Personalization with Variable Images and HighLevel Integration Now Live

Direct mail personalization tools and integrations are two of the most commonly used categories of features of Postalytics. We’ve invested heavily in both categories, and our most successful customers often use them. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched two highly anticipated features, personalization with Variable Images and HighLevel CRM integration.

Personalization with Variable Images and  HighLevel Integration Now Live

We’ve been fortunate to have built out software infrastructure that enables us to add advanced features like this without having to start from scratch. If you’ve used our Variable Data or Variable Logic tools in the editor, then Variable Images will be very familiar. If you’ve used any of our recent Connect Marketplace integrations, you’ll find the HighLevel integration to be familiar.

Variable Images: A Scalable Way to Print Different Images on Each Mailer You Send

Variable Image personalization is a way of using variable data printing to present different images to different recipients on a direct mail piece. Just like our Variable Data and Variable Logic features, you can access the new Variable Images tool in the Postalytics editor.

After you’ve configured your images on your template, you use the Postalytics Proofer to render multiple PDFs for you to check and make sure everything is going to print properly.

There are a couple of requirements that are important to follow:

  • You have to upload the images that you want to use to an image hosting site that creates publicly available image URLs (in our example we use a site called Imgur).
  • Each image that will print in a Variable Image location in your creative must be sized exactly the same way. Otherwise you’ll end up with some odd scenarios.
  • When you create a Variable Image block in the Editor, you should map it to the exact data field that will contain the publicly available image URLs.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of how Variable Images work:

Check out the Variable Images Knowledgebase article here.

Go HighLevel Integration: Send Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns

HighLevel (or Go HighLevel as many call it) is a very fast-growing, all-in-one sales & marketing platform built for agencies. HighLevel has over 15,000 agency customers, and has strong email, SMS and workflow tools built in. Now, HighLevel customers can send automated, triggered drip direct mail campaigns using the new HighLevel integration.

What’s Required to Use The HighLevel Direct Mail Integration?

In order to use the HighLevel integration, you need to:

  • Make sure your HighLevel subscription gives you access to the Webhooks and Workflow features
  • Go to the Connect App Marketplace in Postalytics and configure the HighLevel integration
  • Setup a Postalytics Triggered Drip campaign (leave it in test mode)

You’ll then do some configuration in HighLevel, setting up a Webhook action that will be used to send data to your Postalytics Triggered Drip campaign. These configuration steps are outlined in the HighLevel Knowledgebase article below.

Once your HighLevel Webhook is configured, you can test it out using the Postalytics Test Mode feature, where you simply generate a PDF. After your workflow is fully tested, just flip it live in HighLevel and in Postalytics and you’ll be generating automated direct mail!

HighLevel Integration Knowledgebase Article

Variable Images and HighLevel Integration Are Unique

No other direct mail automation platform has built out anything like our Variable Images or our HighLevel integration. These new features are indicative of our commitment to keep building the tools that make direct mail fast, easy and integrated with the rest of your marketing tech.

What’s Next? More Mailer Formats & More Features

We’re planning lots of great new features, including several new mailer formats, to roll out in the coming months. As always, if you have product enhancement ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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