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Automated Email To Mail

Do you want to make email marketing a little more personal? Wouldn’t it be great if people could actually hold your message in their hands instead of just clicking “delete”? Postalytics lets marketers and tech-savvy SMBs do that and much, much more. Post an unlimited number of messages per month, designed for any occasion or holiday, through our customized app that’s easy to use and provides instant overviews for your mail campaigns. Jointly use both email and mail for the best results.

Increase brand awareness

Direct mail offers a higher conversion rate compared to other marketing avenues (e.g. TV, radio, digital and social). It provides an opportunity for marketers to optimise for maximum reach and conversions.

Reach prospects who don’t use email

Track your mailings and see how many people opened and clicked through to your site. This helps users determine what is the perfect time of day for sending out direct mail.

Beyond email filters

Convert your email to mail and avoid spam filters. Once an email arrives in a mailbox, it’s often subject to getting lost due to many filters. Not so with postal mail. it just goes straight through to your prospect.

Leave reminders

Letters, brochures, and postcards stay in your prospect’s home for up to 17 days on average, according to Mailmen’s study. Reminders about your company nudge a prospect to buy increasing sales conversions.

How to Convert Email to Direct Mail

  1. Sign up for an account

    Open a free account or try a pro plan. Change your plan at any time. No long-term contracts.

  2. Design mail with a few clicks

    Name your direct mail campaign. Then add your return address and import a list from your CRM, and choose from one of our simple drag-and-drop creative templates, which you can personalize.

  3. Schedule and ship your campaign

    Choose your postage package and select a direct mail option that works for your business.

Automate Email to Mail Now

Sending Email as Mail is Easy as 1,2,3,

Both email and direct mail have been around for some time. Businesses and companies were using it to connect more closely with their customers. And now the Postalytics makes it easier than ever. Our software makes it feel like you’re designing an email when instead you can send it as a phisical item to your prospects. Send letters, brochures, poscards and other mail straight from your computer, with a click of a button. Unlike email which only gives you an email address to reply back with, Postalytics combines the features of both email and direct mail to make the sender and recipient able to communicate in the most comfortable way for both parties.

Avoid Filters with an Email to Mail Service

Postal mail is powerful because it’s unaffected by spam filters, something that can happen with email. Once an email arrives in a mailbox, it’s often subject to getting lost due to spam filters. Not so with postal mail, which can’t be filtered based on content or screened based on keywords or phrases – it just goes straight through, without any red flags being raised. Postalytics will get your message delivered just like email. Imagine snail mail but effective, fast and reliable just like electronic mail.

Click the Mail Away

Don’t worry about postage, envelopes, and sorting paper, just click to mail away. Use the mail service just like you use your email service. Postalytics can help deliver your mail, just like Google helps you send your email. Our technology is made for SMBs trying to reach the top of the food chain. If you’re tech-savvy and ready to start taking your marketing seriously, we have built this software with your needs in mind. Find your customers and click the mail away. Literally.


How to do an email – mail merge?

This is very easy to do. You just need to know the content of your mail together with both the physical and email address that you want the mail to arrive. Postalytics has created trigger worfklows supported by Zapier, that let users merging email and direct mail responses within the same marketing campaign.

How to send a letter through mail?

Do you want to send a letter through mail? Postalytics has come up with an email to mail program, which will enable you to send a letter as if it is an email and deliver it just like real mail. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s address within the mail editor and use one of our creative templates.

How to get direct mail on Google mail?

Integrate your Gmail account with Postalyics and enjoy automated direct mail system that lets you target your prospects both in their virtual worlds as well as phisical. Our Zapier-supported software lets Google and thousands of other virtual services connect to your direct mail campaigns.