Triggered Drip Direct Mail Case Study

“Postalytics has changed the way that we use HubSpot. We focus on our highest value targets with triggered direct mail.
It drives great response, and we’ve even gotten compliments for sending personal letters to new leads.”

– Gregory Sullivan, SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Sigma Marketing Insights

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Since 1985, Sigma Marketing Insights has used technology and data to help clients achieve their mission:
To create more profitable customer relationships through analytics, marketing technology and data-driven strategy.
Sigma’s team of data scientists and experienced marketers work collaboratively with their clients
to map out multi-channel solutions that drive huge ROI.

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The Challenge

Ensuring meaningful connections with high value Inbound Content

Sigma Marketing Insights is a boutique marketing services firm that helps their clients find gold in their data, with a team of experienced marketers and data scientists. They engage clients with a highly personalized, concierge style engagement model. Automation efforts, such as nurturing workflows, have to reinforce this personal, high touch approach.

The team at Sigma has invested in HubSpot Marketing and have embraced Inbound as a methodology. The first order of business was to create a desirable, high value piece of content that would be of interest to their enterprise and mid-market audience. “100 Ways To Do More With Your Data” is a 36 page ebook that is a virtual how to manual for data-driven marketers. After setting it up as gated content with a HubSpot Workflow sequence of emails, something still didn’t feel right, according to Gregory Sullivan, SVP and Chief Growth Officer.

“We needed a way to make it very clear that Sigma places a very high value on each and every client interaction. Sending out a stream of emails, just like every other company in our space, didn’t set us apart enough, at least to our standards.”

100 Ways To Do More With Your Data - Triggered Drip Direct Mail Case Study

The Solution

Trigger personalized letters from the CEO…automatically

Sullivan spent several years in the direct mail world earlier in his career. He’s seen the impact that a thoughtful, well designed mailpiece can have. “I knew that a personal letter from the CEO could add a level of formality and seriousness that we wanted to convey. I thought we’d be hand assembling them in a completely disconnected process.”

The Postalytics “Triggered Drip” feature was the ticket for the Sigma team to deliver automated, personalized letters that carry the weight and seriousness of their work. Sigma developed a high quality letter template with personalization tags and a personalized URL or pURL. The pURL was linked to a HubSpot landing page that gives the responder an option to schedule a free data assessment from Sigma’s senior team – a key step in the Sigma sales process.

“We dropped the Postalytics letter into the beginning of our HubSpot Workflow” said Sullivan. “Now, each time a customer downloads our ‘100 Ways’ ebook, a letter is sent from Stefan, our CEO directly to the prospect. Since Postalytics is tracking the delivery status of each piece, we’re using that status to send a synchronized email and a phone call from their account manager, all inviting the prospect to schedule the free assessement.”

The Results

A lot of assessing is going on

Within 60 days of implementation, the number of scheduled free data assessments has more than doubled.

“By combining offline with online in an integrated campaign, we’ve achieved our vision of how Inbound Marketing can work” according to Sullivan. “This new, multi-channel approach has created a significant boost to our funnel. The ability of Postalytics to deliver personalized mail as a part of a nurture campaign, and then update HubSpot with the delivery status, helps us to deliver an unexpected experience to our audience.”

What’s Next?

Waking up a webinar series

With the success of the personalized letter, Sigma is next focusing on getting more out of its webinar series.

“We’ve found that a well designed mailpiece acts as a strong focal point for communication. When synchronized with email and phone calls, it has a huge impact on conversions” according to Sullivan. “Our next goal is to use this technique to increase attendance at a planned webinar series. We’re taking advantage of the fact that few B2B marketers are using physical mail anymore. Postalytics makes it fast, integrated and affordable with our Inbound Marketing strategy.”


Sigma Marketing was a perfect triggered drip direct mail case study – they used automation to send out email already, and they wanted to stand out from their competitors with a printed piece that connected more deeply with their audience. If you’d like to learn more about this or other ways that Postalytics can help drive drip direct mail:

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