In this episode we have Casey Hill, the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign, a global leader in marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM. With over a decade of experience propelling software companies to rapid growth, Casey pioneers creative strategies, from garnering millions of views on platforms like Quora and LinkedIn to securing podcast appearances. In his current role, he focuses on building organic growth engines to drive ActiveCampaign towards a $1 billion Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

Additionally, Casey consults with major firms like McKinsey and Blackrock, providing institutional guidance on topics such as SMB marketing vendor selection, SaaS pricing, and marketing automation.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:20 – Casey’s Journey and Day-to-Day Focus
  • 02:46 – Casey’s Drive for Organic Growth at ActiveCampaign
  • 05:06 – ActiveCampaign’s Approach to Omni-Channel Marketing Efficiency
  • 10:53 – Building Early Success in Campaigns with Automation
  • 17:16 – ActiveCampaign’s Latest Exciting Announcement
  • 19:28 – Ecosystem Differentiation in Integrations
  • 22:57 – Get in Touch with Casey

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