Prime The Pump For Events

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Communicate with registrants for an event. Registrants (and even invitees) for an event you’re participating in, can be well-qualified prospects. You will want to communicate with them—early and often. Expose them to your brand, get them familiar with it, and prime them to connect with you at the event. However, you may not have access to their email addresses.


Send direct mail to drive people to a landing page to capture details about them, like their email address. Then create a concentrated, multichannel campaign to engage them before and after the event.

Suggested Campaign

WEEK 1 postalytics letter iconpostalytics envelope icon

Letter Introducing Event & Email

Mail a letter with company info and invite them to visit you at event. Provide landing page URL to capture info. Email submissions will trigger thank you email.

WEEK 2 postalytics postcard icon

Postcard Reminder

Remind non-responders to visit the landing page.

WEEK 3 postalytics envelope icon

Email About Upcoming Event

Recap why people should visit your booth/attend your session/meet with you at the event.

WEEK 4 postalytics postcard iconpostalytics envelope icon

Postcard & Email Reminder

Send postcard for recipient to bring to event with information like showroom floor plan and where to find you. Send reminder email the day before event.

WEEK 5 postalytics postcard iconpostalytics envelope icon

Postcard Thank You & Email Info

Thank those who connected with you at the booth. Email follow-up info to those you did not see.

WEEK 6 postalytics envelope icon

Email Recap

Recap key points from the event and make a special “event offer/discount” to recipients.

NOTE: The campaign assumes you’d begin contacting people a month before the event because anything less may not provide enough time to build familiarity and anticipation. If desired, start the campaign earlier, and then heavy up on contacts as the date draws closer.

Download The Full Workflow