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We Buy Houses Postcards

You Can Create We Buy Houses Postcards Using Postalytics

We Buy Houses Postcards 

With an eye-catching We Buy Houses postcard, you can unlock potential property sales. Generating new seller leads is as simple as using postcards to connect with “For Sale By Owner” property owners or those sitting on the fence or stalling a sale. Utilizing a postcard to send a message of encouragement to someone who needs a little nudge can be very impactful.

To create a, We Buy Houses postcard is simple using our postcard template that supports customization and automates personalization. Simply pick a postcard template from the Postalytics free postcard templates, and change the text, images, or logo using the postcard editor. Next, use a list of contacts from your CRM program to target residents in the neighborhood where you want to find new properties to buy. 

Ready-to-Use We Buy Houses Postcards 

Postalytics has a library of instant free templates you can use for We Buy Houses postcards that you can use right away. You can edit and design cards from your phone or laptop using our intuitive design tools.

Customizable We Buy Postcard Templates

With Postalytics Direct Mail Editor, you can create a postcard from scratch and customize the font or color of your postcard with ease. Upload images of investment properties you have bought, seller testimonials, or include material you have designed offline.

Personalize Messages and Build Trust

One of the best ways to build a connection is to personalize your real estate marketing postcards. Automated postcard personalization can enable you to add any variable in your CRM, such as greeting a person by their first name.

Save on Postcard Postage

You can cut your postage costs for We Buy Houses campaigns using our postcard templates. Choosing the 4.25×6 inch postcard size template gives you automatic savings and first-class postage, so cheap real estate postcards are finally a reality.

Drive Your Prospects Online

Add QR codes or pURLs (personalized URLs) to your postcard using our easy-to-use tools to point people to your website where they can find more information about your real estate portfolio or services. In addition, our online response tracking tools monitor engagement. 

Direct Mail Triggered Drip Campaigns

Once your prospects have received the outreach postcard, what next? Send them a follow-up real estate letter introducing yourself and mentioning your credentials. Automated direct mail triggered drip campaigns make this possible to keep the conversation going. 


How to deliver wholesale postcards?

We can help deliver your We Buy Houses and other real estate postcards you design using our creative templates. With Postalytics, you have access to a nationwide network of print and mail partners. We will process your postcards through the USPS to check the addresses are valid, attach a tracking barcode, and deliver them to your database.

How to write a We Buy Houses postcard?

What you write on your postcard will depend on your target market and what you want to achieve. One idea to include in your We Buy Houses outreach postcard is a special offer to your prospects. A gift voucher presented when they meet with you is one way to sweeten the deal. Postalytics can help you create real estate brochures too.

How to create We Buy Houses postcards?

With Postalytics, you can choose from a number of professionally designed templates for your We Buy Houses postcards. Our designers have done all the heavy lifting so you can focus on branding your business with a customized design using the intuitive design tools provided. If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can change colors, fonts and resize elements to create a postcard that’s perfect for your needs. You can even upload a photo to include on the card. You can easily try our system and send a postcard sample to try it out.