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Postalytics simplifies the process of buying direct mailing lists and mailing your target audience without wasting marketing dollars.


✓ Extensive Reach: Access a wide yet finely-tuned database of potential clients in the senior living sector.


✓ Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor your list with various segmentation options to pinpoint your ideal audience.


✓ Reliable Data You Can Trust: Benefit from a rigorous data verification process, ensuring high deliverability and response rates.


✓ Boost Your Sales: By targeting your campaigns more effectively, you’re not just saving on marketing costs but also increasing revenue.


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Jumpstart your prospecting

The integrated feature for buying mailing lists lets you quickly select, purchase and download from a vast, constantly updated database of mailing addresses. We source mailing lists from premium providers, and our lists contain over 200 million named U.S. consumers.

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Unique direct mailing list solution

Postalytics is the only direct mail solution that helps you acquire an address list. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can send direct mail to a high-quality direct mail list—no downloading or uploading CSV files or haggling with salespeople.

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Target your best prospects

Select from over 20 criteria such as geography (radius, ZIP codes, countries, or states) and demography (income, homeownership, sex, age, and more) to build highly targeted lists and increase the chances of a successful direct mail campaign.

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Save time and money with quality mailing lists

Save time with our instant purchasing and integration system. Due to our transparent wholesale pricing and no need to engage with brokers or agencies, you can also save a lot of money.

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Timing and Personalization

Utilize powerful integrations to send personalized direct mail campaigns at the right time.

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Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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Leverage the Power of Direct Mail Targeting

With no minimum send volume, leverage the power of Postalytics to send effective campaigns affordably.

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Expansion with scalable lead generation

Stand out in a crowded market with automatically triggered, personalized direct mail that generates leads

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ROI driven by personalization

Personalize everything from direct mail content to QR codes in your campaigns

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Customized envelopes to drive more leads

Customize everything from direct mail content to envelopes to craft better customer experiences and conversions

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Stand Out In A Crowded Market

“The system works so well, that we can accurately predict how many clients we will sign, based on the number of tax lien notices that trigger the start of the process.”

– Joshua Sells, Senior Tax Attorney

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