Automate direct mail with the easy-to-integrate, RESTful Postalytics Direct Mail API. Build your own workflows that take advantage of the most powerful direct mail automation platform available.

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The Most Powerful Direct Mail Automation Software, Available in a Modern, REST Based API

The most powerful, sophisticated direct mail automation tool can now be integrated into your applications and workflows with a robust, modern direct mailing API. You’ll get full access to our award winning direct mail automation tool, including:

  • Postcard and letter creation, sending, delivery and response tracking. Smart Send (list based) and Triggered Drip (triggered piece by piece) Campaigns.
  • Full Account, Login and Webhooks management
  • Fully branded master account/sub-accounts with direct mail margins and payouts

The Postalytics Direct Mail API - App Integration

The Easiest To Deploy REST Direct Mail API

Sending direct mail has traditionally been an offline, batch process involving lots of email, FTP, phone calls and meetings. The Postalytics Direct Mail API is a fast, modern RESTful approach to sending automated postcards and letters, without the need to figure out how to construct UI intensive functions such as template building, campaign wizards and direct mail analytics presentation.

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Express Windows – Use The Postalytics UI In Your App

To speed up the process of integrating the Postalytics Direct Mail API with your app, we’ve built an easy way to accomplish some of the more UI intensive tasks that good direct mail campaigns require. Express Windows will allow the account to:

  • Build, Proof and Save postcard and letter templates.
  • Run the Campaign Wizards to generate direct mail campaigns
  • View detailed campaign dashboards and analytics
  • Import and manage lists

Why Use The Direct Mail API To Automate Campaigns?

When you’ve got applications or business processes that are tailored to your organization’s needs, you want to plug tools in that give you ultimate flexibility and agility, without sacrificing the power of automation. APIs have become a default way for organizations to weave together applications in ways that best suite their needs.

Legacy direct mail processes are highly manual, time consuming and prone to error. Increasingly, marketers and marketing operations teams are seeking ways to automate these old fashioned processes. The Postalytics Direct Mail API enables organizations to build automated mail campaigns right into the fabric of their apps and workflows.

Learn more about the rise of direct mailing APIs here.

Available API Functionality

Account API

  • Create Account
  • Get Account
  • Update Account
  • Delete Account

Contact API

  • Get All Contact Lists
  • Get All Contacts On A List
  • Add Contact
  • Update/Delete Contact

Templates API

  • Create Template
  • Get All Templates
  • Get Template
  • Delete Template

Send API

  • Send a mailpiece

Campaigns API

  • Get All Campaigns
  • Get Campaign
  • Toggle Live Mode Status
  • Delete Campaign

LoginLinks API

  • Get LoginLink

Webhooks API

  • Create Webhook
  • Update Webhook
  • Get All Webhooks
  • Get/Delete Webhook

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Sample User Flow

This sample outlines how you can use the Postalytics Direct Mail API to send mail from your application.

Step 1 – Provision an Account

Use the Account API/create account call. You would send over user info based on who is currently logged in and looking to send mail. This will return a key to be used in subsequent calls for this new user.

Step 2 – Generate an Auto Login Link

Use the LoginLinks API to create a temporary URL for this user to click on and automatically get logged into Postalytics behind the scenes. The API takes as one of its parameters a URL to redirect to once logged in. This link can call an IFrame, a modal or standard popup window.

Step 3 – Create a template

The new LoginLink from above will redirect the URL indicated in a a branded window the admin customizes for brand consistency. For this step, they are brought to a create template area so they may use the Postalytics library and editor to build out their creative. Alternatively, if you have HTML that is compliant with our system, you can use the Templates API to save your template programmatically.

The Postalytics Direct Mail API - Template Editor

Step 4 – Import Contacts

Calling another LoginLinks API with a different URL, the user is taken to another branded Express Window for importing contacts through a number of ways. This is a simple file upload/mapping process. Alternatively, you could use the Contacts API to build out a contact list programmatically.

Postalytics Direct Mail API - Contacts

Step 5 – Send Mail With A Smart Send Campaign

Now that you have a list and a template created within Postalytics, its time to send a “Smart Send” or list based campaign. This is done with a third Express Window. You will get another LoginLink URL and direct the user to the create wizard. This will handle all the steps necessary to send out a batch of postcards or letters to your list.

The Postalytics Campaign Wizard - Smart Send

Step 5b – Send A Triggered Drip Campaign

Alternatively to sending a blast, you may want to programmatically send mail on a one by one basis with the Direct Mail API. This can be done by first setting up a template and then using the Send API to send a single mail piece base on events within your application.

Step 6 – View Results

The campaign dashboard contains a number of useful charts and graphs for your active campaigns. Use an Express Window to easily view these results.

The Postalytics Campaign Dashboard

In order to use our API and branded Express Windows, you need to be setup with an API account on the Postalytics side. That API account will give you an API key to access the REST APIs, a tool to manage your clients as well as a branding feature that allows you to update the Express Window look and feel to match your platform.

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Let’s Talk About Your App And The Postalytics Direct Mail API

We’re direct mail automation experts, and we can help app developers think through the process of adding direct mail to your application. If you’d like to speak with us to brainstorm around the Direct Mail API or walk through the process – we’d love to talk!

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