Analysis of 240 Direct Mail Campaigns

Conversion Rates, Trends, and Media Preferences of Direct Mail Automation Marketers

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What You Can Learn from Direct Mail Campaigns?

At Postalytics, 240 direct mail campaigns were analyzed for conversion rates, impact on productivity, trends, industry and media performance, and more. The results show that direct mail is an effective way to reach potential customers and convert them into sales.

It’s clear that marketers are beginning to see the value of new, innovative tools not constrained by older, outdated processes. Postalytics supports this shift by enabling marketers to view direct mail as easy to use as email. This opens up new opportunities for direct mail deployment, and automation will encourage even more powerful use cases. Revenue-conscious marketers are taking notice of this powerful MarTech tool and beginning to integrate it into their own workflows.

Download our free direct mail report to learn how to incorporate direct mail into your marketing automation campaigns with ease.

Seamlessly Integrate Direct Mail into Your Marketing Automation

With new-generation direct mail technology, marketers can now track the mailing process piece by piece, giving them the data they need to understand the true impact of each campaign. By understanding recipients’ behavior, they can keep them engaged through customized marketing automation workflows. This report will help you avoid common mistakes and build powerful marketing omnichannel with direct mail.

Optimize Direct Mail Campaigns for the Best Results

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must constantly engage your target audience. However, if you are using the same ineffective methods repeatedly, you are not only losing potential customers, but you are also losing money. Our direct mail analysis shows that optimizing your direct mail campaigns is key to determining which components of your campaign work, and which do not. You can’t rely on mind-reading – you need to test different versions to find out what gets results. Segmenting your audience and A/B testing can help you optimize your direct mail campaigns. 

As you gain experience, you’ll understand what motivates your customers and what design decisions make your work stand out. Be patient and continue to make improvements each time you send out a mailing. Our direct mail guide will give you insight into what is and isn’t working for brands, and guide you to learn from their experience to optimize your campaigns for the best results.

Demystifying Direct Mail with Data

Marketers have long relied on web and email activity to track and measure success, but traditional direct mail has been challenging to track. Learn about how automated direct mail tools are game-changers, providing detailed insights and data on direct mail campaigns. Discover how with easy-to-use and affordable targeting and tracking tools, you can measure key metrics of a direct mail campaign, as you would with an email campaign.

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Discover How to Wake up Dormant Leads

Experienced marketers are always using new and creative tactics to increase the awareness, engagement, and ROI of dormant customers. One such tactic is combining direct mail and email campaigns. It is one way marketers can generate greater interest from potential customers who might otherwise have been inactive. This guide will provide you with simple but effective solutions to wake up dormant leads, avoid pitfalls and get the best results for your money. 

Separate Yourself from the Noise

In today’s noisy marketplace, it’s more important than ever for marketers to position the value of their company in a way that sets them apart from the competition. This way, they can ensure their target audience understands the unique benefits their company offers.

Direct mail campaigns that are targeted and personalized with variable data printing (VDP) are more likely to be opened by consumers than non-personalized campaigns. Personalization creates a connection with your customers and increases the likelihood that they will engage with your brand. This guide will take you through the benefits of direct mail personalization, and how you can easily implement it in your workflows. 

Get Inspired with Direct Mail Examples

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to get creative with your marketing campaigns. Traditional mail marketing is not enough to make a real impact. You need to think outside the box to increase your brand awareness and bottom line. Our guide is full of innovative direct mail ideas to inspire you.

Create an Unstoppable Marketing Omnichannel

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing strategies. The best marketing strategy for your business depends on your products, target audience, and budget. However, most companies can benefit from a multichannel approach that combines print and digital channels.

With multichannel (or omnichannel) marketing, you use a variety of channels to reach your target audience. This can include direct mail, email marketing, social media, and large format advertising. The key is that you seamlessly connect all channels so that customers can easily switch from one to the other.

Omnichannel marketing requires careful planning and execution, but it can be rewarding.  Again, the report will help readers to understand the benefits and best practices of a multichannel marketing approach to help them reach more people, increase brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales.

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Our data-driven study is a must-read if you want to know how to set your business apart from the competition. From our direct mail analysis, you will learn how to improve conversion rates and contribute more to revenue. Get the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

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How can I integrate direct mail with my CRM?

Postalytics offers quick, easy integrations with your existing CRM platforms. With our out-of-the-box API integrations and simple point-and-click integrations with over 3,000 applications through Zapier, you can easily integrate your direct mail campaigns with your CRM.

When can I send my first direct mail campaign?

You can send your first direct mail campaign shortly after signing up for a free Postalytics account. You can create a campaign, upload a mailing list, design a mailing or use a free template and send your direct mail campaign in minutes. We will take care of the printing and mailing for you.