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Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Postcards are an excellent way for businesses to connect with customers. Postalytics makes it easy to design a postcard campaign, print postcards, send them out, and track the whole campaign with our easy-to-use online postcard maker tools.

Easy Design and Editing

We make it easy to make your own postcards! Add your logo, photos, and text in seconds. Generate PDF proofs instantly and save them as reusable assets.

Save Marketing Spend

We have professional, ready-made postcard templates that can be edited in-house. You’ll never have to pay an agency fee again, and you’ll save on postcard printing.

Increase Your Reach

Drip campaigns are a powerful tool to help you target your customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Track in Real Time

With our postcard tracking, you’ll have fantastic insight into when your business mailers are being delivered. You’ll also know which are making an impact.

How To Start Creating Direct Mail Postcards

  1. Sign up for a free account

    Sign up for a free Postalytics account, and you can send an unlimited amount of direct mail marketing postcards.

  2. Add your details

    Add your email address, phone number, and mailing address to the signup form. Import your customer list using your company’s CRM or mailing list.

  3. Design your postcard

    Click the “Start Designing” button in the “Build Postcard Or Letter” tile. Choose a postcard creator option, including a pre-built postcard template option.

Send Direct Mail Postcards Now

Why Choose Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are a simple yet effective way to advertise your business, no matter what you sell. They are lightweight and sturdy, making them the perfect marketing tool for sending in the mail. They are an excellent way to curb direct mail printing costs. With them, you don’t have to spend money on envelopes or address labels.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create beautiful, eye-catching, and engaging direct mail postcards. We offer an easy-to-use online mailer design process that makes it so easy. You can start from scratch or use a prebuilt template and customize it with our Direct Mail Postcard Editor for more control.

What is a Postcard?

In direct mail postcard marketing terms, a postcard is a particular piece of printed collateral. This is because the material has to conform to USPS standards. USPS defines postcards as small rectangular slips of paper with dimensions of 4.25x 6 inches. These items qualify for a special postage rate and can be mailed first class. Postalytics offers a standard postcard template that is 4.25×6 inches in size.

We  also offer postcards in different sizes, but the USPS does not always refer to them as such. You can only mail a postcard at a USPS discounted rate if they meet specific USPS specifications, like the “machinable letter” size of 6×9 inches or 6×11 inches, which we categorize as postcards in our templates.

Why Postcard Size Matters

Sending a direct mail piece that isn’t the correct size will cost you more money. Using Postalytics’s direct mail postcard templates, you will always have the benefit of preferential pricing. This is why some of our clients choose to design their postcards offline and import their material into our templates. In addition, using Postalytics enables you to sync your material with your CRM, take advantage of our affordable postcard printing options and mail and track the progress of your campaign. Postcards are also very effective when used in a triggered drip campaign – we can help you with that too. 

What Works For Postcard Design?

Sending postcards is a tried and true marketing tactic, but to be successful, you need personalization. Postalytics allows marketers to tailor their messages to different audience segments. And our Variable Logic Tool lets you change the text for each segment so that you can send the right message to each person and even greet them by their name. 

Pros design our postcard templates, so they come with features like a Call To Action that you can customize. Your Call To Action is one of the most critical parts of postcard design – and you can trust that our templates will give you an ROI that helps your business grow. From restaurant postcards to real estate postcards, and holiday postcards, we have design template that will work for you.

Want to Design a Postcard For Your Business?

Want to know how to do mailers the Postalytics way? Have a look at our demo of Postalytic’s simple design-and-drop automation tools for postcard design and other needs you have for direct mail postcards.


How to write a compelling direct mail postcard?

Try using words that excite your customers in your direct mail postcard. This could be “free” but also words like “cash” or “money.” Be sure to set a time limit for your offer. Make your customers excited about their opportunity to get something valuable through your offer.

How to design direct mail postcards for maximum effect?

A good direct mail design should be concise and simple. When you create a postcard template don’t overwhelm the reader with text or complex images. Leave some white space to make your customers focus on your most important design elements and information. 

Where to write the address on direct mail postcards before mailing?

The address of the recipient appears on the back of the postcard. This is why you need to keep the area blank when you design a postcard. Using Postalytics’ postcard templates, you can start designing immediately knowing you are safe adding information and images to the correct place on a postcard. 

What is the difference between a direct mail postcard and a standard postcard?

To answer this question, we must look at US post office direct mail services and postcard sizes. A direct mail postcard could be one of four sizes used by marketers. These include a small postcard (4.25’’ x 6’’, a standard postcard (6’’ x 9’’), a jumbo postcard (6’’ x 11’), and an extra-large postcard (9’’ x 12’). Only the small postcard conforms to USPS sizing that unlocks lower postage costs. The Standard postcard size is the most versatile for its creative options, and popular campaigns often use this size. This size offers vertical and horizontal options. The Standard size is also larger than a small postcard, which means a greater chance of standing out and being seen.