9 Free Real Estate Postcard Templates

Creating postcards is a popular marketing strategy used in the real estate field due to its effectiveness in attracting new leads. With Postalytics, you can create postcards online, customized for your real estate direct mail campaign. Choose a professional pre-designed real estate postcard template from the Postalytics postcard library, and within minutes you will have a postcard-ready to proof, print, and mail to your prospects.  

If you are a real estate agent considering a real estate mailer option using postcards, the right design is critical. Using Postalytics real estate postcards as a starting point, you can also change the copy and images on each template. This makes it easy to create a Just Listed postcard, expired listing postcards, or other messages using these templates.

Let’s look at some free customizable real estate postcard templates available at Postalytics and why they are winning solutions.

We Buy Houses Postcards

Use this postcard to get in front of potential property buyers. It’s an eye-catching way to generate new seller leads. These cards work well with motivated homeowners looking to sell, those on the fence about selling, or those who are stalling a sale. Offering a free valuation and the promise of a quick cash offer could be what that hesitant seller needs to convert to your next client. 

Real Estate Farming Postcards

A farming postcard is designed to generate leads for a real estate agency. The cards may touch on a pain point that your business can potentially solve. In this example of a “Find Your Dream Home” postcard template, you connect with residents thinking about purchasing a home or who are frustrated because the realtors they are currently working with have not found anything suitable. 

Real Estate Postcards For Sellers

Real Estate Postcard Template

Let potential customers know that you’re there to help in the selling process. 

One way to do this is to offer a complimentary home evaluation or consultation. The Postalytics Direct Mail Editor tools enable you to generate unique QR codes that work with URLs or pURLs (personalized URLs) that make it easy for recipients to connect with you. In this real estate postcard example, the homeowner can click on the QR code provided and book a free consultation with the realtor in seconds.  

The “Yellow Letter” Postcard

Yellow letters often get the highest response rates. Therefore, if you want to generate quick leads, this may be the tool for you. In addition, yellow letter postcards can also save you money as they are substantially cheaper than yellow real estate letters. This is great for those realtors who want to hit the same target several times in a given period. 

The Cash Offer Real Estate Postcard

Get Cash Postcard Template

Offering a cash deal with fast payment for a house sale is ideal for targeting homeowners that may be struggling with mortgage payments. Anyone receiving this postcard will know to reach out to the realtor, whatever their property’s size or state. They know you’re willing to buy the property, and getting cash for their home is highly likely. 

Real Estate Postcards That Stand Out

Consider that some homeowners may be hesitant to sell due to the poor state of their property. Using an impactful image like the one used in this template in our Postalytics real estate postcard template will give them confidence that you are prepared to market their home and find a buyer even if the curb appeal is lacking.

The Simple Real Estate Postcard

This simple real estate postcard template is fully customizable and ready to use in minutes. Postcards are great for conveying succinct messages. However, real estate marketing tools like real estate brochures or real estate flyers are more fitting for detailed information. 

Personalized Real Estate Postcards

When you reach out to a new prospect, you want to build trust. Postalytics tools make it easy for you to personalize every postcard, automatically including their first name or another variable in your CRM. Using our variable Logic tools makes it so simple. 

Commercial Real Estate Postcards

Commercial Real Estate Postcard template

This postcard is an example of a landscape postcard template that our designers have created. The format is ideal for commercial real estate postcards typically used to market apartments or large commercial properties. 

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