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Studies have shown that a personalized letter is one of the best ways to entice someone to buy your product or use your services. The space a letter provides for marketing is just one of the many perks.

In the past, you had to hire an agency to help you create a direct marketing letter. Now, Postalytics lets you do everything from direct mail letter design to using our letter printing and mailing services right from your computer.

Great Letter Templates 

With Postalytics Direct Mail Editor, you can create, design edit letters in a few clicks using our direct mail letter editor designed by marketing experts.

Linked To Your CRM

Send your message to your ideal customers by importing a segmented list from whatever CRM program you use.

Track Your Letter Campaign

USPS Tracking Codes are added to your letter, so you know when it arrives and who has received your direct mail letter.

Linked To Your CRM

Send your message to your ideal customers by importing a segmented list from whatever CRM program you use.

How to Send a Direct Mail Letter

  1. Sign up to Postalytics 

    Choose a plan that best suits your business. The great thing about our pricing is that it’s completely flexible.

  2. Choose a letter template 

    You can create a template from scratch using an 8.5×11 letter template, from a prebuilt template, or by importing from an offline design program.

  3. Design your letter

    Use our intuitive online letter design tool to modify all components, including the font type and palette colors.

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The Benefits of Direct Mail Letters 

A well-designed direct mail marketing letter with thoughtful content can go a long way in advertising your business. Postcards are great in their own way, but there are some instances in which direct mail letters are much better. For example, the larger page area of a letter gives you more room to share your message. When you have the chance to talk about your business or sell your services, you have a better chance of connecting with readers.

Reach Out To Your Audience

Letter mailers also have plenty of space to include promo codes, QR codes or Calls To Action – even more reason for your customers to hold onto the letter. There’s also something special about receiving a letter in the mail that connects to people in a way that other advertising can’t. Thanks to Postalytics tools, you can personalize each letter with a customer’s name or further details in your CRM to make that connection even stronger. 

How To Design a Letter 

The process of making a letter to mail has just been made easier for you. With our online letter creator, you can build a template from scratch or use a prebuilt template. Creating an automated sales letter in our letter editor is just one of the many benefits Postalytics offers. You can also use Postalytics-designed envelope templates and customize your own envelope. You can print, mail, track and even set up a triggered drip campaign that works with postcards and other direct mail collateral. 

Postalytics offers two letter templates, one single-page letter and one containing up to six pages. The single-page letter is perfect for campaigns when you need to convey your message quickly. The multi-page letter is best for consumers who are ready to receive more details about your brand.

Customize Your Customer Letter

The Postalytics Direct Mail Letter Editor makes it so easy to customize your letter designs. You can type in your message, change the font in the Properties panel, insert a logo, and personalize with variable data. You don’t need any design smarts or experience to edit the prebuilt templates or even create your own letter template. Postalytics has developed an intuitive drag-and-drop design system so easy to use. Within a few minutes, you can create a letter, choose a printing option and start mailing your direct mail letters through the USPS to your target audience. It doesn’t get easier or more affordable with Postalytics. 

Ready To Design A Direct Mail Letter?

Look no further if you’re looking for an online mail letter service. Take a look at our demo to see how we can change how you create, print and send out your direct mail letters to your customers locally or across the US. 


What is a direct mail letter?

A direct mail letter is a form of printed marketing material mailed directly to your customers, so it lands in their postbox. They are effective for sales letters, fundraising letters, introductory or cover letters and those times when you want to have more in-depth information to share with your customers. The Postalytics direct mail letter templates are designed to create an 8.5″ x 11″ Full-Color Letter, with 70# text/89gsm paper (US, Canada paper is 60#), and the choice of custom direct mail envelopes, double-sided printing, multiple pages and background images. 

How to write a direct mail letter?

Your customer would appreciate a personal message in a conversational tone over a heavy-handed sales pitch. You can use our letter templates for all sorts of letters, including HVAC letters, insurance letters, and real estate letters, and your kind of business will determine what you write in your direct mail letter. Don’t forget to include the steps you customers need to take to get in touch with you in the content of your letter. 

How long should a direct mail marketing letter be?

Your goal determines the length of the letter. If you’re trying to generate a lead – meaning a request for more information – it should be a relatively short letter, one or two pages long. A higher commitment lead would require a longer letter.