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Send letters online with a few clicks

Do you want to send a letter, but don’t know how? Postalytics has the solution for you! Postalytics is an online service that lets you send letters easily and quickly from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can use it even if you have no stamps or envelopes on hand. Our drag-and-drop editor delivers tangible and customized letters to any US address. No more driving to the post office! With Postalytics, sending a letter is as easy as 1-2-3! We’ll take care of everything for you.

Save time

Sending a letter online is a great way to save time. No more waiting in line at the post office or standing in the cold for hours! Plus, there are no stamps or envelopes to worry about. It takes only minutes to create a message from scratch.

Just fill out your campaign information, and we’ll send it off for you – all you need is an internet browser and ten minutes of your time.

Be environmentally friendly

Sending a letter online is helps us eliminate several trips to the post office. Think less gas, fewer accidents, less paper waste, and more of your time reclaimed.

 Our software immediately identifies the required USPS formats while you’re uploading your creative. The post-service will never turn your mail away over a misplaced image or text. This can often be the case in traditional mail. Think less gas, fewer accidents, less paper waste, and more of your time reclaimed.

Spend less money

One of the best ways to send a letter is to use Postalytics. Our online editor offers a perfect way to send a letter on a budget. Our prices per mile (CPR) are unrivaled. Save money and send more letters.

Get a personalized letter

Discover an easy-to-use service that allows you to send personalized letters through the mail with ease and convenience.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, congratulations, thank-yous, recipes, or just saying hi to your prospects, you can customize it all the way to the envelope design.

How to send a letter online

  1. Sign up to Postalytics

    Open a free account or choose one of our affordable plans. All our options are flexible to best serve your needs.

  2. Start desinging your letters

    Name your letter campaign, inject your details and add a recipient list. Then simply start personalizing one of our creative templates.

  3. Schedule and send your message

    Select postage option that works for your business objectives. Deliver your mail as fast or slow as you need.

Send a Letter Online Now

Send a letter online with Postalytics

As you can see, Postalytics is the most practical service for sending letters online. It’s time-saving, easy to use, budget-friendly, and gets the job done quickly. All of these benefits are great reasons why we believe that Postalaytics would be a good choice for you when you need to send a letter.

You know how annoying it can be to go out of your way to a physical post office or mailing center? It’s not just inconvenient but time-wasting as well. When you send a letter through the Post Office, you have to drive to the location and wait in line for at least half an hour. We bet you have better things to do on your mind.

Sending bulk mail is easy online

USPS has a rigid system in place for sending bulk mail. It’s one of the main reasons sending mail in bulk is difficult and time-consuming. You’ll need to fill out various forms and get several documents approved before you can prepare the mail yourself.  This means that you have no control over how much your mail costs as it increases with the amount of mail you send. Another drawback to using USPS is the user interface. It’s sometimes described as hard to navigate. With Postalytics, you can send unlimited mail to any address in the United States. Your mail campaign is only a few clicks away. 

Reach any PO box in the United States

Postal mail has been around since ancient times. But nowadays, some people might not know how to do it because they’re so used to emailing or texting one another instead of sending physical letters as many did back in the day. Well, now there’s a way to send your letters just like you would email. Get your message across without having to pay a trip to the USPS office. All you need is an internet connection and address. Let our direct mail editor take care of the rest.

Deliver fast with First Class mail

When you want to send important mail and need it delivered as quickly as possible, First Class mail is your best option. Using this class is best when you’re in a hurry or have a time-sensitive campaign. First Class mail is usually delivered in one to five days.

Deliver more with Standard Class mail

Marketing mail (Standard Class) is another level of USPS service. It costs up to 32% less than First Class mail, and it’s perfect for bulk orders that are not time-sensitive. Standard Class delivery time is 5 – 21 business days. However, you must have at least 200 pieces of mail to qualify for Standard Class service.

Track your letters with QR codes

Tracking is one of the prime features of sending direct mail in the new age. You can now use QR codes to track your letter. USPS has created a system where you can track your mail each step of the way. If your mail bounces, you can now track it and improve your campaign in time. You can easily scan a QR code with your mobile device and get detailed information about your letters in seconds.


How long does it take to send a letter?

You can send a letter in the next few minutes. Postalytics has simplified this process so you only need an idea and a few clicks to send your mail. Delivery takes 2-21 days on average, depending on your Mail Class. It takes an average of two days for a letter to reach its destination.

How to send a letter to a PO box?

Since sending mail to a PO box is considered as direct mail, you can use Postalytics to help you make sure that your letter reaches its destination. You will need the address of the recipient and the recipient’s post P.O. Box number. If it is a PO box, please enter ‘PO’ in the matching field. The system will automatically calculate the difference in zones and the cost for delivery.

How to use a QR code for effective marketing?

You can track your letters with a QR code so that you know how many people scanned them and where they are at all times. This will give you an idea of how well your campaign is working when it comes to generating interest in your business. It is also useful for monitoring bounce rates on direct mail and knowing when to fix a bad campaign.