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Automated bulk mailing services

Mail. It’s the little thing that keeps your business running. You know you need to stay in touch with your prospects, but you may not have time for mass mailing letters and postcards. Email marketing doesn’t quite cut it either. That is where automated bulk mailing services come in handy! Handy is actually an understatement, but let’s come to that in a minute. Our automated bulk mail service will sort all of your postcards and letters and send them out at a pace that works for you. You can even integrate drip campaigns, email + mail, CRM trigger campaigns, and much more. Bulk mailing services offer an easy way to stay connected without having to deal with the hassle of taking care of each individual piece of mail yourself as well as never running out of time or supplies.

Reach your customers

Reaching your customers is vital for business.  You want to be sure that whoever wants your product or service hears about them in time.  

Improve prospecting

Bulk mailing services are valuable tools for businesses looking to improve their communications with current or potential customers.

Your success is essential

When you contact a bulk mailing service like Postalytics, they can assess your specific needs and develop a marketing plan tailored for your business.

Personalization is king

Make an impression with personalized mail for every customer or client you want to reach in your funnel. Then go a step further, send personalized mail in customized envelopes.

How to send bulk mail with Postalytics

  1. Start with your free account

    Choose a free or one of our high-volume plans. Forget about contracts and scale your subscription according to your business needs.

  2. Design your campaign

    Write a name down, choose the right template and integrate your CRM to pull mailing list from. Personalize all the way down to the letter color and size.

  3. Ship your messsage

    Find the best package for your mass mailing needs. Send as many or as little direct mail as you may need.

Send Bulk Mail Now

Bulk mailing letters

Sending letters en masse is a time-consuming task that can be difficult to manage.

We know it’s hard to find the time and resources for direct mail, but you don’t want your business communications to suffer either. Reaching out to your prospects with personalized messages is more important than ever. Competition is fierce, and being different is a good starting point. Providing something tangible for your prospects will cement your position in their hearts. Hence, customizing letters is a perfect marketing tool for getting ahead in a cut-throat business. 

Postalytics is an automated marketing platform that makes bulk mailing services easy and practical.  Save time and money with our virtual mail editor. With Postalytics, you’re practically minimizing the risk of time and money while getting all the benefits of sending direct mail in bulk.

Bulk mail postcards

Promote your products with postcards that can be sent in just seconds! Postcards are inexpensive and can be sent to just about anyone in the world with a PO address.

Bulk mailing postcards is an easy and affordable way to reach out to your prospects. Direct mail has never been easier! You can customize the postcard with a message that will resonate. Consumers often use postcards to announce new products, advertisements, competition outcomes, and other news.

Mass mailing

Bulk mailing services allow you to send high volumes without having to fill out individual packages. Mass mail is mostly used to promote a company, goods, and/or services.

Bulk mailing services are valuable tools for businesses looking to improve their communications with current or potential customers. You can utilize letters and postcards to reach out to your prospects in an affordable way that saves you time, money, and the hassle of doing it all yourself. 

Our mass mailing service is easy because we do everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about address bars, USPS requirements, envelopes, stamps, or everything else that made direct mail so expensive and chunky in the past.

Our service provides flexibility while saving resources by automating most aspects of the process. We are making it easier than ever before for small business owners who want to keep up with customers.

With the right service, marketing has never been easier.


How to send bulk mail by postal service?

You can use USPS to send bulk mail. After registering for a specific account, you will need a complete list of addresses as well as the quantity you need to send for each address. Your next step is filling out your mail, submitting your mailing list, and paying postage to USPS. Postalytics offers a much quicker alternative, where you can finish this process in minutes instead of hours.

How do you do bulk mailing for a certain mail route with the US postal service?

It can be challenging to figure out how to send bulk mail for a specific mail route with US Postal Service. Here’s the brief:

  1. You will need stamps, envelopes, and destination addresses.
  2. Write the address on envelopes like you would if you were sending a letter, then put stamps on it.
  3. Put your letters in envelopes and make sure that you have enough postage.
  4. Repeat this process every time you wish to send mail en masse.

Research the guidelines for bulk mailing with the USPS. Head over to their guidelines page and see if you are eligible to use their services, and then once you have determined that’s possible, review their pricing rates. If they don’t provide those rates on their site, make sure you contact them directly.

How to target bulk mail through the US postal service?

Applying for a permit with USPS is the first step. ​​ You can get a bulk mailing permit either by applying online or by visiting a local post office. Be sure to have all of the necessary information available when you register so that you can start shipping on time. Alternatively, try Postalytics’ free bulk mail editor and send your mail without any hassle.

How to bulk mail with USPS?

Mailers need to sort and place their mail into USPS trays or sacks according to USPS rules. Flat-sized pieces, postcards, and letter-sized pieces with unusual shapes must first be rubber-banded together in specific bundles before going into their container. Once your mail is sorted, drop it off at the nearest station or request a pickup time. Alternatively, you can save time with online bulk mailing tools like Postalytics that can do it faster and cheaper.