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Are you trying to reach hundreds or thousands of addresses with a letter, postcard, or another piece of mail? But all the available options seem like too much work, too expensive, or just impossible to understand. Don’t worry if everything sounds like gibberish. Mail is a traditional medium that’s long overdue for an update. And recently, Postalytics brought bulk mail service to the digital world.

You can now bulk mail to any location in the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, you can design, automatize, send and track your campaign today. All done from the comfort of your office in just a few clicks. Our clients can focus on their message instead of breaking their heads with mail size, numbers of addresses, making pieces identical, or adding the address to the right part.

Instead, focus on what truly matters and connect with your recipients.

Full-service direct mail marketing

Discover everything from professionally-made templates and targeting tools to segmented address lists of your future recipients.

Mass mailing service

Mass mailing service is at your fingertip. Choose as many or as few addresses and pieces of mail you’d like to send to your recipients. We’ll take care of the rest.

Automated marketing

Send large quantities of direct response mail to a specific target audience to promote new products or services and increase brand awareness directly from your CRM.

Personalization is king

Make an impression with personalized mail for every customer or client you want to reach in your funnel. Then go a step further, and send personalized mail-in customized envelopes.

How to send bulk mail with Postalytics

  1. Open your free account to start bulk mailing

    Open your free account. Then, head to Postalytics and upload or create your mail campaign.

  2. Select your recipients by using your own or acquired lists

    Upload your CSV or any other spreadsheet with mailing addresses. If you don’t have one, we can help you acquire a business mailing list from the best brokers in the industry.

  3. Choose your print and delivery options

    Pick and choose from an array of professionally-made templates that resonate with recipients in your industry. Then, decide which delivery option works best for your campaign.

  4. Send and track your campaign in real-time

    Track bounce and open rates for actual physical mail. We can also help you match back your mail with recipients when the dust settles.

Send Bulk Mail Now

Direct bulk mail service for all your needs

Direct mail marketing services are a means of sending large quantities of advertising materials to a specific target audience. This can be done by using mailing lists, which contain the contact information of potential customers or clients.

Advertisers can then send mailers or postcards to these individuals in an effort to promote new products or services and increase brand awareness. Businesses can also send sales letters to their customers or potential clients in order to make sales. Direct mail services can be used by businesses, organizations, non-profit groups, and even individuals.

Tracking tools for mass mailing

Welcome to the digital age. Running direct mail marketing campaigns is now just as easy as email marketing campaigns. You can simply ship bulk letters and postcards to your list and then track each one in real time, unearthing additional opportunities.

Postalytics has developed several ways to track your mail. First, you can track your mail on its route to recipients. Second, you can add personalized pURLs and QR codes that lead to a special landing page automatically created for each recipient. Once your recipient opens the specialized landing page, you’ll get notified. Marketers often take this signal to pick up the phone or send a follow-up promo.

Bulk printing and mail service

Postlaytics has partnered with printers throughout the United States and Canada. This helps us prepare, print, and mail your campaign in the shortest time frame possible. Rest assured that your mail is printed locally, creating less waste and bringing about sustainability across industries.

Business mailing services

Postalytics works with businesses of all sizes to develop, send and track their mail. Whether your business needs to send internal bulk mail to reward your employees or promote your service to prospects, we’ve got you covered. Discover everything your business needs to maximize its output and achieve best-in-the-industry ROI.

Bulk letter mailing service

Direct mail services are valuable for individuals, businesses, and NGOs looking to improve their communications with current or potential recipients.

Our direct mail services go a step further. We can support every aspect of your campaign so that you don’t have to worry about filling the address bar correctly, USPS changes, envelopes, stamps, or anything else that makes traditional direct mail so complicated.

Bulk postcard mailing

Direct mail postcards are among the most effective marketing materials. More than 70% of recipients immediately read and respond to postcards, propelling bulk postcard mailing to the forefront of ROI-positive marketing.

Bulk mailing postcards is the fastest way for businesses to cut through the digital noise, connect with target audiences, and convert them into raving customers. Postcards tend to stick around in the recipients living spaces, keeping your brand top of mind. Witty and clever postcards are often shared with others. With Postalytics, you can bulk mail postcards in minutes, needing no prior experience in direct mail marketing.

Bulk mail rates for every level

Bulk mail rates change according to the campaign. Think about the number of addresses you wish to reach, the location of your recipients, the type of mail to send, and the type of envelope your recipients would appreciate receiving. Once the campaign is thought out, marketers focus on different bulk mail rates, including open rates, response rates, and prices.

Marketers calculate that higher returns on investment would offset the overhead of running bulk mail campaigns. This is usually true. Direct mail gets a 5.1% response rate on average, which has doubled over the last few years. Compare this to email and other digital channels that usually get response rates below 0.6% and sometimes as little as 0.2%. As for open rates, most people check their mail as opposed to email or other digital channels. These factors help marketers project and calculate whether bulk mail rates are appropriate for thier business.

Price is calculated using the CPM model, which translates to cost per mile. Mile means one thousand in Latin. The marketing industry has adopted this term to quantify the overhead of deploying marketing campaigns. With Postalytics, you’ll get the most affordable rates in the industry and unique automatization/tracking software for US-based and Canadian addresses.

Most affordable bulk mail rates

With a traditional direct mail campaign, the overhead can burn a hole in your budget if you’re not careful. With Postalytics, this is a different story. Our clients can automatize their campaigns while enjoying the best prices industry-wide. You can design, print, post, and track your mail for as little as 57¢ (yes, 57 cents) per mailed piece. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most favorable account subscription (some are free) and run your campaign like never before. This is where effectiveness meets affordable rates to deliver maximum impact.

Ready to send bulk letters and postcards?

It can be hard to know how to send bulk mail correctly, and it’s easy to make mistakes that can slow down your campaign.

On top of everything, the Postal service changes often, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest rules and regulations. Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee your mail will reach its destination. Postalytics takes all the guesswork out of sending bulk mail. We have the best technology in the industry, so you can create beautiful, professional-looking mail campaigns quickly and easily. Plus, our rates are unbeatable, so you’ll get more for your money.

Ready to send bulk mail? Try Postalytics today!


How to send bulk mail by postal service?

You can use USPS to send bulk mail. After registering for a specific account, you will need a complete list of addresses as well as the quantity you need to send for each address. Your next step is filling out your mail, submitting your mailing list, and paying postage to USPS. Postalytics offers a much quicker alternative, where you can finish this process in minutes instead of hours.

How do you do bulk mailing for a certain mail route with the US postal service?

It can be challenging to figure out how to send bulk mail for a specific mail route with US Postal Service. Here’s the brief:

  1. You will need stamps, envelopes, and destination addresses.
  2. Write the address on envelopes like you would if you were sending a letter, then put stamps on it.
  3. Put your letters in envelopes and make sure that you have enough postage.
  4. Repeat this process every time you wish to send mail en masse.

Research the guidelines for bulk mailing with the USPS. Head over to their guidelines page and see if you are eligible to use their services, and then once you have determined that’s possible, review their pricing rates. If they don’t provide those rates on their site, make sure you contact them directly.

How to target bulk mail through the US postal service?

Applying for a permit with USPS is the first step. You can get a bulk mailing permit either by applying online or by visiting a local post office. Be sure to have all of the necessary information available when you register so that you can start shipping on time. Alternatively, try Postalytics’ free bulk mail editor and send your mail without any hassle.

How to bulk mail with USPS?

Mailers need to sort and place their mail into USPS trays or sacks according to USPS rules. Flat-sized pieces, postcards, and letter-sized pieces with unusual shapes must first be rubber-banded together in specific bundles before going into their container. Once your mail is sorted, drop it off at the nearest station or request a pickup time. Alternatively, you can save time with online bulk mailing tools like Postalytics, which can do it faster and cheaper.