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Real Estate Postcard Templates

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Create and Design Real Estate Postcards Templates

Postalytics can help you quickly and efficiently run a personalized postcard advertising campaign. Our software lets you create a postcard template from scratch and use it to send customized ads. This is a great way to stay in touch with your customer base while saving money. If you have excellent property management postcard ideas you want to make a reality, our templates and postcard template makers will help you get you there.

Postcards are a handy marketing tool, but you don’t have to hire someone from a marketing company to do it for you. Just use Postalytics to create and design your material, such as open house postcard templates or create a just listed postcard template you can reuse every time you land a new property.

How Our Templates Work

Templates are reusable creative elements that can be used for your real estate direct mail campaigns over and over. When the template is in “edit” mode, it’s open to editing. But once you have proofed it, it is locked from further changes.

Prebuilt Templates for Real Estate Direct Mail

Today’s real estate climate is tough. We help you stay ahead of the curve with pre-built postcard templates for residential and commercial real estate postcards, which you can use to keep your real estate business postcard advertising fresh and creative.

Create New Templates With Ease

You can create and customize templates from scratch using the Direct Mail Editor or edit templates offline with the Postalytics Style Guide. Your designer can upload images they’ve designed in other programs into your Postalytics templates. The process is easy and fast.

Use Templates To Save On Mail 

In USPS, a “postcard” is a specific item with a set of exact dimensions. It is rectangular and is 4 x 6 inches. A “postcard” qualifies for a lower postage rate and first-class postage. With our postcard template makers, you’ll be able to get your postcard size right every time.

Customize Real Estate Postcard Templates

You can reuse your template for any real estate new listing or business introduction campaign. Depending on the campaign, you will need to change the design and wording. Our drag-and-drop tools make it so easy to resize, change colors, and tweak other design elements.

How To Use Templates 

This postcard template is easy to use, saving you time and hassle. Simply copy it and make your modifications. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to resize or add in a QR code. But before you send it, use the preview and proofread tools.


How to create real estate postcard templates?

You can take advantage of the streamlined process in Postalytics to build a template for your real estate agency in just a few clicks. Use a pre-built template, create your own or make it offline. In the real estate game, you will want to communicate with people in your area often. The property you’re working with will change, but the message is usually the same. You can use our postcard templates to save money because all you have to do is change the image and tweak the copy in the template every time you need a real estate market update postcard, real estate investor postcard template, ” I have a buyer” postcard, new home postcards or “thinking of selling your home?” real estate post cards. 

How to design real estate postcard templates?

With Postalytics, we’ve taken care of the design of postcard templates because our talented designers have already done all the work for you for your heating and cooling ads. You can customize your design, however. Change colors, fonts, resize elements, change images and more to create a unique postcard template for your real estate business. You can send a postcard sample to try it out. 

What to include in a realtor postcard template?

When customizing your free real estate postcard template, make sure to include your company name, logo, and tagline.