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Personalized Direct Mail

Easily personalize your direct mail in a few clicks


Personalized direct mail marketing

While direct mail can be a great way to get your message in front of potential customers, many direct mail campaigns are ineffective because they’re not personalized. Marketing campaigns work better when they are targeted to the customer. 

Postalytics helps you personalize every aspect of your direct mail campaign so that it’s more effective at driving conversions and leads. We let you create custom templates for each piece of your marketing materials, including postcards, letters, and even envelopes.

Postalytics’ easy-to-use templates make it simple to craft an eye-catching design that will stand out in a cluttered mailbox. Combining our software tools and expertise in print design helps companies boost their conversion rates!

Increase your response rates

A generic bulk mailing campaign has a low chance of success. Postalytics’ tools allow you to add a personal touch to your campaign using customer data. This targeting will lead to higher conversions rates and a more effective marketing campaign.

Automate your personalization

Personalizing your direct mail campaign at scale can be tricky – how do you add specific variable data to each postcard or letter when running an extensive campaign? Postalytics leverages variable data to add information to your direct mail as it’s being printed so that each piece can be personalized to the recipient.

Print & send your mail 

Sending direct mail can be expensive and time-consuming when done manually. Luckily, Postalytics automates the entire process of sending your mass mailing campaign. You simply upload a list of recipients, personalize your message, and schedule when you send out each mail piece, all in a few simple steps.

Pre-made designs & templates

There is no need to waste time creating your own templates or designs. Instead, simply use one of our pre-designed templates, add variables for personalization and send out the campaign!

How To Personalize Direct Mail In 5 Easy Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for a free plan with Postalytics and start creating campaigns straight away.


Personalize Your Campaign

Use our online tools to quickly set up a direct mail campaign and personalize your message with variable printing data.


Print & Send

When you’re happy with your content you can print and send your campaigns automatically through Postalytics.

Personalized direct mail printing

Postalytics helps businesses save money by streamlining their direct mail marketing campaigns from start to finish, all in one place. When you use our platform, you’ll have access to professional templates created by top designers worldwide. Using our proprietary technology, you can customize and personalize those templates based on customer data. Postalytics also handles all the printing and mailing of your campaign.

Personalized direct mail response rates

Direct mail that isn’t targeted will be ignored. Postalytics is an innovative way for companies and organizations of all sizes to send customized and personalized messages that actually deliver results.  Estimates indicate that response rates increase by 135% when mail is personalized with the recipient’s full name. Our proprietary technology platform and variable data printing offer a high level of personalization guaranteed to deliver the highest response rates possible. This means you will get a higher return on your investment.  

How to personalize direct mail in bulk

There are a few ways that mass direct mail can be personalized, but the most common method is through the use of mailing lists. Mailing lists can be divided into two categories: compiled and rented. Compiled lists are created by searching through public records, such as voter registrations or magazine subscriptions, to find addresses that match certain criteria. Rented lists, on the other hand, are made up of contact information that has been purchased from a third-party company. Once a list has been selected, it can then be sorted according to certain criteria, such as age, gender, or income level. This ensures that the mail will be delivered to recipients who are most likely to be interested in whatever product or service is being offered. 

How can direct mail be personalized?

The most common way to personalize direct mail is to use the recipient’s name. This strategy is used because a person is more likely to open a piece of mail that has their name on it. Adding even more customer information such as their address, age, or interests will increase response rates even higher. Other ways to personalize mail include using different fonts, colors, and graphics that reflect the recipient’s personality or interests. A particularly effective strategy is to create special offers or coupons that are specific to the individual recipient. The more personalized a piece of direct mail is, the more likely it is to stand out and be opened. With Postalytics, you can utilize our variable printing data to import your audience data and customize the mail piece with name and information statements based on location and much more. 

Ready to send personalized direct mail?

You can create personalized postcards in just a few easy steps. First, choose the design you want for your postcard – either a pre-made design or one you have created yourself. Next, add your own content inside the direct mail designer to personalize your direct mail campaign with your audience data. 

You can start by creating a free account.


How much does a direct mail campaign usually cost?

The cost of a direct mail campaign can vary depending on the size and target audience. For a small targeted mailing, you might expect between $1-$5 per addressed mail piece (depending on size and type) for materials like printing, card, paper, and envelopes. For larger volumes or non-targeted mass mailings, prices can be reduced to less than $1 per piece. With Postalytics, we offer competitive pricing for direct mail marketers.

What are the two types of direct mail?

There are two types of direct mail: addressed and unaddressed. 

Addressed mail is sent to a particular recipient or a set of recipients defined by a list of addresses. Unaddressed mail is more commonly referred to as EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail. Most people also refer to EDDM as spam mail because of its lack of personalization.

What makes a good direct mail piece?

A good direct mail piece has a clear objective, is well designed, is customized, and inspires the recipient to take action. You can increase the chances of success through eye-catching visuals such as color photos and interesting graphics. Use attention-grabbing copy that can be read easily but still provides valuable information. And, of course, personalize the piece as much as you can using customer data. 

What is an example of direct mail format?

Direct mail is a term used to describe any form of marketing communication that uses mailing lists, databases, and other targeting techniques to reach potential customers via their letterbox. An example would be a home security systems business sending postcards to a neighborhood showcasing its products and offerings. The direct-mail format can also include coupons that your audience can tear off to receive a discount on your promotion. Postalytics can also include QR codes or personalized URLs that send your leads to a promotional page.