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Create Real Estate Postcards

Are you looking to grow your real estate business? Use real estate postcards to reach out to potential customers. They’re great for generating leads, increasing client lists, and selling properties. You can easily track, measure, and analyze the results of a postcard marketing campaign too.

With so many real estate postcard templates available at Postalytics, you’re sure to find one that suits your realtor business. We’ve made it easy to customize your postcards and print and mail them with our postcard maker. We can help you create a real estate postcard library you can reuse again and again.

Affordable real estate postcards

Real estate postcards are the most cost-effective strategy for conveying a message to your audience. We have developed our real estate postcard templates, so they qualify for discounts.

Best real estate postcards

We give you the power to take control of real estate postcard design, so they tick the boxes for your brand. Top designers have built our postcard templates to help you stand out from your competition.

Design and edit postcards online

Our drag-and-drop design interface lets you create your own real estate postcards. Just choose the template that suits your needs, then customize it with your own images and text.

Keep connected with postcards

Keep the conversation going with your clients. We’ve developed trigger and drip campaign tools that will help you target the full customer lifecycle and maximize your (Return on Investment) ROI.

How To Create Dynamic Real Estate Marketing Postcards

  1. Sign up and discover postcard templates

    Sign up for a free plan and upgrade to a Pro plan further down the line when you’re ready.

  2. Start your real estate postcard design

    Choose a name, add a phone number and address, and import a mailing list. Then, choose from our selection of postcard templates.

  3. Start mailing your prospects

    Decide on a package that works best for your objectives. We will print and mail your postcards as part of your bundle.

Create a Real Estate Postcard Now

What are real estate mailers?

Real estate mailers are mail you can send to people in your chosen target area to solicit leads for your real estate business. There are many different real estate mailers to send out to your prospects. Postcards, brochures, and flyers are all popular methods of generating leads. They are all cost-effective and help to build name recognition.

Are real estate mailers effective?

Do mailers for real estate agents and brokers work? Yes! According to the Direct Marketing Association, sending mailers to prospects remains an effective way to reach customers and increase your ROI. The average ROI for real estate mailers is 15-17%. But to guarantee success, your prospect list needs to be as targeted as possible. Postalytics has this covered. You can use our real estate mailing lists and segment them according to demographics, zip codes, and other chosen criteria.

One of the key differentiators of real estate mailers is the ability to customize your message. As a realtor, you can focus on your prospects’ specific needs or challenges. If you can tailor your mailer to these concerns, you will have a better chance of grabbing the client’s attention and getting them to call you.

Send sample real estate postcards

Our real estate postcard templates are proven to generate listing leads. Our easy-to-use templates include real estate farming postcards and personalized postcards. Discover these templates in our postcard library of free real estate postcard templates. You can choose from some sample postcards our designers have already built. You can select one of three sizes: 6×11, 6×9, or 4×6. Why not try it out and send yourself a sample postcard? We’ve created a simple wizard to follow, and you’ll get samples sent to yourself or your co-workers in minutes.

What are EDDM real estate postcards?

You can use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to mail postcards to every house on a mail carrier’s route. The U.S. Postal Service offers the program and is perfect for saving money on renting a mailing list. You don’t need a permit either, so more of your money will go into your campaign.

Do Just Sold cards work?

After successfully closing a deal, you can send Just Sold postcards out to potential buyers and sellers on your list. Doing this has some psychological effects on sellers and buyers. You might inspire potential sellers to put their house on the market because they know you will sell it fast. Potential buyers in the area might begin to feel like they should act before the available inventory is gone. With Postalytics, you can create Just Sold postcards as soon as the deal is signed and get your message out quickly.

Ideas for custom real estate postcards

You don’t have to spend time or money printing postcards or hiring a marketing firm! Send your company’s postcards to your targeted audience with our marketing software. Here are some concepts you can roll out using our postcard editor tools:

  • Just Listed postcards
  • Just Sold postcards
  • Expired Listing postcards
  • Open House postcards
  • Agent Introduction postcards
  • Thinking of Selling postcards
  • Holiday postcards
  • We Buy Houses postcards

Ready To Design Your Real Estate Postcard?

We have excellent real estate postcard templates to help you grow your real estate business and listings.

Sign up for your free account and start creating real estate postcards today.


What is a real estate postcard campaign?

The most important thing an agent can do to get leads, promote listings, and build name recognition is to send a postcard in a campaign. Postcards are small, single-page mailers. A typical postcard is glossy and printed on both sides.

How to send out a real estate postcard?

We can help you with your mailing. With Postalytics, you can access a nationwide network of print and mail partners. We will first run your postcards through the USPS-approved address database. Then we print them, attach a USPS tracking barcode, and deliver them. This happens within two business days, all for a budget-friendly price.

What do you write on a real estate postcard?

Your company logo, contact details, and agent photographs should appear on your postcard. Next will be information that supports your real estate marketing intention, like keeping connected with your real estate clients with a market update postcard. For example, it can feature average sales prices within a neighborhood or cover how many properties are on the market in the area. A new listing would need quality photographs of the property and list its amenities.

What is the best day of the week for real estate postcard delivery?

Avoid Monday! It is the most popular day for mail to arrive, so people will be more likely to ignore your postcard. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are days with a lower incidence of mail arriving. Between Tuesday and Thursday is considered optimum, so pick a day within that window.

How often should you send direct mail for real estate campaigns?

Keep your customers updated with consistent mail drops. The American Marketing Association suggests mailing out every 21 days. This will prevent the recipient from being overloaded but keep them abreast of your current sales, offers, or services.

What is real estate farming?

Real estate agents use real estate farming to develop business in a specific residential area or persona through marketing efforts. As the name suggests, they “farm” the neighborhood or ZIP code for leads and contacts. This can involve direct mail, door knocking, real estate farming postcards, or any other form of targeted advertising. Creating postcards with Postalytics makes it easy to get a real estate farming campaign off the ground.