ActiveCampaign Direct Mail Integration


Automate direct mail with the only fully automated ActiveCampaign Direct Mail integration available.


Send triggered postcards and letters generated from ActiveCampaign Contacts and Automations.

ActiveCampaign Direct Mail Integration, Postcard

Get more leads and sales by adding high ROI direct mail automation to your marketing mix.


Smart ActiveCampaign marketers use automated direct mail to engage more deeply with their audiences than with email alone.

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Postalytics For ActiveCampaign
Automated Direct Mail Marketing

Postalytics plugs into ActiveCampaign and makes it super easy to send personalized postcards and letters as a part of your customer experience strategy. Send tracked marketing mail in minutes with your ActiveCampaign Contacts & Automations.

Lightning fast Triggered direct mail integration works with ActiveCampaign Contacts and Automations (all ActiveCampaign & Postalytics plans)

Capture Postalytics mail delivery and response data within ActiveCampaign to trigger multi-channel marketing with ease.

Watch this 5 minute video demo to learn how you can use ActiveCampaign and Postalytics to grow your pipeline, revenues and leads.


ActiveCampaign Automations Trigger Direct Mail

Postalytics takes advantage of the latest ActiveCampaign CXApps technology to offer marketers unprecedented power to stand out from their competitors. Your automations can’t rely on email alone! Automations that can benefit from direct mail include:

  • Onboarding/New Customer
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Re-Engagement
  • Sales & Events
  • Upcoming Purchase Reminders

Imagine sending personalized “Drip” direct mail on an automated basis, 24 x 7 x 365. Postalytics will send a single piece of highly personalized, triggered mail with the same pricing and process of a batch of 1,000 pieces.

ActiveCampaign Automation With Postalytics


Track Delivery and Response

Postalytics monitors each mailpiece and updates ActiveCampaign
continually. For each direct mail campaign you can create a unique field in ActiveCampaign to track the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode delivery scans as well as each online visit from your audience. You can even trigger emails and calls from the sales team immediately after a mailpiece is delivered.

HubSpot direct mail integration - analytics


Direct Mail Template Editor Saves Time & Money

Now you can design direct mail templates as easily as email.
Drag & drop new postcard & letter templates or import your designs.
Generate high res PDF proofs without the back & forth of traditional direct mail.

ActiveCampaign direct mail integration - Direct Mail Editor

ActiveCampaign Customers Love Postalytics

“Postalytics has changed the way that we use ActiveCampaign. The ActiveCampaign direct mail integration lets us focus on our highest value targets with triggered direct mail. It drives great response, and we’ve even gotten compliments for sending personal letters to new leads.”

Gregory Sullivan

SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Sigma Marketing Insights

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