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Design and Send Real Estate Flyers

Winning a property listing is only the first step in the process of securing a sale. Advertising is essential to target interested buyers, and flyers are perfect for this. Postalytics has designed the perfect way for realtors to create beautifully designed flyers, as well as increase efficiency in your shipping process. Postalytics will even integrate your direct mail with your existing CRM and digital campaigns.

Cut Down Costs With a Few Clicks

One of the biggest obstacles of running a direct mail campaign is the price. Professional designers can be expensive and charge up to $10,000 per project. Postalytics reduce the cost. Our drag-and-drop design interface empowers you to create real estate flyers online, using our professional templates.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Tired of briefing marketing agencies and giving multiple directions until they get the design and copy just right? Save time and do it yourself.  You can edit your copy directly on top of the existing design template, import images, and change the placement of specific elements of your design.

We Print, Ship, Track

One of the hardest parts about dealing with direct mail flyers is managing all the printing and shipping on your own. That is unless you use Postalytics. Our system lets you set up the campaign and define triggers. We’ll do all the printing and shipping for you.

Measure Your Success

Track your mail every step of the way and discover who is responding online so you know who has received a flyer and taken action. It’s such a simple but accurate way to measure your flyer’s success and response rate to see which are making an impact.

Design Your Real Estate Flyers in 3 Steps

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for real estate flyer templates

    Get started with a free plan and upgrade when you feel like it. When you do, you can change plans without any hassle because there are no rigid contracts.

  2. Get started on your flyer design

    Choose from our selection of templates for a design that best fits your campaign. A recommended size for a flyer is 6×11 inches, but you can choose from a range of options.

  3. Customize!

    Add your own images, colors, logos, and information. You’ll be able to see your design in real-time, so you can edit as you go along. You don’t need special design skills, as our templates are intuitive. Save as a pdf and that’s it!

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How to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Flyers

Working in the real estate market can be tough because there is always competition when it comes to every listing. To make yourself stand out, you should think outside the box. Sometimes this can mean going offline and printing marketing flyers. Flyers are a great way to find local leads that will help your business grow. And with the right design, a flyer will be difficult to ignore.

Ideas For Custom Real Estate Flyers

Send your flyers right to the people you want to reach! Let us take care of the printing and mailing. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing using the Postalytics editor tools:

Just listed or open house  flyers

The best way to promote your newest properties is by printing out real estate marketing flyers. A flyer can contain an incredible amount of information in a single, concise package. With a free open house flyers template, you will have viewers rolling in. 

Home appraisal flyers

Everyone loves a free service, and appraisals are no exception. Your prospective clients may be interested in updating their property valuations. But they may also be scared of calling a realtor, not knowing how much an appraisal will cost. So, offering free appraisals is a great way to get new leads and even future customers.

Agent profile flyers

In order to welcome homeowners in your area to you, you need to do some outreach. A great way to do this is by distributing marketing flyers with the highlights of your real estate career.

How to Get Started With Bulk Mailing Services

We take care of your mail for you, and we do it really well. We work hard to make sure that your mail is delivered to the right place. We scrub addresses against USPS databases, kick out bad addresses, and route mail through our nationwide network of high-speed print and mail partners. Send 1 piece or 100,000 pieces – it’s all treated the same. Want to see how it works? Send yourself a sample to experience Postalytics’ mailing services.

Ready To Design A Real Estate Flyer?

Have a look at our demo of Postalytic’s online design tools, and find a free real estate flyer that works for you.  Check out how one of our clients in the real estate business made it work for them to ramp up their agency and get new leads. 


What should a real estate flyer include?

When you’re building flyers, one thing to keep in mind is that what you select will capture your reader’s attention. This will prompt them to take action and remember you in the future if they need another flyer for a future sale. Including images in your flyers is a great way to capture your readers’ attention, so select the best listing or company photos and display them proudly on your real estate flyers. The type of flyer you are designing will define the content. To help buyers move into the next step, include a recent headshot and contact information on all your flyers. Include a QR code or special landing page for the flyer too. This way the ROI and the lead’s progression through your funnel can be tracked.

Do real estate flyers work?

You need to invest in real estate flyers. They’re a critical tool in any agent’s marketing strategy. Not only will they help you with your current listings, but they’ll also bring in new leads and make people aware of your business.

What is a flyer in real estate?

To increase your customer base, you need to market to the neighborhoods you want to do business in. Real estate marketing flyers are an amazing tool to use to collect leads or convince homeowners to list their properties or attend open houses. They can be easy and affordable to print through Postalytics.

How do I make a real estate flyer?

Postalytics offers high-quality, customizable real estate marketing flyers. We’ve created free real estate flyer drag-and-drop templates for you to save time and hassle. You’ll be able to design industry-standard flyers with ease and entrust Postalytics to print and mail them to customers.