How To Address a Postcard in 9 Easy Steps

addressing a postcard

Sending postcards remains a classic way to generate leads, stay top of mind, and foster relationships from far away.

However, some may encounter a few hiccups if it’s their first time addressing a postcard. That’s okay because we have compiled a guide that will show you how you can send a postcard step by step.

So here’s what we’ll cover:

Steps for Addressing a Postcard by Hand

Step 1: Envelope Size

Find an envelope that is the appropriate size. You can usually find envelopes made for postcards at your local Post Office. If you can’t find one, you can use a regular envelope, but you’ll have to fold the card in half so that it will fit.

Step 2: Address the envelope by hand

Address the envelope. The mailing address for a postcard is the same as for a letter, but you don’t need to include the return address. Since the front side of your postcard may have a photo inserted, use the backside to address the recipient. Since the front side of your postcard may have a photo inserted, use the backside to address the recipient.

Step 3: Double-check the sides

Postcards have two portions on the backside; use the right portion to address the recipient. There are usually three lines for you to write the recipient’s address on the backside.

Step 4: Tone of writing 

On the left-hand side of the postcard, write the name of the person you’re addressing. Since your postcards may be intended for your loved ones, make them fun, casual and offer a memory-sharing experience. Nevertheless, if you have a formal relationship with your recipient, you can as well use a formal tone.

Step 5: Add the date

Mention the date you’re sending the postcard to the recipient on the Left Side of the postcard.

Step 6: Your postcard message

The message should be written on the left-hand side of the card; describe your memorable trip or event and make it sound warm and welcoming.

Step 7: Sign your postcard

Sign the postcard, and bid a warm farewell phrase such as “see you soon,” “Best wishes,” or “Best regards,” etc.

Step 8: Postcard Stamps

Put your stamp on the upper right corner of the postcard near the mailing address of the recipient. Be sure to use adequate postage, so your postcard reaches its destination, especially if you’re sending your postcards to other countries.

Step 9: Ship your Postcards

If you are sending postcards in bulk, then consider using first-class mail. Manually addressing and shipping postcards could be time-consuming for some. If you need to send bulk postcards to dozens of addresses throughout the United States and Canada, consider getting a free Postalytics account

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Here’s how you can create a Direct mail Postcard using Postalyitics:

Once you sign up for a free account, it is easy to get started creating your direct mail postcards. Simply add your email address, phone number, and mailing address to the sign-up form and import your customer list using your company’s CRM or mailing list.

You can then design your postcard by clicking the “Start Designing” button in the “Build Postcard Or Letter” tile. Select a postcard creator (–this also includes a postcard template)

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Extra Tips on Properly Addressing Postcards by Hand

  • If you are sending the postcard to a friend or family member, it is best to handwrite their name and address on the card.
  • If you are using a pre-printed postcard, make sure to fill in all of the information correctly.
  • If you are using a computer to print out your postcard, make sure to use a font that is easy to read.
  • When writing out the address, use line breaks to separate each piece of information. This will make it easier for the postal worker to find and process your mail.
  • The country should be written in uppercase letters, while all other information should be written in lowercase letters.
  • Make sure to put a stamp on the envelope! Postcards without stamps will not be sent out.
  • If you are mailing a postcard from outside of the United States, make sure to use the correct postage for that country.

If you want to write a strong postcard, then here are a few points to consider:

  • Make it precise and accurate
  • Use bright colors and eye-catching graphics.
  • Make sure your text is easy to read.
  • Keep your message brief and to the point.
  • Keep punctuations in mind.
  • Use a solid call to action, considering you’re trying to endorse a product or service.
  • Test different layouts until you find one that works best for you.
  • Use a quality printer to ensure your postcard looks professional.

How to address a Vertical postcard? (—Vertically divided postcards)

Vertical postcards can be a great way to show off your product or service. Among others, they can also be used to promote a sale, new product, or event.

To create a vertically divided postcard:

  1. Divide the address side of a vertically divided card into a right and left portion, either including or excluding the vertical rule. Also, note that the left portion of the card is the message area.
  2. Any other portal service or endorsement from the United States, as well as the destination address, must appear in the right part of the card.
  3. The right portion of the card must be 2 1/8 inches wide (including both the top and bottom of the card).

Delivery Time For Postcards

If you’re not sending with First Class mail, your postcards may experience delays when being sorted. It may take longer for a postcard this way.

If you’re sending your articles nationally, it may take somewhere between 10-14 days, while for California and the Southwest it should take around 4-6 days.

Envelope Size

You can use a regular envelope, but it will need to be folded in half so that it fits securely. If you are mailing a postcard from outside of the United States, make sure to use the correct postage.

Generally, postcards are printed in the A6 format (10.5 x 14.8)

Adding your own Address

You don’t need to add your address to the postcard. But if you don’t, there can be a downside to it, for if the post office is not able to deliver your postcard due to some reason, they will not know the address to return it back.

Decorating Postcards

You can also decorate your postcard with stamps and other embellishments. Just be sure to avoid obscuring the address information.

Postcards are a classic way to keep in touch with friends and family. If you’re looking for a new, creative way of sharing memories or photos from your travels with loved ones who can’t make it there themselves, postcards may be the perfect solution. We hope this guide has been helpful!

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