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Expired Listing Postcard

You Can Create Expired Listing Postcard with Postalytics

Create Expired Listing Postcards

Expired listings are a lead generation source agents can use to get new stock and boost sales. As a realtor, you can obtain expired listing leads and then use addresses to contact them through direct mail lead nurturing campaigns.

The most affordable and convenient way to do this is to create an expired listing postcard template with Postalytics. Real estate postcards with a catchy message can be valuable to move a would-be seller past the consideration phase. Send an eye-catching postcard to expired listing leads inviting them to discuss your marketing strategy to sell their home. We have a wide range of direct mail templates including Just Listed postcards for realtors and various direct mail templates

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Pre-built Postcard Templates

Postalytics works with experienced marketing designers to provide pre-made realtor postcards for expired listings campaigns. Choose from one of our hundreds of ready-made templates that are perfect for starting any campaign.

Create a Unique Expired Listing Template

The Direct Mail Postcard Editor tool is perfect for customizing an existing template. You can create expired listing cards from scratch with the tool. If you have images that you have already created with other design tools you can also use these within our templates. 

Connect and Build Trust

A great way to connect and engage with a new prospect is by sending them a  personalized postcard. You can include details such as their name and other details you have in your CRM. Doing this can generate a connection built on trust that can ensure a long-lasting relationship.

Use Templates and Start Saving

If you’re looking to save on postage for your home-selling efforts try out Postalytics. Your expired listing postcards are eligible for lower postage rates when you use our postcard templates. That’s because our templates adhere to the USPS size requirements.

Generate a Campaign Quickly

Postatlyics can generate responses quickly with our postcard templates for expired listing postcards for realtors. Instead of designing your own realtor postcards from scratch, you can save a lot of time by using one of our templates. To see how,  send a postcard sample.

Reuse Postcard Templates for Campaigns

To create a new postcard for an expired listing campaign, copy an existing template. Update it with the fast and easy drag-and-drop editing tool. You can resize or replace images, or add QR codes to an existing design with just a few clicks.


How to create an Expired Listing postcard?

Postalytics is a powerful online marketing tool that lets you create personalized expired listing postcards in a snap. Sign up to create templates or download a pre-designed template created by our in-house team. You can then customize your real estate postcards with your unique brand features and messages.

How to design expired listing postcard templates?

With Postalytics, you can take care of the design of postcard templates with just a few clicks. You can choose from our pre-configured template designs for an expired listing postcard campaign or create your own template. Our design team has done all the hard work for you, so you can quickly customize fonts, colors, layouts, images, and more to make your own postcard template.

How effective are expired listing postcards?

One of the most important ways to market to expired listings is with a postcard. You can customize your marketing message, as well as test and track the results thanks to direct mail analytics. This allows you to deliver the perfect message.

How to do expired listing postcards work?

When a property expires, you can reach out to the homeowner with a compelling sales pitch delivered on an expired listing postcard. Give details of how quickly you have sold properties in the past and examples of why you are different, and therefore more successful, than other agents in the area.

Why send expired listing postcards for sellers?

Expired listing postcards will help you capture the attention of these motivated sellers you are targeting. When your personalized realtor postcard lands in their mailbox it lets them know that you are the agent to get the job done successfully!

How many expired listing postcards to send?

Don’t bank on one mailing. You need to be consistent with your content and send out at least two or more mailings in a sequence. Using the Postalytics triggered drip campaign tools makes this so easy to do.

Where do I get mailing addresses to send expired listing postcards?

You can buy a mailing list, go through the MLS, or search through public records to source this data.

How do I do expired listing and just sold postcards with a top producer?

Postalytics has a proven track record of postcards for realtors and can help you with expired listing and just sold postcards. Just sign up for free! We handle your direct mail printing too.

What to write on an expired listing postcard?

Your reputation is important. It’s how clients come to know, like, and trust you. That’s why social proof is your secret weapon in the game of selling homes. Positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients on the postcard will create trust and boost confidence in your ability to sell their home.