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✓ Boost Your ROI: By targeting your campaigns more effectively, you’re not just saving on marketing costs but also increasing ROI.


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Postalytics integrated consumer mailing lists help you find the names of potential sellers or buyers. You can easily purchase and download our lists, which are constantly updated with over 200 million people in the United States.

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Postalytics tools will help you target potential customers. Segment them by property type, net worth, and how long they’ve lived at their current address. We can work with you to target your perfect future client.

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Purchasing a Postalytics list is simple, thanks to our instant purchasing, and our wholesale pricing will save you money. Our 100% online solution means no more brokers or agencies.

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Find out how Postalytics customers outperform their competition with direct mail

Direct Mail Automation for Real Estate

Learn how the agents at McLemore use Postalytics to stay in touch with their current and future clients with automated direct mail.

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No Minimum Direct Mail Automation

Vacation Reputation amplified vacation rental ROI using Postalytics' bespoke and tractable direct mail automation.

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Precise Audience Targeting

Buffer Insurance's application of Postalytics showcases the power of precise audience targeting through direct mail, a technique ripe for exploration in the Mortgage industry.

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Save Time and Money Over Traditional Approaches

Using Postalytics' automated direct mail for real estate investment marketing, McComb Realty saved costs and increased efficiency.

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“I know direct mail requires multiple touches. For managing campaigns of mailings at preset intervals, Postalytics has been the right solution for me.”

Paul McComb – Real Estate Investment Professional

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