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Affordable Flyers for Small Businesses

As an insurance agent, one of the hardest parts of your job is finding potential clients. People don’t just volunteer their time and information to anyone. There’s usually some level of familiarity and trust that needs to be built up before people are willing to give you their time to discuss their financial security.

Postalytics has designed the perfect solution for insurance businesses to create insurance flyers, print and mail, all in-house. With us, you can create flyers that are both beautifully designed and affordable to produce. You can even integrate your flyers with your existing CRM and digital campaigns.

Here’s why you need Postalytics on your team:  

Affordable for Small Businesses

Postalytics helps you get your campaign out the door faster by empowering you to create affordable, high-quality insurance flyers online, using our professional direct mail creative templates. 

Collateral For Your Niche

You know your insurance niche and clients better than a marketing agency. Now you can create custom flyers and import images, and edit copy with ease without relying on them.

Campaign, No Stress

Say goodbye to the struggle of managing the direct mail printing and shipping of your direct mail flyers. Set up a campaign, and we take care of the rest. We will print, pack, and ship for you.

Track Your Success

We know when mail is delivered and who is responding online. It’s an effective way to measure your response rate and see which flyers are making an impact.

How to Design Your Insurance Flyers in 3 Steps

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for insurance flyer templates

    With our free plan, you can access the design templates you need to empower you to create, design and even personalize your flyers. 

  2. Start designing your insurance flyer

    When designing your flyer, choose from one of our 6×11 flyer templates. 

  3. Customize flyers for each campaign

    With real-time previews, you can see your insurance flyer design come to life online. If you need to edit along the way, our intuitive templates are simple to use. Just save your design as a pdf, and you’ll be done.

Create Your Insurance Flyer Now

Ideas For Custom Insurance Flyers

Promoting your agency with a flyer is a great idea. But getting results relies on two factors: creating a professional flyer advertisement and getting it in the right people’s hands. Postalytics helps you succeed at both. Here are some insurance flyer ideas for your agency, which you can bring to life using Postalytics direct mail creative templates

Policy reviews can be sent when you know a policy may need to be updated if a client has had a change in life, such as marriage or opening a new business. Offering a free policy review to existing clients reminds your client base that you provide excellent customer service – a reason to stick with you. It allows you to detect and fill in any coverage gaps. 

Creating compelling offers works!  What about an upsell? Flyers can encourage existing clients to invest in more of your products. You can up your success rates by using a time-limited discount offer or a freebie, giving a deadline to motivate quick responses. 

Creating direct mail material needn’t be time consuming or confusing. Postalytics has given the power back to insurance companies that want to create direct mail flyers in-house.

Build an Automated Sales Engine

Triggered campaigns work for insurers wanting to build brand recognition.

You want to make sure your contacts regularly hear from you, but you also want them to receive relevant information when you do so. With Postalytics you can send automated postcards or flyers to them right from your HubSpot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, or Zapier account. Triggered Direct Mail Drip Campaigns make it easy for you to send one-off flyers at any customer journey stage.

Send an insurance flyer sample you have designed using our tools to experience Postalytics’ mailing services.

Ready To Design An Insurance Flyer?

Before you get going, watch this demo video. Postalytics is all about solving direct mail problems and building successful campaigns. We want to hear from you! Have a question about pricing or anything else? Reach out anytime.


What should an insurance flyer say?

Postalytics makes designing your HVAC flyer a breeze. Our designers build our creative design templates. They include all the necessary information you need to make your flyer professional looking and easy to read.

How to create an effective insurance flyer?

If your flyer doesn’t stand out, your marketing efforts won’t get noticed by your prospects. Flyer design ideas include when you use our direct mail creative templates

  • Using large, bold headlines that will draw people in
  • Using bright, contrasting colors to stand out
  • Invest in interesting imagery that reflects your brand
  • Use bullet points and bold text to make your message easy to read
  • Having plenty of white space helps your important text and images stand out

Professional designers create our templates, so you don’t have to worry about getting these things right. We’ve done it for you already. 

How to design an insurance flyer?

Our drag-and-drop online flyer maker makes it easy for you to design and edit insurance  flyers, and we’ll handle the direct mail printing and send them to your clients. It is a great way to market your services, and you’ll save time and resources doing it too. 

How to design an insurance flyer?

Firstly, a bold headline that will catch the reader’s attention. To show your business’s credibility include a professional headshot, logo and even client testimonials. Don’t forget contact details and an enticing call to action. With Postalytics, you can add QR codes that make accessing more in-depth information on a landing page so easy for clients who receive your flyers and want to know more.