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Real Estate Farming Postcard Templates

Create real estate farming postcards with templates

Create real estate farming postcards

Farming, also known as geographic marketing or prospecting, is a proven marketing technique that can help make your real estate business more visible in neighborhoods you want to target leads. Farming provides an excellent opportunity to connect with potential sellers.

Your objective may be to farm a single neighborhood or promote your agents to get new listings. Either way, you need a way to quickly and affordably generate postcards for your direct marketing campaigns at affordable prices. Your Postalytics account will give you access to pre-built real estate postcard templates you can customize and start generating new leads to grow your business. 

Take your postcard design in-house

Postalytics has created an automated direct mail platform with everything you need to create a postcard for your farming campaigns. You don’t need any design experience to use our postcard design tools – the editing process is intuitive and easy to use. 

Use pre-made postcard templates

Postalytics has a library of ready-to-use real estate postcard templates for you to use, all designed by our experienced marketing creatives. Choose a template and instantly start customizing the text and images to align with your message.

Create a postcard template from scratch

You can also easily create your own postcard template, which is helpful if you already have a design and format in mind. You can also build a series of different postcard template online and save them in your library to update and reuse for future farming campaigns. 

Instantly cut your postage costs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers postage savings for postcards that adhere to certain postcard size specifications. When you use our standard postcard templates, you know you’ll stick to these limits and therefore qualify for these discounts. 

Build postcards with other design tools

Agencies or realtors with in-house design teams can use Postalytics to build postcards offline too. Create your images in traditional design programs, and then upload them into your Postalytics postcard templates to print, mail and track your postcard campaign. 

Turn leads into customers

With farming campaigns, you get a better response when tracking prospects’ reactions and implement an automated triggered drip campaign to keep them engaged. Postalytics QR codes and personalized URL (pURL) make this possible. 


How quickly will real estate farming postcards get a listing?

The success of your farming campaign rests on several factors. However, we recommend monthly mailings for a minimum of 12 months. Friendly reminders about your realtor services help you stay on your prospects’ minds and increase the likelihood of contacting you when they need your services. Your farming postcards will ensure they remember your name, face, and logo when they need you to help them with a property listing. 

What are some good real estate farming ideas? 

You can use real estate farming postcards to achieve several objectives for your agency. A Real Estate Introduction Postcard gets the name and face of your agent into the community you are targeting and builds authority for your services. We Buy Houses Postcards and Just Sold can be used to encourage leads to contact you by offering free property valuations for homes. 

What should I include on a real estate farming postcard?

You should include the essentials such as your contact details and a call-to-action to encourage them to reach out to you. You can include client testimonials, educational information about the property market’s health in the area, or a list of the prices you have achieved in sales for clients in your area. Including a QR code or personalized URL (pURL) with Postalytics tools makes it easy for prospects to contact you.