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Real Estate Prospecting Letters

In direct mail design, good design is essential. But it’s not just about the colors or images you use. Design guides prospects through your ad and drives home your marketing message in a visually pleasing way. Great design also sticks to your brand standards and creates a cohesive brand image. If you’ve been put off the concept of direct marketing because of perceived costs and hassle of the design, here’s why you should reconsider. Postalytics has built an online design and editing tool to nail direct mail campaigns – even if you don’t have design smarts. 

Build Connections with Prospects

Real estate letters are an important marketing tool when it comes to connecting with potential clients. They spark a connection and lay the first bricks to build trust.

Targeted Real Estate Letters

The real estate market can be so different from one area to the next. A letter you send to a potential client has to be adapted to the precise market. 

Real Estate Opportunities

The individual nature of realtors’ letters is that they can be used in multiple situations. An announcement letter will introduce you to a particular community.

Break Into New Markets

In a recent survey by the United States Postal Service, millennials were found to be surprisingly responsive to marketing mail. Woo them with a letter.

How to Get Started with Postalytics to Design a Real Estate Letter

  1. Sign up to Postalytics Today

    Kick-off with a free plan, and when you’re ready, you can upgrade to access even more design and editing features. We make it easy and flexible for you to make real estate marketing letters. There aren’t any contracts to lock you in, so you can make changes anytime.

  2. Get started on your letter design

    Choose from one of our 8.5×11 letter templates and replace the formatted sample text with your own. Or build your own template using our intuitive online design tool. It’s so easy to write a real estate letter with our templates and tools to guide you. Add your logo, brand colors, and even a QR code that directs the recipient to an online listing. 

  3. Import a list from your CRM

    You can personalize your template with a few clicks, ensuring that the recipient of a realtor letter to prospective sellers or other material features their own names.

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Real Estate Letters to Clients Samples

Postalytics is popular with real estate businesses of all sizes because it’s a simple, affordable way to send personalized letters using our online letter design tools. Want to see a letter sample? You can set it up online. Once you have picked a suitable template for your real estate introduction letter sample, take the next step. Tell us who to send samples to, enter your payment method, and we’ll print, mail, and track your samples for you.

Ideas For Real Estate Letters

As a realtor, you’ll be dealing with multiple audiences and marketing objectives concurrently. We have a design tool that empowers you to achieve it all in record time and at an easily affordable price. Some of the options you could try to enhance your marketing objectives include: 

  • Introduction announcement letter
  • Low inventory letter
  • Referral request letter

How to Write a Real Estate Letter

Let us walk you through the steps. First, maximize your chances by writing a compeling headline that grabs the reader’s attention. Second, be concise! Letters should be short, sweet, and to the point. No one likes long-winded letters. Third, finish with a few lines that reinforce one or two key points you made in the letter.

Get Designing With Our Creative Templates

Imagine the possibilities when you can generate personalized real estate letters. Take a look at our Postalytics’ easy-to-use, design-and-drop design tools.


What are real estate letters?

In order to attract new leads and clients, real estate agents need a way to introduce themselves and keep in touch with potential buyers. A proven tool for doing this is a prospecting letter. These letters have been essential to the success of real estate agents for a long time and still work for them in the digital age. 

What are yellow letters for real estate investors?

When selling a home, one of the most-used methods of customer acquisition is through a “yellow letter.” These letters are handwritten and sent to homeowners in order to generate seller leads. They’re called “yellow” letters because they were written by hand on yellow legal pads in the past. With our professional, expertly designed customizable templates, you can achieve the same thing quickly and efficiently online. 

How to reconnect with real estate clients?

Sending a personalized letter is a great strategy to turn old clients into repeat clients, and a letter is a discreeta way to remind them that you’re still out there. Send a letter reaching out to them thanking them for their past business. You could ask them for a referral or remind them that you’re always keen to value their property if they should need your help. Perhaps inform them of the sales you’ve made in their area recently to give them a sense of the market. Once you’ve sent the letter and established contact, follow up with a phone call to ensure they received it.