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Why Direct Mail?

Postal delivery has the ability to target your marketing campaigns to a very specific geographic area at an affordable rate. Direct mail also has the highest ROI of any other advertising media because it is a physical product. Your message arrives directly at its destination with a personal message. Postalytics created a direct mail editor that lets its users customize residential and commercial postcards, letters, brochures, flyers, and envelopes. Our editor makes everything easier. Think about spending less money, reaching more people, getting each creative right, and improving your bottom line.

Highest Conversion

Mail also offers a higher conversion rate than other marketing avenues (e.g., TV, radio, digital and social). It provides an opportunity for marketers to test and split test for optimum conversions.

Tracking Tools

Track your mailings and see how many people opened and clicked through to your site. This helps users determine what the perfect time of day for sending out mail is.


Ground mail also provides a more personal feel for the customer giving it a higher credibility factor. It can be customized to the customer’s demographic and psychographics according to 100% direct information from existing customers. Ten times more recipients read physical mail compared to email because of it.

Online Editor

Forget about blurry text and jagged lines. Don’t worry about a creative running your chances of shipping mail with USPS. Postalytics has developed an editor within our direct mailing services that’s perfect for designing and producing American direct mail.

How to Send Direct Mail

  1. Sign up for a free account

    Start with a free plan and scale according to your needs. Forget about contracts or long-term commitments.

  2. Automated your first campaign

    Name your mail campaign, add details about your business, and import a list from CRM software and one of our customizable templates.

  3. Schedule and deliver your message

    Choose a postage package that works best for you. Reach your customers as fast or as slow as your business needs.

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American Direct Mail

Ground mail is a form of marketing that uses postal services to deliver advertising material, such as flyers, letters, and brochures, to potential customers. You can send ground mail via regular post or through bulk mailing in America. It’s often used for promotional purposes in order to generate new leads and sales.

We offer a variety of mailing solutions including printing, addressing, sorting, and delivery so that your campaign is successful from start to finish! Our team will help you every step of the way with our experience and knowledge on how best to reach your target audience with direct mail campaigns.

Reach any address in the United States of America while saving time and money. American direct mail campaigns are perfect for tech-savvy founders and SMBs. Automatize, schedule, and create all your US mail from one place.

Direct Mail Solutions

Direct mail is an effective way to communicate with consumers, and that’s why it’s still around—because it works. It’s not that it just works, but it’s the best ROI for many industries when it comes to spending marketing bucks. Our online editor allows you to choose a target market, send them a very personal piece of mail meant just for them, and then track whether or not they responded to your messages.

Postalytics has the expertise you need when it comes to ground mail. Our software offers analytics, tracking, creative suggestions, event templates, and options to buy direct mail lists. Postalytics is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Mailing Services Near Me

The best mailing services near me are the ones that can help you make the best use of your marketing and advertising budgets. Mailing services like Postalytics provide a cost-effective solution for connecting with your customers and prospects. Postalytics will help you create mailers that are hard to ignore, and they’ll take care of the printing, postage, and distribution as well.

Mail is a great way to connect with your customers and prospects. And it’s the most cost-efficient form of effective advertising you’ll ever use. Direct mail can be the perfect way to reach out, get noticed, and build relationships.


What is direct mail?

The term “direct mail” is often used to mean anything sent out in a mailing envelope. It can refer to everything from newspapers and magazines to greeting cards or advertisements that are mailed directly to you. Ground mail can be handled by the postal service or USPS but there are also a lot of other solutions available, such as Postalytics.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing includes letters, postcards, brochures, or even magazines with the purpose of advertising a product or service. It’s mailed via the U.S. Postal Service with appropriate postage affixed – in the hope that the recipient will need those products or services.

How much does direct mail cost?

Costs for direct mail can run from single digits to hundreds of dollars per thousand pieces. For example, if you print your own postcards at home and put them in envelopes with stamps, then it would cost you about $740 per 1000 pieces, whereas if you hire an agency with designers, it could cost thousands of dollars per 1000 pieces. Postalytics can slash these prices to $530 per 100 pieces or even less.