handy for marketers working with brand personas they have identified. For realtors wanting to mail real estate postcards or real estate letters, being able to segment consumers is essential. Using our tools you can target by the type of property they live in, whether they are renters or homeowners, by net worth and length of time they have been residents when their homes were built, and more. With highly-targeted lists, you give yourself the best chance at success with your direct mail campaign. 


Where can I buy mailing list addresses?

Postalytics is an excellent resource for your Direct Mail List needs. Fill out our Mailing List Purchase Form today for a quote! If you have any additional questions about selects, email us, and we’ll send that information to you right away.

How much does a direct mailing list cost?

When mailing out direct mail, 40% of your success will depend on the quality of your list. This list can vary in quality and price depending on whom you purchase it from. Postalytics’ rates range from $0.003-$0.060 per record, depending on if they are for single or multiple uses.

Can you get business and consumer mailing lists?

Postalytics quality lists enable you to drill down into details to ensure you are targeting the right prospect, be it a business or consumer. We help you find companies with the criteria that matter to you. We can tailor your search and give you results based on characteristics like age, zip code, income, and gender if you want to target consumers. We can also help you target by industry, gross income, and much more.