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create and design heating, ventilation, air conditioning letters

Create and Design HVAC Letters

Air Conditioning and heating service providers can now create customized promotional HVAC letters to grow their business – and do so for a low, affordable price. Our easy-to-use creative templates will equip your business with the ability to design and send personalized letters to all of your clients.

Today’s email inboxes are a mess. It means that your more traditional letter advertising for your HVAC business is more likely to be read and acted upon. Here’s why HVAC businesses of all sizes are turning to designing automated letter campaigns with Postalytics.

Drag and Drop Online Editor

Designing your own personalized direct mail letter is quick and easy. You can overlay it with your own personalized text, dynamic content, and even tracking capabilities.

Direct Mail Letter Campaigns

Put your triggered drip campaign to work by setting up drip letter campaigns that work the same way as triggered emails.

Create Custom Envelopes

Design and print envelopes in one easy step with the Postalytics Envelope Editor. Easily proof, order, and send them hassle-free.

Get Results & Save Money

We make designing your letter easy with templates designed by pro designers. You can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars on design costs.

Create HVAC Letter Now With Ease

  1. Set up your free Postalytics account

    Starting with a free plan will give you the tools you need to design your HVAC letters. 

  2. Pick a letter template

    Choose a letter template that works for you or go to “build offline”. Click “create”, choose a template size, and upload the images you want to use. Letter templates are 8.5×11. 

  3. Sign new HVAC customers

    You don’t need design training or skills. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop online editor tools, overlay text, and personalize your HVAC advertising material. Now it’s time to check you’re happy with the final design. Go to “proof”, and you’re done! Ship your campaign and Ggenerate new clients.

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5 Reasons Letters will Work For Your HVAC Business

Designing, printing, and posting targeted, seasonal campaigns using our editing tools are ideal for HVAC businesses, big and small. Here’s why HVAC letter marketing is a winner:

  1. Direct mail letters are a great way to communicate complex messages because they offer a simple, easy-to-read way to share information.
  2. More space in your HVAC letter allows for longer copy and design. It is helpful when you want to show off your product or service.
  3. One of the most thoughtful gestures you can make for your customers is to send them a personal letter. These often-overlooked letters are powerful, memorable, and make all the difference in the customer-brand relationship.
  4. A postcard is like a billboard: it has a message, and it is distributed to the masses. A letter is like a conversation: it is privately delivered to one person at a time.
  5. The best thing about direct mail letters is that they get delivered to the customer’s mailbox, so there is no wasted advertising spent on people who won’t even see your digital advertisement, for example. 

Adding a Personal Touch to HVAC Marketing

Sending thank-you letters to customers is an overlooked step in the buying cycle. Instead of spending all your time on new leads,  consider investing in the ones you already have. Your HVAC business is wasting a great opportunity if you don’t reach out to your happy customers now and then with a thank-you letter or other material. In it, you could mention other services you offer. When customers feel appreciated when they receive a thank-you note, they are more likely to refer your business to their friends and family and come back to you for more.

How Drag & Drop Editor Works

Creating a professional letter has never been easier.  You can design and proof a personalized letter in minutes. Design multiple pages (six pages on a single side) with your own artwork and logos. Add text, callouts, and bulleted lists. Personalize it with tracking and dynamic content and add the cherry on top – a customized envelope for the letter.

Ready To Design A Letter for Your HVAC Business?

Automating written letters is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on a fire. Imagine what it would be like to replace manual processes and your marketing agency with our automation tools. With Postalytics, you can scale the process of personalizing, producing and distributing letters for your HVAC company. 

Watch this 20-minute video and learn how to get started. 


How to design HVAC letters?

With Postalytics, you have three options to design HVAC letters. There are prebuilt templates that top graphic designers have created to help you better understand the Postalytics Direct Mail Editor. They are an excellent place to start. Build offline, adding brand assets such as images to the background. Finally, create a letter. The Postalytics Editor is a unique drag-and-drop tool. It allows you to create professional letters without needing to use complicated offline tools.

How much to charge for HVAC letters?

Postalytics has worked hard to make our pricing structures for letters as all-inclusive as possible and naturally affordable for HVAC businesses of all sizes. You can see a full breakdown here

What to include in an HVAC letter?

You can employ numerous strategies to create an HVAC letter that converts and helps your business stand out. Most important is the call to action. In your letter, you must focus on the steps that your audience needs to take to take advantage of your offer. Whether that is connecting on social media, or visiting your website.

What is an HVAC letter?

In a sales letter, you have the opportunity to really sell your product. They’re a longer form of content that speaks to your reader by being persuasive and meaningful. The best letters show that you know what your customer’s heating or cooling problem is and that you know how to help them.