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Direct Mail Tracker

Mail Tracking Tool That Helps You Reach Your Audience

Marketers are always looking for ways to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. However, it used to be difficult because they had to wait for mail-outs to arrive back at their office. Now, thanks to Postalytics, real-time dashboards in our automated direct mail marketing tools can be set up to track the progress of your direct mail marketing campaign in real time. We designed a user-friendly dashboard so you can get an overview or go deep into the details.

Free access to data

Track your online response with pURLs and an industry-standard JavaScript tracking code at no extra cost.

Integrated with CRMs

No more data silos. All your information about your prospects can now be synced back into your CRM with insights and info available on your dashboard. 

Personalized URL tracking

You can track how often your recipients engage with your website because they each have a unique URL on their mailer.

More information, less cost

You get access to real-time response data for free as we have bundled personalized tracking it into the Postalytics offering. 

How to Track Direct Mail

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Get going by signing up for a free account and complete your profile. 

  2. Incorporate delivery tracking

    Mailers can use the USPS’s sophisticated tracking system to see where each piece of mail is in the delivery process. 

  3. Ship and measure your campaign

    Pick your template. Then, use our simple wizard to generate your campaign and begin to track your direct mail results.

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How Do We Track Mail?

We and our print partners use a little-known USPS measurement tool called “intelligent mail barcode“. The postal service scans each piece of mail as it rolls through its delivery process. We associate each piece of mail back to a contact record, so as those scans happen, we receive real-time updates from the post office. You’ll know exactly where your mail is in the delivery post office. We synchronise this back to your CRM so you can see in your contact records when the piece of mail is delivered. You can use this information to trigger other marketing efforts, such as a call or email. 

Bundled Personalized Tracking

You can also gain quick insight into who has responded to your Call To Action and gone online to your landing page or website from a response standpoint. Large, sophisticated (and expensive) mailers have deployed personalized URLs for a while to measure the online response. Typically it’s only available for big campaigns and at a significant cost. We’ve bundled it into Postalytics for free, with an unlimited number of pearls, making it accessible to everyone sending out a direct mail campaign. Everyone in your campaign gets a unique URL, and they get redirected to your landing page – and when they get there, we let you know all about it. 

Accessing Your Analytics

When you log onto your Postalytics account, you’ll find two different sections: The Home Page and the Campaign Dashboard. The Postalytics Home Page Dashboard is a great way to see your recent campaigns and their success. You’ll be able to see summaries on the last ten mails delivered, the page activity for your website, and your conversion goals. You can also see various charts and graphs on this dashboard. The Campaign Dashboard offers you detailed analytics for each campaign. You can view and download data in real-time, divided into status categories.

Finetune Your Campaigns

So, now you have the information about your customers and prospects, how can you use it to improve your direct marketing campaigns? Just like with email marketing, your direct mail tracking dashboard can give you detailed information on exactly who has responded to your mailers and which of your web pages they visited. We make it easy to spot trends because the dashboard shows performance at each stage of the campaign. Using these insights, you can see what’s working, and what’s not and adapt future campaigns to see if they can turn the needle.

Try the Smart Dashboard for Free

Sign up for a Postalytics free account and explore the “Send Me Samples” feature. You’ll get a sample of Postalytics direct mail sent to you with a personalized URL to enter. This way, you can see how the dashboard works for yourself without committing to anything. We love talking with clients, partners, and marketers of all types about how Postalytics can be used to solve problems and build great campaigns. Let’s chat


Can you add tracking to letters?

One game-changing feature that Postalytics offers is its web-based tracking tools. These tools allow customers to respond to your letters in real-time while being tracked in an online dashboard. This can be done with personalized QR Codes and pURLs (Personalized URLs).

How to track mail?

Tracking is pretty simple. You’ll need a domain to house your campaign and install tracking codes which you can easily do with Postalytics. Once that’s done, drag and drop the pURL and/or QR code variables into your creative template, proof it, and get your campaign off.

What is the response rate for direct mail?

Direct mail metrics aren’t cut and dried. The average direct mail response rate is 4.4%, compared to email’s average response rate of 0.12%. Postalytics believes that quality rather than quantity response is more critical. That’s why we offer built-in functionality for tracking direct mail, so you can track response rates, evaluate them and use the insights to optimize future campaigns.

How should you follow up on direct mail advertising?

If your recipient doesn’t respond to your first email, make a point of following up at least three times in the span of two weeks. This could be by phone or email or using an automated triggered drip campaign with Postalytics.