How To Send a Letter Online

The fastest way to send a letter online.

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Start Sending Letters Online – Avoid Trips to the Post Office

Want to mail a letter online without going to the post office? In the digital era, mailing a letter is easy and quick because you can mail a letter from your computer. Postalytics has created the easiest way for B2B and B2C businesses to send letters, certified mail, letters, and postcards online. If you need to send a letter out quickly, we can assist you with any volume you want to post.

You can use Postalytics’ drag-and-drop letter editor and our library of pre-made templates to design customized letters for any recipient in the USA or Canada and quickly send letters from your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need to start is a Postalytics free account. Leave the rest to us.

The fastest way to send a letter

Choosing to mail a letter online is a great way to save time. No more waiting in line at the post office, and you won’t need to worry about stamps or envelopes. It takes only minutes to create a new message and send it to your mailing list through our mail services.

Completely automated service

Discover our easy-to-use service that allows you to send personalized letters easily and conveniently through the mail. Mailing documents, birthday cards, anniversaries, congratulations, thank-yous, business mail, or just saying hi to your prospects, there is no limit to how you can customize your campaign.

Unique volume discounts

On top of getting a free account and all the powerful mailing tools. Postalytics has developed unique volume discounts with no minimum requirements. You can send a single letter or 100,000. The more you send, the cheaper it gets to run your campaign.

Send a virtual letter

Send your letter to your ideal customers with a segmented list from your CRM, which you can seamlessly integrate into your Postalytics account. You can do every step of a letter campaign, including proofing, printing, and postage, online.

How do I send physical mail online

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Head to, sign up, and choose a letter template.

  2. Create your letter online

    Customize and personalize your letter with our library of pre-made templates and online editor.

  3. Print and post

    Choose the printing and postage option that works for your business objectives.

  4. Manage your campaign

    Track your letters with our online analytics platform.

Send a Letter Online Now

Send physical mail online

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a rigid system for sending bulk mail. This makes it challenging to get your letters delivered fast. You have to follow various guidelines, get several documents approved, and still spend hours preparing your mail campaign before you can send it out. With Postalytics, you no longer need to go to the post office to mail your letters. All you need is internet access and a mailing address list. Our letter editor will take care of the rest.

Sending snail mail online is now possible

Sending snail mail can be hard work. You need to design the letter, organize printing, and prepare the material to send to the post office. With Postalytics, this all automatically happens online, so there are no scales, no postage meters, folding machines, or even printers needed for your letter campaigns. You don’t even have to drive to the post office and wait in line or go to an office supply store to buy paper or envelopes. Think of all the time this will save you from sending your snail mail online.  

Sending business mail online is now easier

The Postalytics online solution for sending business mail saves you time and makes sending and managing a successful campaign easier. Use our online tools to edit pre-made templates, make unique designs and sync your campaign with your mailing list. This is an effortless and quick way to connect with customers and potential clients. Small businesses stand to profit the most using direct mail automation because they don’t have to add more staff to scale their marketing. You can use the letter to promote your business or services, and it’s a much better chance of making a connection than if you just sent an email. Plus, Postalytics has developed volume discounts. The more you send, the less you pay.

Write a letter online and have it mailed

Postalytics has an online letter-writing tool for you that makes us the best choice when selecting an online mailing letter service. Use a single-page letter template for campaigns that need to convey your message concisely or our multi-page letter online template to send to those who want to receive more information about your brand. Customize your letter with your company information and the message you want to send. With only three clicks, you can send your snail mail digitally.

The easiest way to mail a letter online

As you can see, Postalytics is the most practical service for sending letters online. It’s time-saving, easy to use, budget-friendly, and gets the job done quickly. There really is no doubt that Postalytics offers the best way to mail a letter online when you need to send a letter.

How long does it take to send a letter online?

When you want to send important mail and need it delivered as quickly as possible, first-class mail is your best option. Using this class is best when you’re in a hurry or have a time-sensitive campaign. Postalytics makes it fast to send letters with first-class mail, and it is usually delivered in one to five days. Marketing mail (standard class) is another level of USPS service. It costs up to 32% less than first-class mail, and it’s perfect for bulk orders that are not time-sensitive. Standard-class delivery time is 5 -21 business days. 

Ready to send a letter online?

It’s hard to find an online mail letter service that does it all for you – until now. With this demo, you can see how easy it is to create, print, and send letters for your business. Sign up for free now. 


Can you mail a letter online?

Yes. You can mail a letter online. Postalytics makes it super easy to mail any volume of mail at any time from the comfort of your home. We are the first and the most powerful direct mail automation platform.  The Postalytics Letter Editor is an intuitive drag-and-drop design system that you can use to write a letter online and then send your letter online with USPS. It’s simple to put your message together, change the fonts, insert a logo, and personalize with variable data. The letter templates are already built for you, so you don’t need any design smarts or experience.

What is the fastest way to send a letter?

The fastest way to send a letter is using direct mail automation. With Postalytics, you can easily edit a template, personalize information and send a letter from the comfort of your home. Forget about trips to the post office and sorting all the supplies. Open a free account and access our easy-to-use letter editor. Once you’re ready, simply mail your letter, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I mail a document online?

Postalytics’ convenient online service lets you mail documents online with ease. You can use it on your mobile device, computer, or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any stamps or envelopes on hand – Postalytics has you covered. What’s more, our drag-and-drop editor lets you create custom letters that we will deliver to any U.S. or Canadian mailing address.

What is the fastest way to mail a letter?

When you need to mail a letter and want it to arrive as quickly as possible, choose First Class mail. This class is best for when you are in a hurry or have a time-sensitive campaign. The service usually takes one to five days to arrive.

How to send mail from a home mailbox?

You can send a letter using Postalytics, so it appears it was sent from a home mailbox. All you have to do is include your mailing address list in the allocated place.

How long does it take a letter to arrive in the mail? 

If you send a letter in the U.S., it usually takes 6-8 days to arrive via First Class Mail and 9-21 days for Standard Class Mail. In Canada, it typically takes 6-8 days to arrive.

Can you send a letter without a return address?

A return address isn’t needed on your post, but if you don’t put a return address on your package, the US Postal Service can’t do anything if it gets lost. This mail is considered “dead letter mail” and is thrown away.

How to send a letter to a P.O. Box?

You will need the address of the recipient and the recipient’s post P.O. Box number. If it is a P.O. box, enter P.O. in the matching field. The system will automatically calculate the difference in zones and the cost for delivery.

How to use a QR code for effective marketing?

With the help of Quick Response (QR) codes, you can track your letter open rates to create more efficient campaigns. Drag and drop your QR codes anywhere within your copy to get the most out of your message. With Postalytics, adding QR codes is quick and easy. You get all the benefits of QR codes without paying any additional fees.