Direct mail can be a powerful marketing channel…
but it hasn’t kept up with technology

Marketers Want To Use Direct Mail…For Good Reason

An amazing thing is happening. As digital marketing channels get more crowded, and marketers are all using the same playbook, they’re increasingly looking for new ways to put their messages directly into the hands of their audiences.

Marketers are giving direct mail another look.

New data, gathered by industry analysts, neuroscientists and marketers, shows why savvy marketers want to use direct mail.

But…Traditional Direct Mail Is Painful

The problem is that the direct mail industry hasn’t kept up with changes in technology. It feels very…1990’s.

Marketers now have higher expectations from their channels. Speed, efficiency, integration and analytics are all essential to modern marketing.

Traditional direct mail just doesn’t get it done.

Huge Mailers Solve These Problems With Big Teams, Big Agencies and Big Money

Postalytics Changes The Game

We Deliver Enterprise Grade Direct Mail Automation

With Automated Workflow, Deep Integration & Analytics

In A Self Serve, Affordably Priced Software Tool

That Marketers In Organizations of All Sizes Can Deploy Quickly & Easily

About Postalytics - Direct Mail Old Way New Way

Who Are We?

We are a team of marketers and technologists who know how effective targeted, personalized and tracked direct mail marketing can be. We also know that traditional direct mail production processes are slow, expensive and disconnected from digital channels.

We are also the creators of Boingnet, the award winning pURL marketing automation platform. Since 2008, we’ve been helping direct mailers generate personalized, multi-channel campaigns across mail, web and email channels. Our patent-pending personalized URL tracking has been deployed on millions of mailpieces and has helped marketers understand direct mail response more deeply.

Our Boingnet customers kept asking us “Can we use your pURL marketing tool to integrate direct mail into our HubSpot or Salesforce infrastructure?”.

After hearing it a few times, we began investigating the market for a turn-key, self service direct mail tool that can deliver sophisticated marketing in an easy to use format.

It turns out that there’s a huge market for Postalytics. We are growing quickly & adding new capabilities regularly.

Sign up for a free account & check it out and see for yourself.

You can use the “Send Me Samples” feature and in about 2 minutes you’ll have a live campaign.

Interested in learning more about Postalytics? We invite you to Contact Us.