Integrated Direct Mail List Purchasing Now Live

The newest release of Postalytics enables marketers to rent single and multi-use, high quality direct mail lists right within the Postalytics app. We’re very excited to announce that a new version of Postalytics is now live, featuring integrated direct mail list purchasing tools that enable the selection, purchase & download of mailing lists for U.S. addresses without leaving your Postalytics account.

Those of your who follow Postalytics know that we’re laser focused on solving 3 huge problems with legacy direct mail marketing – Speed/Workflow, Integration and Analytics. This release is focused on making it faster and easier for marketers to select and procure high quality mailing lists, an important part of the direct mail process for many marketers.

Integrated Mailing Lists Help You Target Your Best Prospects

The new integrated mailing list purchasing tool enables fast, easy access to huge databases of confirmed mailing addresses for a wide range of use cases. You can target consumers, businesses and occupants with highly targeted geographic and demographic selections such as:

  • Radius, Zip Codes, Counties, States, etc.
  • Income, Home Ownership, Age, Sex, etc.
  • Business selections such as SIC code, Company size, etc.

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Three Types of “Compiled” Mailing Lists: Consumer, Occupant and B2B Business

Compiled direct mail lists are built from proprietary and publicly available data sources about individuals, households, and businesses. They’re typically used in direct mail campaigns that require geographic targeting and/or demographic (or the business equivalent – firmographic) data to zero in on the best prospects.

Where does compiled list data come from? Typically, multiple sources are used to create and refresh these targeted mailing lists, including:

  • Telephone directories
  • Government records such as voter registration, deed, and other property data, business incorporation, court records & more
  • Private data sources such as credit card companies, survey responses, etc.

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The new integrated direct mail list purchasing tool enables marketers to access millions of confirmed U.S. addresses to generate consumer, occupant and business lists. These lists can be built in a way that gives you a tremendous amount of detailed information about each record. You can use this information to develop highly targeted campaigns with highly personalized mailers leveraging our Variable Data, Variable Logic and Variable Image tools.

You can also access low cost “Occupant” lists that typically don’t have names associated with the address. While these lists lack personalization elements and have fewer targeting selections, they can be effectively used for lower cost “saturation” campaigns that can blanket a geographic area with information like grand openings, holiday specials & more.

High ROI With Integrated Direct Mail List Purchasing

The Postalytics integrated direct mailing lists help to ensure successful campaigns in several ways. By giving you the ability to rent a list directly in the application, you’re not wasting your time haggling with list brokers and salespeople. Instead, you’re quickly accessing data from vetted sources and downloading the data directly into your account. There’s no need to go back and forth with multiple vendors, haggle over pricing and worry about the quality of the addresses you’re acquiring.

Lists Sourced From Premium Providers at Wholesale Pricing

Consumer Mailing List Pricing - Postalytics

The integrated mailing lists are sourced from multiple providers that we’ve worked with to give you access to their data. We’ve done the work of finding reputable vendors who are passing along wholesale, transparent pricing. There’s no need to haggle with salespeople or worry that you’re not getting the same deal as everyone else.

Data is Refreshed Every 30 Days

Because people in the U.S. are on the move, the “freshness” of mailing list data is a very important part of the puzzle. By updating the addresses every 30 days, you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible mailing lists. While you’ll always have some level movers that haven’t yet been captured, the 30 day refresh is the industry gold standard for mailing list prospecting campaigns.

Postalytics Deliverability Stats Show Minimal Return to Sender Scans

As you’re probably aware, U.S. Postalytics mailers are tracked via the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode system and their data is reported to every campaign’s dashboard. Our extensive testing has shown that there are typically a very small number of “Return to Sender” scan events from the IMB system when these integrated mailing lists are deployed in campaigns.

Micro-target Mailing Campaigns with Lists as Small as 20 Records

While most list rentals are numbered in the hundreds or thousands of records, with our integrated tool you can “micro-target” mailings to very small geographic ranges with as few as 20 records. We see this type of campaign used often when targeting residences to make them aware of services being delivered in a specific neighborhood, such as installations, roofing projects, landscaping and more.

Access Integrated Mailing Lists from Your Postalytics Account

All Postalytics accounts, regardless of subscription level, currently have access to the integrated mailing list feature. It’s easy to access the tool, just click on the “List” menu in the top navigation and then “Buy List”.

Here’s a list of Knowledgebase articles for the 3 list types:

We Can Help You Acquire Other Types of Lists

While we’ve rolled out this fully integrated tool for the most common list types, we can also help with many other types of lists. Contact your Postalytics sales or client success rep to discuss getting just about any type of mailing list for the U.S. or Canada, including:

  • New Mover data
  • Response Lists from publications, customers of companies, etc.
  • Specialty Lists such as nonprofit supporters, education & more

What’s Next? New Address Savings Calculation Tool & More

We’re planning lots of great new features, including a new address cleanse savings calculation tool, new campaign types and several new integration and mailer formats, to roll out in the coming months. As always, if you have product enhancement ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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