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Consumer mailing lists when used effectively become an important marketing tool that helps target your ideal customer. Targeting a customer then allows for a personalized B2C direct mail campaign, more likely to yield a better return on investment. With an effective targeted list, you can create a personalized direct mail campaign that speaks to the individual customer. The more specific a campaign is the better the return on investment.

The importance of a targeted audience can not be overstated as even the best offer will fail if it is sent to the wrong customer. Combining a targeted consumer mailing list with a well crafted direct marketing campaign is the best way to drive sales. 

If you are looking for a quality consumer list then Postalytics is the perfect choice. We work with the best data sources to ensure a high-quality and up-to-date list. Our consumer lists allow you to target the leads most likely to purchase from you.

Quality consumer mailing lists

With Postalytics, you get instant access to our mailing lists services online. These lists are sourced from premium providers and contain over 200 million contacts, constantly checked and updated to ensure high relevancy and quality.

Save time and hassle

The Postalytics mailing list is integrated directly with your dashboard eliminating the need for uploading or downloading documents. Our online system allows you more time to focus on customers and less on dealing with salespeople.

Target key consumers

The consumer mailing lists available at Postalytics include first and last names, complete mailing addresses, and more detailed data. We give you the tools to build a highly targeted list by selecting from over 20 criteria including location, age, and income.

Transparent wholesale pricing

Using Postalytics consumer mailing lists, you know exactly how much you invest in a direct mail campaign and how it is being spent. This gives you total control over your direct mail campaign investment and effectively track your return on investment. 

How To Buy Consumer Mailing Lists In 3 Steps

1. Sign up and make your selection

Sign up for Postalytics. Choose a consumer list from a single or multi-use basis. 

2. Purchase your consumer mailing list

All Selects (data you choose to define your list) are free except specific Premium Selects, which are filters available with paid options. 

3. Download your consumer mailing list

Your list will automatically download within five minutes. You can send your consumer direct mail campaign instantly without having to import or download databases. 

Power great results

Leading brands turn to direct mail for B2C lead generation because it captures more attention than online ads and emails. Research shows that direct mail averages a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s average response rate of 0.12%. The most important thing to get results is list selection. Experienced direct mail professionals know that testing their mail offers and segments, and using quality mailing lists, can drastically lower the cost per response and increase their sales.

When it comes to mailing lists, you have to be specific. Postalytics is here to help. With an easy to use interface, you can quickly and easily explore and choose various customer segments. That way, when it’s time to print and mail, you’ll know you’re sending your postcards, letters, brochures, or flyers to suitable targets. 

High-quality consumer mailing lists 

If you’re looking to generate quality sales leads and increase profits buying our address lists will work for you. All Postalytics mailing lists are compiled using premium data from multiple reputable companies. We only use data we know is refreshed every 30 days to reflect the most up-to-date information and current mailable addresses. A quality customer mailing list cuts wastage and gives you a high return on investment. 

Using consumer mailing list “selects”

In the mailing list world, a “select” is a specific filter that targets a list from many people. The more selections you make, the less general your list will be. With Postalytics, you can create your own targeted consumer mailing list using the selects that are relevant for your mail campaign.  

More defined targeting

Our easy-to-use online targeting tool interface displays criteria you can select to target your mailing. What’s more, you can segment lists by more than geography. For instance, you can choose or exclude demographic groups such as age, date of birth, gender, marital status, size of family, age of children, and more. You can also choose dwelling types like homes, apartments, or mobile homes to send a niche marketing message like a real estate postcard. When you know specific details about the consumers you are mailing, you can align your message with your material more closely than ever and create a direct mail template to suit it.

Easy list management

If you use Postalytics, a key advantage is that we track deliveries. We attach the United States Postal Services (USPS) intelligent barcode to each mailer we send. This notifies us when a specific mail item wasn’t delivered and we can immediately remove that name from the list. 

This is important because experienced marketers know that best direct mail campaigns often require mailing to the same segment four to seven times throughout a campaign. Our tools also empower you to test segments to monitor the response rate and what converts best. 
Create a free account to see how easy it can be to achieve exceptional results for your next consumer direct mail campaign.


What is a consumer mailing list?

Consumer mailing lists are more than just a way of communicating with your customer base. They’re also a tool for acquiring new customers. A traditional mailing list can be sent by postal mail or sent electronically, typically containing names, addresses, and demographic information. An electronic mailing list can include just an email address or contain a range of demographic details. 

Where can I purchase a consumer mailing list?

Postalytics is an excellent resource for your B2C Direct Mail List needs. Fill out our Mailing List Purchase Form today for a quote! If you have any additional questions about selects or buying direct mail customer lists, email us, and we’ll send that information to you right away.

Why use a consumer mailing list?

A mailing list, used properly, can target a large number of prospects who share a specific trait that qualifies them for your marketing offer. The most powerful aspect of a mailing list is its ability to target particular groups according to demographics such as income level, gender, and postal code.