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Use Klaviyo Lists & Flows to drive multi-channel campaigns


If you’ve invested in Klaviyo and aren’t leveraging automated direct mail, you’re leaving money on the table. Schedule a call with an expert today to learn more.

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Postalytics Makes Klaviyo Direct Mail as Easy as Email

Direct mail is an increasingly effective marketing channel, as the uncrowded mailbox offers a physical touchpoint that can boost email and digital campaign ROI significantly.


The problem is that traditional direct mail is painful to produce. Marketers spend time coordinating multiple vendors to coordinate, data sits in .CSV files with no connection to the rest of the tech stack, and it’s really hard to analyze results.


Postalytics changes the game with the most advanced Klaviyo direct mail integration available. We’ve removed the friction from direct mail campaign production, integration and analytics so that marketers can focus on marketing rather than direct mail production & project management.

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Klaviyo Flows & Lists Drive Automated Direct Mail

With the Klaviyo direct mail integration, direct mail data flows seamlessly between your Klaviyo Flows and Lists and your Postalytics direct mail campaigns. Other solutions require complex data exporting, deduplication, cleansing processes just to get your direct mail data ready for your campaign.


Deep integration with Klaviyo Flows enables you to use direct mail in ways that you’ve never considered before. Postalytics will send a single piece of highly personalized, triggered mail with the same pricing and process of a batch of 10,000 mailers.


No-brainer triggered direct mail workflows include:


  • Email unsubscribers/unengaged
  • Lead nurturing
  • Re-Engagement
  • Reminders/subscription anniversaries
  • Onboarding/New Customer

Track Direct Mail Delivery and Response Events in Klaviyo

Postalytics monitors each mailpiece through production, delivery and response while updating Klaviyo continuously. Your direct mail campaign data is tracked in Postalytics AND Klaviyo Campaign Dashboards.

Direct mail events update Klaviyo for easy tracking, reporting and attribution.

Savvy marketers are leveraging direct mail campaign delivery and response data that flows into Klaviyo to trigger Flows that send email and SMS touchpoints when mail is delivered and responded to. Postalytics enables you to make direct mail work side by side with your email, digital and sales channels.

Free Personalized QR Codes & pURLs

Savvy direct mailers use QR Codes & pURLs to track mail recipient response and personalize landing pages. Most have to pay steep fees and learn new specialized software.


With Postalytics, just drag & drop the free QR Code or pURL elements onto your creative, insert the tracking code in your landing pages, and Postalytics QR’s & pURLs automatically activate.


You can drive conversion rates higher with landing page personalization tools. Use the same variable data and variable logic tools that you use with your direct mail creative to build a seamless experience for your recipients to respond online.

Klaviyo Direct Mail Integration Plan Options

The Postalytics Klaviyo integration is designed for marketers who want to leverage the latest Klaviyo API capabilities to maximize the value of their campaigns. It is available in all Postalytics Plans, including the Free, Marketer, Pro and Agency plans.

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The Postalytics Klaviyo Direct Mail Integration Drives Huge ROI

“Postalytics allows users to manage direct mail in a way that reduces excess sends and saves time. Integrating Postalytics into marketing automation workflows allows for personalized, multi-touch campaigns to specific audiences that blind mailings would not be able to achieve.”

Zogics – Jon Pierotti

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