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Reach Any Adress in Canada

Want to send direct mail to Canada but are afraid of the postage prices? Postalytics is an easy and affordable way for local and global businesses to send personalized mailers to customers in Canada. Our postcard and letter templates make it simple to create personalized mailers and ship them natively to Canada from wherever you are.

Create Direct Mail Material Online

With our direct mailer production service, you can create beautiful, high-quality postcard, letters, brochures and flyers online or use one of our pre-built templates.

Customize With a Few Clicks

You can use our intuitive direct marketing design tools to customize your mail piece and personalize it for your Canada-based clients in your CRM database.

Send to Canada and Save

Why struggle to make and mail your own mailers when we can do it for you? Our affordable pricing for post direct mailing helps keep the cost of campaigns to Canada manageable.

Track Your Campaign

Gain access to online tracking tools and analytics so you can measure the success of your Canadian campaign and even automate triggered drip campaigns.  

How to Send Direct Mail To Canada

  1. Sign up With Postalytics

    Start with a free plan! There are no contracts which means you can switch to other affordable print and mail plans at any time.

  2. Create and Design your Mail

    Name your campaign, add your return address, and import a list from your CRM. With fantastic templates and design tools, we’ll walk you through each mail design.

  3. Schedule the Campaign

    Pick a print and mail package for Canada that matches your campaign and budget and define your campaign objectives. 

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Save and Take Your Work In-house 

Whatever your audience in Canada, and your marketing objective, we have a design tool that empowers you to do it all without relying on marketing agencies. You can create templates in our direct mail maker and use them to mail to Canada for multiple campaigns. Thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop digital direct mail editor, we’ve made it so easy to modify and update. Some of the comprehensive marketing design and delivery options we offer include:

  • Creating and sending print mailers to your database in a few clicks
  • Easy and affordable design, print and delivery of marketing mailers
  • Triggered and personalized bulk mailing to Canada

Easy Bulk Mailing in Canada

With our online mailing tools, you no longer have to worry about all the aspects of direct mail. It means there is a lot less for you to do, and you can focus on your business instead of wasting your time with things like addresses, stamps, and envelopes. We automate most aspects of the direct mail process. We’re making it easier than ever before to win at direct mail for small businesses owners and to reach out to prospects in Canada. 

How to Mail from the US to Canada

It takes time to fill out the mailing list and correctly pay for postage using the USPS or other agencies for your direct mail to Canada. Save yourself the extra work by using Postalytics. We offer a much faster alternative because you can complete this process online in minutes instead of hours. With Postalytics, you can print and ship your direct mail campaign natively from Canada.

Preferential Pricing with Postalytics

If you’re a US business or advertiser looking at marketing in Canada, then we have a perfect direct mail pricing solution for you! Take advantage of our postal service and enjoy excellent and cost-effective results. With a broader market exposure, you’ll see better sales. Our postcard templates follow postal size guidelines for direct mail sizes that give you access to lower postal rates when you mail from the US to Canada. 

We Pass on Postage Savings to You

With our simple flat-rate pricing, Postalytics offers bulk mailing rates, making advertising in Canada so affordable. By using our sophisticated mailing systems, low-volume mailers can enjoy the same benefits as high-volume mailers. This means cheaper rates and less investment spent on your mailing.


How to create direct mail?

Marketing and design agencies are expensive. Postalytics offers three options to replace traditional marketing vendors through direct mail advertising. The first is to use one of our pre-built templates to create a direct mail postcard, brochure, flyer or letter,  the second is to design your own postcard, or the third is to use one of our pre-designed templates.

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a type of advertising delivered to a consumer’s postal mail through the postal service or another delivery service or online. To learn more, watch our direct mail video demo

What to send in direct mail? 

Commonly used methods include mailing direct mail postcards, mailing flyers, or mailing brochures for customers to receive in the mail.