Postalytics is the leading direct mail automation tool.

Marketers have more options than ever to reach target audiences.
Email & digital are crowded.
It’s never been harder to earn attention and engagement.

Send personalized postcards & letters in minutes from your CRM. Analyze delivery & response.
Postalytics has turned direct mail into a digital marketing channel that is easy, integrated and measurable.


Here’s How It Works

Send Automated
Direct Mail In Record Time

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Why Do Savvy Marketers Use Postalytics?

Integrated direct mail campaigns literally take minutes, rather than weeks to produce.
You’ll be informed on the delivery and response status of each piece you send.
It’s all synced to your CRM or Marketing Automation to complement your email and digital marketing.

Here’s How It Works


Deliver Your Message Directly—To Stand Out

  • Business people receive over 120 emails per day. The average Gmail account contains over 8,000 messages.
  • All of your competitors are pounding the inbox 24/7.
  • Postalytics helps you stand out by delivering personalized messages directly into the hands of your audience to form a deeper impression than email alone.

direct mail with postalytics


Track, Trace And Measure Impact

  • Advances in offline delivery and online response tracking provide clarity and insight into the impact of every Postalytics campaign.
  • You’ll know the delivery status of every piece of mail—whether it is delivered, forwarded or returned.
  • Our patent-pending direct mail audience tracking provides a detailed understanding of how your audience responds and converts online

analytics with postalytics


Buy Mailing Lists & Send Instantly

  • Integrated Consumer, Occupant & B2B lists with fine grain geographic, demographic and firmographic selections are at your fingertips.
  • Upload unlimited lists from all of your sources, including events, tradeshows, conferences, salespeople and data vendors. There are no restrictions and no extra costs.
  • Drive responders to your landing pages where they opt-in. Then let your content and automation strategies nurture them through the buyer’s journey.

prospect with lists in postalytics


Leverage Your Marketing and CRM Platforms In A New Channel

  • Configure HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier workflows to automatically send postcards or letters to email non-responders.
  • Use pURLs and patent-pending direct mail tracking with your landing pages and forms, where mail recipients turn into leads and customers.
  • Easily construct multi-channel/multi-touch campaigns by sending triggered emails when mail is delivered or your targets respond.
  • Kick off the onboarding process with personalized thank you notes and letters from executives and salespeople.

leverage crm with postalytics

  • Pete Minich CEO, Fresh City Catering
    “Postalytics is a foolproof way to reach our catering clients that don’t respond to email. It has changed the way we drive online orders.”
    CEO, Fresh City Catering
  • Gregg Sullivan - SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Sigma Marketing Insights
    “Postalytics has changed the way that we use HubSpot. We focus on our highest value targets with triggered direct mail. It drives great response, and we’ve even gotten compliments for sending personal letters to new leads.”
    SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Sigma Marketing Insights
  • "Just remember, when you control the mail, you control... information."

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