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Just Sold Postcards

You Can Create Just Sold Postcards Using Postalytics

Create Just Sold Postcards 

There are many ways to market yourself as a real estate agent, but none is more effective than a Just Sold postcard. These postcards can be sent to residents in your neighborhood to promote your services. Let them know that you are the agency they can trust with their most valuable asset, their home when they are ready to sell.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and straightforward way to reach both potential and past clients, you can’t go wrong with one of our many customizable real estate postcard templates. Simply select a template, design a Just Sold postcard template, change the text, images, or logo, then order your postcards. Once printed, you can mail them with Postalytics, hand them out, or leave stacks of them around town.

Ready-to-Use Just Sold Postcards 

Postalytics provides many pre-made postcard templates that you can customize and send to generate interest in your property services. Easily choose one suited to your Just Sold message, and get started.

Create a Realtor Postcard Template

The Postalytics Direct Mail Editor is a powerful tool that will guide you through creating a Just Sold card from scratch or help you to customize it with images generated from other programs offline.

Easy Personalization Tools

When you reach out to new prospects, you want to establish a connection that builds trust. You can automatically personalize your Just Sold postcards with the recipient’s first name or any other variable in your CRM using Postalytics tools.

Take Advantage of Postage Savings

Postalytics offers postcard savings for realtors. Your Just Sold postcards will be eligible for lower postage rates with USPS when you use the 4.25×6 inch postcard template for your campaign.  

Get Your Message Out Quickly

Your templates can be saved and reused. You can update the template with the new image and sale price when you sell a property and get your Just Sold postcard out in record time.

Track the Success of Your Campaign

Use your Postalytics online dashboard to track who has received your Just Sold postcard. With automated drip campaign tools, you can follow up with a further mailing like a Real Estate Letter.


Examples of what to include on a Just Sold postcard?

Your message has a significant impact on your leads. With the help of fabulous images, color, and style, your real estate postcards can be something people keep and respond to. You can use the following real estate postcard examples for your Just Sold direct mail campaign:

The number of days it took to sell and the price achieved of the properties to show the value of using you as the agent (e.g., Just Sold – In 7 Days Or Less)

How close to (or over) the asking price you achieved (e.g., Just sold in your neighborhood for 98% of list price)

Include a call to action like a free valuation (e.g., Just sold, could your home be next? Let’s find out what it’s worth)

What should I write on a Just Sold postcard?

Create a compelling Just Sold Postcard by doing two things. First, use a descriptive headline and then use the section on the left-hand side to share the story about the sale. Include details about challenges faced in selling a house how you solved them as a realtor to help your client get the deal. 

How do I Create a Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards?

You can use an online platform like Postalytics to create your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards. The benefits are that we offer an end-to-end solution. You can use a postcard template to generate your material, print, and mail without leaving your desk. We can also assist you with Real Estate Brochures

How many Just Sold postcards should I send?

Sending postcards featuring a property you have sold is an excellent marketing strategy for you to use to sell houses in your area. For example, sending postcards to 300-500 neighbors of the property that was just sold is a good size for a Just Sold campaign.

How to Send Just Sold postcards?

Postalytics makes it easy and affordable to send Just Sold cards. Once you have created a postcard, you proof it online. Then when it is approved, it’s easy to print and ship the postcard to recipients on the list of your CRM program.