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Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Is prospecting for new listings or buyers not delivering the results you want? Consider including real estate prospecting letters in your marketing plan. You can send these letters to potential clients to introduce you as an agent. They are considerably more effective than sending out an email. The personal touch of a customized letter creates a sense of intimacy, loyalty, and trust with potential clients. It’s the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

With Postalytics, you can create real estate letters to let recipients know that you are an active realtor in their neighborhood. Your letter can show your market-specific knowledge and express your confidence in selling their home. We’ll show you how easy it is to start creating real estate letters using our real estate letter templates.

Authentic prospecting letters

Prospecting letters are more successful when they feel custom-made for the receiver. Our automation tools sync with data in your real estate mailing list.

Targeted real estate letters

The real estate market can be so different from one area to the next. A letter you send to a potential client has to be adapted to the precise market. 

Real estate letter templates

You may have many different types of potential leads you want to connect with. We make it easy to create and deploy a library of templates for various scenarios.

Break into new markets

In a recent United States Postal Service survey, millennials were found to be surprisingly responsive to marketing mail. Woo them with a letter.

How to Get Started with Postalytics to Design a Real Estate Letter

  1. Sign up to Postalytics Today

    Sign up for a free plan, and when you’re ready, upgrade to access even more design and editing features.

  2. Get started on your letter design

    Choose from one of our letter templates and replace the formatted sample text with your own. Or you can build your own template using our intuitive online design tool.

  3. Import a list from your CRM

    Using data from your CRM, you can personalize your template for individual recipients with a few clicks.

Create Real Estate Letter Now

Do real estate letters work?

A 2018 United States Postal Service (USPS) survey reported that millennials are very responsive to marketing mail. This includes real estate letters. They are the current real estate market target market. According to the study, they appreciate companies who offer an authentic personalized experience. This shows they value their business. You can improve the success of your real estate letter campaign using personalization tools and targeted real estate mailing lists from Postalytics.

Using professional real estate letter templates

You want to be able to jump right into creating real estate letters without engaging with marketing agencies and designers. We can help with that. We’ve developed a series of tools that enable you to build, save and proof the content of your letter. You can do so quickly and easily without any design training or experience. Our letter templates are premade assets built and managed entirely on the web, in your account. You can build, customize and store the real estate letters you’ve created in your Postalytics library and use them over and over again.

Property management prospecting letters

When you reach out to residential income property owners, your aim is to convince them they need your property management services. Discuss how tough it can be to find tenants without a property management company. Remind them about the responsibilities of renting out a house, including cleaning the property when the tenant leaves. But, they can avoid all these things when you manage the property for them for a small fee per month. A property management letter campaign is the best way to convey this message. Deliver this using drip marketing to educate them, win their trust and get their business. You can start prospecting right away because our letter templates are ready for you to customize and send.

Handwritten prospecting letters

You can increase the success of your prospecting letter campaign with just one simple, quick change. We’re not talking about hiring a professional calligrapher. You only want to change the font to a handwritten font to create handwritten real estate letters. When people receive mail and come across a handwritten envelope, they are more likely to open it and read the handwritten letter inside. It’s just one way to make your campaign more successful and stand out from the crowd.

Postalytics has created letter and postcard templates to help speed up the time it takes to create a handwritten letter. In addition, our templates are available with authentic handwritten fonts.

What should a real estate letter include?

The key to a well-written letter is to personalize it. Generic greetings show that you don’t care about the customer, and a lack of detail in a letter can make a customer feel like they are just a number. Instead, include targeted details about their neighborhood. This way, they will know you’ve done your research, and personalize the letter, so their name greets them.

It is important to include are a compelling headline that grabs the readers’ attention. Letters should be short and to the point. Finish with a few lines that reinforce the key points you made in the letter and give the customer a call to action.

Real estate letter samples

Postalytics is popular with real estate businesses of all sizes. Our letter design tools make sending personalized letters affordable and straightforward. Want to send a letter sample? You can set it up online. Once you have picked a suitable template for your real estate introduction letter sample, take the next step. Tell us who to send samples to, enter your payment method, and we’ll print, mail, and track your samples.

Ideas for effective real estate letters

As a realtor, you’ll deal with multiple audiences and marketing objectives concurrently. We have a design tool that empowers you to achieve it in record time and at an affordable price. Some of the options you could try to enhance your marketing objectives include: introduction announcement letter, low inventory letter or referral request letter.

Ready to create real estate letters?

Get started and create real estate letters using our letter templates. Sign up for a free account. Then, use our easy-to-use design-and-drop design tools and templates to create letters for your prospects.


What are real estate letters?

Real estate agents need a way to introduce themselves and keep in touch with potential buyers to attract new leads and clients. A proven tool for doing this is a real estate letter or prospecting letter.

What are yellow letters for real estate investors?

One of the most-used customer acquisition methods when selling a home is a yellow letter. These letters are handwritten and sent to homeowners to generate seller leads. They’re “yellow letters” because they were initially handwriten on yellow legal pads. With our professional, expertly designed customizable templates, you can achieve the same thing quickly and efficiently online.

How to reconnect with real estate clients?

Sending a personalized letter is a great strategy to turn old clients into repeat clients, and a letter is a great way to remind them of your services. A simple way to reconnect with past real estate clients is to send a letter reaching out to them thanking them for their past business. You can also ask them for a referral or remind them that you’re keen to value their property should they need your help. Informing them of the recent sales you’ve made in their area reinforces your credentials. It also provides them with important market information. Once you’ve sent the letter and established contact, follow up with a phone call to ensure they received it.

Can I write a letter to a home seller?

If you’re in the market for a new home, you can write a letter to a home seller. Data on how effective sending real estate letters to potential sellers is hard to find. But, there’s some anecdotal evidence that they may sway sellers when they’re deciding between two similar offers.

What is a golden letter in real estate?

Try sending out a golden letter if you’re wondering how to get leads for your realtor business. It’s a short, hand-addressed letter asking homeowners if they would be interested in selling their home to a client of yours. This is the perfect way to build your sales pipeline.

What is a real estate love letter?

A prospective homebuyer might write a love letter to the seller. This letter is an attempt to get an edge in having their offer accepted. Typically used in competitive situations, real estate love letters are written to convey how much the buyer loves the house. They express their desire to purchase it. It’s just one of the many options you have when you create real estate letters.