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Create a Real Estate Postcard Now

create and design real estate postcards

Create and Design Real Estate Postcards

As a real estate marketer, it can be really difficult to find a quick and easy way to run a personalized postcard advertising campaign. Luckily, with Postalytics, you can design a campaign, print it, send it, and track the whole thing from start to finish with our retail estate postcard maker.  We’ve made it really easy to use our software online.

Design and Edit Online

Our drag-and-drop interface lets you create your own real estate postcards. Just choose the template that suits your needs, then personalize it with your own images and text.

Stand out From the Competition

We give you the power to take control of real estate postcard design so they tick the boxes for your real estate brand. Top designers have built our postcard templates.

Keep Connected With Postcards

We’ve developed trigger and drip campaigns that will help you target the full customer lifecycle and max your ROI. Keep the conversation going with them.

Keep Tabs on Your Success

Postalytics automatically analyzes your campaigns and detects when it’s in the delivery process. It monitors the response to your postcards.

How To Create Dynamic Real Estate Marketing Postcards

  1. Sign up and discover postcard templates

    Get going with a free plan and upgrade to a Pro plan further down the line when you’re ready. You won’t have to sign a contract, so if you want to change plans you can do so with ease.

  2. Launch your postcard design

    Choose a name, add a phone number and address, and import a mailing list. Choose from our selection of templates that are suitable for the real estate industry.

  3. Start mailing your prospects

    Decide on a package that works best for your objectives. 

Create a Real Estate Postcard Now

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Why are postcards great for your business? Postcards are a highly targeted marketing tool. By including your contact information on the card, you are telling people how to get in touch with you. They are also low-cost and can be executed with little investment. With Postalytics, there is no need to hire anyone from a marketing agency to design or execute your postcards. Our software does all of that for you, helping you save more money while delivering better results.

Ideas For Custom Real Estate Postcards

You don’t have to spend the time or money to print postcards or hire a marketing firm! Just send your company’s postcards to your targeted audience with our email marketing software. Here are some concepts you can roll out using our editor tools:

  • Just listed postcards
  • Just sold postcards
  • Expired listing postcard
  • Open house postcards
  • Agent introduction postcards
  • “Thinking of selling?” postcards
  • Holiday postcards

Ready To Design Your Real Estate Postcard?

Have a look at the demo of Postalytic’s simple design-and-drop automation tools for postcard design and other needs you have for real estate direct mail. We have excellent real estate postcard templates to help you grow your real estate business and listings. 


What is a real estate postcard campaign?

The single most important thing an agent can do to get leads, promote listings and build name recognition is to send postcards. Postcards are small, single-page mailers that agents send with the intention of building a long-term, passive income stream that brings in listings, without having to chase them. A typical postcard is glossy and printed on both sides.

How to send out a real estate postcard?

We can help you with your mailing. With Postalytics, you have access to a nationwide network of print and mail partners. We will run your postcards through the USPS-approved address database, print them, attach a USPS tracking barcode, and deliver them within two business days, all for a low price.

What to put on a real estate postcard?

There are the basics: your company logo, contact details and photograph of the agent should appear on the postcard. Next will be information that supports your real estate marketing intention. Keeping connected with real estate clients can be done with a market update postcard, featuring average sales prices, number of properties on the market in the area etc. For a new listing, it would be quality photographs of the property and its amenities.

What is the best day of the week for real estate postcard delivery?

Avoid Monday! It is the most popular day for mail to arrive, so people will be more likely to ignore your postcard. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are days with a lower incidence of mail arriving. The time between Tuesday and Thursday is considered optimum, so pick a day within that window.