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Why Postcard Advertising For Your Business?

Postcard advertising is a form of mail marketing that helps you reach a targeted audience with promotional print pieces like announcements, offers, and coupons. With Postalytics’ postcard advertising tools, you can scale your marketing proportionally with your budget while reaching more customers in the process.

High engagement rates

The effectiveness of postcard marketing is thanks to the fact that 86% of customers read their mail. It presents an opportunity to stand out and reach your customers with the material they can easily hold on to. 

Postcards for advertising

Postcards are versatile and can present your prospects with coupons, business cards, or promotions. Examples of postcard advertising include holiday postcards, thank you postcards, or messages about the service you want to promote. 

Keep customers connected

You can send recurring postcards to your audience so you stay top-of-mind, and they remember to contact you when they require services. Postalytics makes it easy for you to send personalized triggered drip campaigns.  

You can measure postcard campaigns

It’s easy to track the success of postcard marketing and test strategies. You know precisely how many were sent and how many new leads or sales were generated.

How To Make a Postcard Ad in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Start with a free plan

    Open your free account or subscribe to a price-attractive pro plan. Don’t worry about contracts. You can change your plan at any time.

  2. Automated your poscard campaign

    Choose a name, inject details and import a mailing list. Then open our drag-and-drop creative templates and find the best-fitting one for your industry.

  3. Schedule your postcards

    Once your creative is ready, choose the postage option that works best for you and your business goals.

Start Postcard Advertising Now

Postcard advertising mailers

The Internet and social media have changed the way many brands market themselves. But while online campaigns are useful, traditional methods still deliver excellent results. One such method is a postcard advertising mailer. Postcards are a phenomenal way to get your business name out there. You can easily target specific areas, and postcard campaigns are very versatile and, most importantly, affordable. You can send bulk postcard mailing campaigns or reach highly targeted prospects in a defined area. With Postalytics’ tools, businesses can also track clicks and sales generated from every card they send because they can customize each card using pURLs (personalized URLs). 

Direct mail postcard marketing

The use of Postcards in marketing is increasing and for a good reason. These simple, eye-catching cards are affordable and provide a platform for creativity. Businesses can use them to promote new products or get the word out about their company. With the help of customer insights and targeted mailing lists, they can strategically send postcards to neighborhoods or demographics they know will be interested. They’re especially effective if you’re opening in a new location, have a new product, or want to attract more customers.

Postcard design made easy

You can get your marketing off the ground fast, thanks to Postalytics postcard templates. You don’t have to worry about wasting time engaging with design agencies or printers because the design, print, and mail all happen online. Postalytics has created a library of ready-to-use postcard templates you can easily customize using our intuitive editing tools. Plus, you can upload your own images or use one of the hundreds of free pictures we provide as part of the package. Postcard design has never been so easy – even for those with no design skills or experience. 

Postcard mailings for small businesses

Postcard ads are an excellent fit for SMBs. With more companies moving away from physical marketing, the playing field is smaller, and there’s more room to stand out for small businesses wanting to grow their market share. 

People are not used to getting mail these days, so it’s very memorable when they do. An eye-catching, well-designed postcard can go a long way in advertising your business. It’s also a cost-effective marketing tool for new players because you don’t have the added expense of envelopes. Postalytics’ makes it even more accessible and affordable for SMBs. Our software will run your campaign for you, eliminating design and postcard advertising costs related to printing, distributing, and maintaining postcard campaigns.

Business marketing postcards

You can really delight your recipients with custom printed postcards. It’s a hugely effective way to reach your target audience and engage with them. Business postcards can be a great way to introduce new products, remind customers about the latest promotion, or say “hello” to your recipients.

Postcards are one of the easiest ways to market your business. Unlike digital marketing, they are guaranteed to land in the letterbox of people’s homes as there are spam filters to block your message. Your customers can physically hold the postcard or place them on refrigerators, so they are always in sight. They’re also straightforward to redeem. Use this visual medium to reinforce your brand identity and make customers feel good about the company they are doing business with.

Postcard advertising costs

Postcard advertising mailer costs can vary tremendously because there are so many factors to consider. The “soft costs” include the time you invest in managing the campaign and those delivering services like a marketing agency or designer. On average, a mid-range designer can charge as much as $250 for a postcard. More experienced designers may charge as much as $1,000. Using our postcard templates, you can eliminate these costs immediately. 

We’ve made managing postcard advertising costs easy and affordable. We bundle every step of putting together a postcard campaign by combining the usage of our templates, editor, printing, and shipping services for one fee. 

Let’s look at postage costs as an example of how we can help you save. 

Postalytics offers a simple postcard pricing system for both first-class and standard-class postage, regardless of volume. We’re able to do this by taking advantage of presorting, the National Change of Address Database (NCOA) and Code Accuracy Support System (CASS) that verify addresses, and by funneling mail from many customers through high volume, sophisticated printers and mailers. As a result, our customers receive a discount on postage of up to 20%. 

Postcard marketing campaign

A postcard marketing campaign is more than just sending out postcards and hoping for the best. When you decide to embark on this campaign, you need to know what goes into it. You need to figure out your goals and create an audience profile. This will inform your entire strategy, like determining your demographic information (age, gender, income), messaging style, and even the postcard’s design. With this in place, you are more likely to have a successful campaign.

Ready to create postcard advertising?

Postalytics has simplified the pricing of automated postcard advertising campaigns so much so that you’ll wonder why you ever did it the old way. Check out our postcard templates and start a new campaign right away. 


How to create an advertising postcard?

Wondering how to create postcard advertising? Postalytics handles all the work for you, from designing to postcard printing, delivery, and tracking. Use any of our postcard templates, create your postcard using the wizard or even build your postcard offline and upload it to our platform to further customize, personalize and send. 

How much does mailing a postcard advertising cost?

USPS charges up to $0.29 a postcard coupled with a USPS designer that charges $24/hr; your bill for even a small campaign will total well over $1000.  For many SMBs, this is a massive hole in their budgets. Postalytics provides much more cost-efficient alternatives; you’re guaranteed the top USPS service but for a fraction of the cost.

How much does a postcard ad cost?

Postcard advertising costs vary depending on the type of collateral you are sending, the quality of the paper, and the number of prospects in your campaign. The format chosen has a significant impact on the cost of postcard mail. A postcard is cheaper in paper, ink, production, and shipping than a letter. Postalytics has various plans that help make the pricing for automated postcard advertising simpler and more affordable. 

What is the best day to mail postcard advertising?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are considered good days for delivery. Most people receive mail on Mondays, so avoid mailing your postcards on this day so that you don’t compete with other brands. But the best day for delivery is when your customer needs you. This is why we’ve developed trigger campaigns to keep you top of mind at critical moments of customer interaction.

Do marketing postcards work?

The cost of postcard advertising is typically a fraction of the return it brings. The response rate for postcard advertising is higher than any other channel at 5.1%. Postcard advertising surpasses paid search (0.6%), online display advertising (0.2%), and social media (0.4%) in response rates. The return on investment from advertising with postcards or other physical mail is 29% – more than double that of paid search (14%) and online ads (11%).

What is a postcard campaign?

Marketing campaigns are an essential component of nearly every company’s growth and can help a business increase its brand awareness, bring in new customers and generate more sales. Postcard campaigns are an easy and very inexpensive marketing tool and can be used to reach out to new audiences, cultivate return interactions, and introduce a business’s latest services.

Why are postcards effective?

Mail is a powerful and popular marketing medium. One of the reasons is that it is interactive. People receive a physical product in the mail with a promotional offer or call-to-action that requires them to do something with the mail, such as bringing it into your store. This makes them much more likely to keep the mail and engage with it.