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Direct Mail Automation for Marketers

The on-demand solution to harness marketing intelligence and send personalized direct mail to each prospect.

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Dramatically more integrated

Supercharge your offer with direct mail API and integrations.

Free integrations and API tools guarantee. Make your agency stand out with unique offers that others simply can’t match. Stay ahead of the curve and amaze your clients.

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Inteligent analytics & tracking system

Harness the full power of marketing intelligence with state-of-the-art tracking and analytical tools.


Track your ROI with ease and send on-demand promotions only to prospects that want to engage. Avoid wasting your marketing budget. Get all the data you need in your Postalytics account.

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Intuitive dashboard that doesn’t waste time

Forget about investing countless hours into figuring out your marketing tech.


Setting up direct mail campaigns has never been easier with Postalytics’ intuitive interface. It’s connected to an extensive knowledge base that ensures you never lose a minute when sending direct mail.

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For organizations looking for dedicated support and best pre piece prices

All Marketer Plan features plus even better prices, dedicated success manager and unlimited user logins.

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Free templates

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3,000+ integrations

Sales Engine

Time direct mail correctly to skyrocket the response rates and probability of success.

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Postalytics integrates with your favorite tech

Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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