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Create and Design Real Estate Brochures

Brochures still play a critical role in a successful realtor’s marketing toolkit. When used correctly, quality brochures can help your listings stand out and make them more attractive to buyers. In addition, House brochures and postcards provide great ROI when you want a way to reach out to connect with new buyers looking to enter the market – or even generate interest with potential sellers. 

It’s a given that these specialized print products will help grow your real estate business. You as a realtor, know your market and customers best. So why continue to outsource your real estate brochure design to an agency when you have the ideas and vision for what you want already? With Postalytics real estate brochures templates, you can take control of the design and print of your marketing material – and save yourself money.

Property Brochures: Design and Editing Online

With our drag-and-drop design tool, anyone can create a real estate brochure. You don’t need design training.  Simply choose one of the templates that suit your needs.  

Swift Turnaround For Your Nimble Business

When you’ve landed a new property to sell, you want to get the word out fast. Your buyers are waiting for their dream house, and you don’t have to waste time.

Get Your Agency Up and Running

If you’re a start-up wanting to break into the market, we’ll help you get there. Postalytics has beautiful brochure templates that make designing them incredibly easy.

Fast Access to Real Estate Brochure Templates

Start with a brochure that’s already proven to work in the real estate industry. Discover a library of ready-made templates made for conversions.

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    Start with a free plan. When it suits you, you can upgrade to a pro plan, which has useful features. Remember, you are not bound by any contract, so if you want to change your plan at any time, you can.

  2. Get started on your brochure design

    We have a lot of inspiring brochure templates to choose from. Which one will be the perfect match for you? Choose from one of our templates and customize one to fit the look and feel of your property and agency. Upload your brand logo, color scheme, and images.

  3. Start selling!

    After a few clicks on our easy-to-use online brochure design platform, you’ll have a great quality property brochure ready for print and distribution.

Create Brochures Now

Brochure Templates that Help Your Properties Shine

When selling a house, your listing needs to be visually appealing with the right information. To do this with the best design, you’ll need professional house pictures and an attractive brochure. That’s where we come in! At Postalytics, we’ve compiled some of the best real estate brochure templates out there. The high-quality images of the homes you’re selling combined with our winning designs will showcase your listing to the fullest potential. In addition, our design service makes it so affordable you can design and print runs of any size.

Help Your Real Estate Brand Stand Out

To build your brand and create a certain authority, you should go above and beyond with your prospects. A brochure is a great way to do that. It projects professionalism, attention to detail, and signals that you believe in your business.

Ready to Design a Real Estate Marketing Campaign?

Watch our demo of Postalytic’s simple design-and-drop automation tools for brochure design. You know the property market game. We know design. We have excellent real estate brochure templates to help you make a more significant impact on your industry.


How to design real estate brochures?

In order to attract buyers, you have to have a list of all the features and amenities of the property on the brochure. This will make the house or commercial space look more attractive. Include high-quality pictures of the properties you are selling. Our templates map it all out for you. Just add your text, images, and your details, and you will have a customized, truly professional real estate brochure in no time.

How much to charge for real estate brochures?

The price of real estate brochures can range anywhere from a couple of cents to over one dollar, depending on the editing software, printing method, paper quality, and desired amount. There are many ways to cut costs, such as using free templates.

What to include in a real estate brochure?

When it comes to real estate, appearances are everything. A beautiful photo can make the sale, but the home in your brochure needs to look its absolute best. It’s crucial that you show off the home’s design, size, and surrounding environment. List the date and time of the open house, the listing price, the square footage, the year built, and any features that make the property stand out. By keeping your language simple, your brochure will have more impact. Keep the design uncluttered. It makes it easier for potential homebuyers to find what they are looking for, understand the listings, and take action on them.

What is a real estate brochure?

A real estate brochure is an easy way for real estate professionals to show their listings and services. It is a marketing tactic that can be used to advertise and promote your services. They are usually created using high-quality paper, ink, photos, and print designs.

How to explain working with real estate agents brochure?

When buying or selling property, it’s important to know if the agent you’re working with is representing your interests in the transaction. The same agent can work with both the buyer and the seller in some instances. However, in other transactions, the agent works for one or the other party exclusively. It’s best to establish who the agent will represent before you get started to reduce confusion. The Working with Real Estate Agents Brochure is an informative brochure that will help you decide if an agent is right for you. You’ll find helpful information about what they do and how they’re paid.