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Open House Postcards

You Can Create Open House Postcards Using Postalytics

Create Open House Postcards 

Creating an eye-catching real estate Open House postcard will drive more prospects (and potential buyers) to your upcoming open house. Open houses are a staple for selling houses, and so it’s critical to get prospective buyers to these inspections. You can easily market the property and get more people through those doors using our open house templates.

To market your Open House event, you can’t go wrong with a customizable postcard. Simply pick a postcard template, change the text, images, or logo, then order to have it printed and mailed. Next, use a list of contacts from your CRM program to target residents in your neighborhood to encourage them to check out the property you have just listed.

Ready-to-Use Open House Postcards 

With Postalytics, you’ll be able to customize and send postcards that will generate interest in a new property on the market. Postalytics has free Open House invitation templates you can edit online and use right away.

Customizable Open House Postcard Templates

With the Postalytics Direct Mail Editor, you can create a postcard template to customize your own open house card from scratch. Or you can select and add images to a template that has been generated offline to build a postcard template.

Easy Tools to Personalize Messages

One of the most effective ways to establish a connection with buyers is by personalizing your message in your real estate open house invite. With our automated postcard personalization, you can personalize each Open House postcard.

Enjoy Our Savings on Postage

Postalytics provides a cheaper postage solution for realtors. With Postalytics, you can cut your postage cost on Open House postcards by using the 4.25×6 inch creative postcard template for your campaign.

Use Templates Over and Over

You’ve just listed a new property now you want to sell the property as quickly as possible. Create and send Open House postcard campaigns in record time. Just edit a new or saved template by adding the Open House details and photographs.

Drive Your Campaign Online

We aAdd QR codes or pURLs to your postcard using our easy-to-use tools to point people to your website where they can find more information about the property. Then use our online response tracking tools to follow up with more direct mail material.


Who should Open House Postcards be sent to?

Depending on your open house postcard ideas and campaign, there are several places to send real estate farming postcards. For the best results, you should start with the neighborhood where your house is located. You can also target non-owner-occupied homes in the area with your Open House postcard campaign.

What font do you use for an Open House postcard?

Choose a sophisticated font that is easy to read. We recommend using just two different fonts on your open house postcard. If you throw too many fonts into your message, you risk creating a design that’s visually confusing and hard to follow. It becomes difficult for the eye to process and the brain to understand. So, it’s advisable to find two fonts that you like and stick with them. Follow our postcard design guide for more tips. 

How soon can I send an Open House postcard?

It generally takes 7-9 business days for first-class mail to be delivered and 9-21 business days for standard mail.