Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation & Self-funded Postage Permit Mailing Are Now Live

Postalytics Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation Is Now Live

The nonprofit sector is a very important part of the modern world, providing services and funding for an incredible variety of initiatives. In fact, in the U.S. alone, there are over 1.8 million total nonprofit organizations, and about 1.4 million active “charities” (those registered as 501(c)(3) nonprofits. We’re excited to announce today the first ever nonprofit direct mail automation tools are live in Postalytics.

You probably know that nonprofits tend to send a lot of direct mail, we’ve all received it at home. We also all know that direct mail has very high response rates overall. Nonprofit marketers have discovered another interesting fact that drives high direct mail use in the sector: Nonprofit donors believe that direct mail is significantly better at telling touching stories than email (The Donor Mindset Study III, Grey Matter Research and Opinions 4 Good).

Deploy Nonprofit Automated Direct Mail: Free Webinar

Postalytics is hosting a webinar on Thursday, September 29th 2022 to help nonprofit marketers learn how to take advantage of special USPS nonprofit rates in Postalytics. Sign up now to learn:

  • Who is eligible to get nonprofit postage rates from the USPS
  • How to configure your Postalytics account to take advantage
  • The types of campaigns you can deploy with nonprofit postage rates in Postalytics

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Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation: USPS Postage Discounts in Postalytics

Another reason why nonprofit marketers have flocked to direct mail is that the USPS has established a process for qualified nonprofits to receive discounts on standard class marketing mail postage. According to the USPS, there are 10 types of organizations that may be approved to access USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail pricing. This page describes the USPS policy in greater detail:

Prior to today, the process of using nonprofit postage discounts has always been highly manual and clunky. Now, qualified nonprofit marketers can take advantage of the speed and efficiency of Postalytics direct mail automation AND get lower postage rates! There are many reasons why nonprofits already use Postalytics, now we’ve given you another big one.

What Type Of Postalytics Plans and Campaigns Are Eligible For USPS Nonprofit Postage Rates?

The USPS Nonprofit postage rates are special rates that can be accessed by Postalytics accounts with the Pro or Agency plans. If you’re a Pro or Agency user, these rates can be applied to Smart Send campaigns with lists of 250 contacts or more and Triggered Drip Campaigns with 250 or more contacts. This is because there’s a minimum number of mailers that are required for USPS Nonprofit postage pricing. Triggered Drip campaigns with less than 250 recipients and Smart Send campaigns with smaller lists are not eligible at this time.

If you’d like to speak with us about your account, or if you have questions about how this works:

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How to Set Up Your Nonprofit Permit in Postalytics

If your organization has received authorization from the USPS to send mail at the USPS Nonprofit Postage rates, you’ll need to provide some information in the forms using your permit, and agree to the special Postalytics nonprofit terms and conditions.

The process will take a few days for us and our print partners to confirm and configure the permit information so that the appropriate nonprofit indicia will be applied to your mailers.

Nonprofit Permit Postalytics

After everything has been checked and configured, you will be assigned a special nonprofit indicia.

nonprofit indicia

For more information on how to setup your nonprofit permit, check out our detailed help article:

Setup Standard Nonprofit Postage in Postalytics

Canada Post and USPS Self-funded Permit Configuration

In addition to offering nonprofit permit configuration and mailing under our shared postage permits, we’ve also just launched new software that enables Canada Post and USPS customers who’ve established their own postage permit and indicia to now use them with Postalytics.

Just like the Nonprofit postage feature, the Self-funded Permit features for Canada Post and the USPS are only available for Postalytics Pro and Agency plan accounts.

Additionally, only Smart Send campaigns are eligible for use with the Self-funded Permit features. In Canada, the minimum list size is 100. In the U.S., the minimum list size is 250.

If you’ve got a self-funded permit with the Canada Post or the USPS, and you’ve been paying your own postage, you can now configure that permit in Postalytics. You’ll create new indicias in Postalytics that look like this:

self funded permit us

You’ll need to keep your postage account funded above the amount needed for Postalytics campaigns and there are some special considerations for the types of campaigns you can send with these permits.

Check out our help articles for more details:

Configure Canada Post Self-funded Permit in Postalytics


USPS Self-funded Postage Permit Setup

We’re really excited to release this new version of Postalytics to better support the nonprofit marketing world. Stay tuned for more great product announcements as 2022 rolls on. If you’ve got product enhancement ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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