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Real Estate Mailing Lists

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A mailing list is a fantastic tool for real estate agents to target their ideal clients. These lists use data compiled from multiple sources to create a database of who your best customers are. 

The database can be filtered to find the traits that match your direct mail objectives and then be used to drive your marketing campaigns. Advertising is cheaper and more effective when you know exactly who you’re trying to reach. Postalytics offers a variety of mailing list options for the real estate industry. If you are looking to reach homeowners, first-time buyers, or those ready to sell, let’s talk about how our mailing list solution can help.

Our direct mail solutions will help you to reach a highly-targeted audience with a mailing list that we source from high-quality data. Buying mailing lists to reach property-focused audiences has never been easier. Postalytics offers real estate agents the chance to buy a list of potential customers. They can search for buyers who match the criteria of their marketing campaign within minutes.

Find real estate prospects in minutes

Postalytics integrated consumer mailing lists help you find the names of potential sellers or buyers. You can purchase and download our lists with ease, and they are constantly updated with over 200 million people in the United States.

The easy online mailing list solution

Postalytics is the only direct mail solution that allows you to send to a high-quality list with just a few clicks. No downloading or uploading CSV files, no haggling with salespeople to negotiate mailing list prices from data banks, and perfect for all your real estate business needs.

Target your best property prospects

Postalytics tools will help you target potential customers. Segment them by property type, net worth, and even how long they’ve lived at their current address. We can work with you to target your perfect future client.

An end-to-end solution that helps you save

Purchasing a Postalytics list is easy thanks to our instant purchasing and our wholesale pricing will save you money. Our 100% online solution means you don’t need to deal with brokers or agencies.

How To Buy Real Estate Mailing Lists In 3 Steps


Sign up and make your selection

Sign up for Postalytics. You can choose a consumer list for either a single-use or our multiple-use option.


Purchase your direct mail list

Sign up for our free plan to get access to intuitive, drag-and-drop All Selects (data you choose to define your list) are free except specific Premium Selects available with paid-for versions. You don’t have to worry about CSV management with an instant download.


Start your target selection

Create a targeted mailing list using our user-friendly interface. You can easily filter by area, demographic, and other relevant information for realtors.

Quality mailing lists are here

A quality mailing list will allow for a more effective marketing campaign utilizing real estate postcards or real estate brochures. You want to know you’re not wasting money on dead-end real estate leads, so you need a high-quality mailing list you can use to target prospects. Postalytics’ mailing lists offer a one-of-a-kind solution. Our mailing lists have accurate data and the most up-to-date addresses.

Using consumer mailing lists

Postalytics mailing list tools make it possible to find high-quality lists with no need to leave the Postalytics website. We source our consumer mailing lists from vetted mailing list providers that update data constantly.
Step one in securing a successful direct mail advertising campaign is targeting the best prospects. With the data at your fingertips, you can target by geography and demographics. You can drill down by ZIP code and narrow the list by income, homeownership, age, and other factors. You could even use filters to narrow your targeting to create a highly focused street address list. 

Fewer returns, higher ROI

Postalytics delivers the highest quality of automated solutions for online direct mail. We attach United States Postal Services (USPS) intelligent bar codes to each piece of mail that rolls through our software. The number of returns to sender will be vastly reduced thanks to our updated mailing lists. This saves you money and eliminates wastage.

Target suburbs and homes 

Sending your mailer to the right people is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. The geo-targeting option allows you to target a specific area. For example, you can zero in on all the consumers in a particular geographical area by radius or drill through carrier routes and make ZIP code choices. You can even select a city or state and exclude ZIP codes you don’t want to target. 

Mail potential buyers and sellers

If you’re looking for new leads, the demographic targeting feature will work for you. This handy tool will help by giving you the option to select customers by age range, birth date, income, or marital status. If you want to mail real estate postcards or letters to homeowners, you can select filters such as net worth, length of time in residence. Give yourself the best chance for success with Postalytics mailing lists for realtors.


Where can I buy real estate mailing list addresses?

Postalytics is an excellent resource for your Direct Mail List needs. Fill out our Mailing List Purchase Form today for a quote! If you have any more questions about selects, email us, and our friendly team will get back to you with a solution that’s ideal for your marketing goals.

How to choose a mailing list for real estate farming?

Sending a general mailing to all homes in an area leads to waste. Instead, real estate marketers should choose a quality mailing list that has features that allow them to geo-target or select demographic information. 

Using suitable filters and metrics, you will be able to send your message to only the most relevant homeowners. You won’t waste time and resources on people who aren’t interested in a property or your realtor services. You will only get their property in front of the most promising leads.