Seal The Deal Onboarding

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Welcome and onboard new buyers. After a customer buys, they enter the honeymoon period with your company. Cement the relationship, ward off second thoughts, lay the groundwork for a positive experience, and gain referrals or endorsements.


Make your customer feel welcome and feel your presence, send a welcome package through the mail. It will get noticed, can be shared, and will serve as a reminder of the new relationship. During this campaign, validate the choice the customer made, and provide easy, clear onboarding information.

Suggested Campaign

WEEK 1 postalytics envelope iconpostalytics postcard icon

Email Teaser & Direct Mail

Ask customer to watch their mailbox for a welcome gift from you, then send direct mail package containing thank you and initial onboarding information.

WEEK 2 postalytics envelope icon

Email Links

Provide links to additional information that will get customer up to speed.

WEEK 3 postalytics letter icon

Letter from Executive

Mail a letter from key executive at your company. Thank customer again for their business and inquire how things are, offering assistance if needed.

WEEK 4 postalytics envelope icon

Email FAQs

Send FAQs that new customers have at this point, and request a testimonial and/or referrals. When the customer provides them, trigger thank you email.

WEEK 7 postalytics envelope iconpostalytics postcard icon

Email Survey & Send Postcard

Send survey link to new customers. Completion triggers thank you and low scores trigger follow-up. People who don’t respond get reminder postcard.

WEEK 26 postalytics postcard icon

Postcard Anniversary

Design postcard acknowledging the “half anniversary” along with an offer

WEEK 53 postalytics envelope icon

Letter Anniversary Thank You

Celebrate one-year anniversary thanking customers for their business and loyalty with a direct mail letter.

NOTE: For particularly involved or complicated products and services, the onboarding process may extend beyond four weeks. For other products, the process may be shorter and simpler.

Download The Full Workflow